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Compatibility of Capricorn and Pisces — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Capricorn and Pisces — happiness and harmony

The compatibility of Capricorn and Pisces is considered to be extremely harmonious. The secret to the success of this pair is in the perfect combination of the elements, water and earth. In their union rarely serious conflicts occur.

Together, this couple can live a lifetime full of love and happiness.

Compatibility in love

This relationship often begins with the usual friendship. Both may deny that feelings are possible between them. Friends of the years, closely growing into the interests of each other.

But sooner or later they realize that it is better not to find a chosen one, and true love comes into their relationship.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Pisces - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of such a zodiac union:

  1. They are very different, so it is often incomprehensible that they can unite. But they complement each other very well. In a relationship, both are developing, getting missing qualities from a partner. The drawbacks are practically invisible, because in all its glory the merits of the characters of both appear.
  2. Pisces’ dreamy and romantic temper is combined with Capricorn’s rationality, hard work and earthiness. Therefore, the former cease to soar in the clouds, and the latter discovers a new, vast world of emotions and experiences.
  3. It is in relations with Capricorn that Pisces calms down, ceasing to worry over trifles. They get warm next to a reliable and stable chosen one. These qualities they previously lacked in past relationships with representatives of other signs.
  4. Responsibility for the fate of the relationship lies precisely with Capricorn. Only he knows how to pull his chosen one from heaven to earth in time, cool him down and calm him down in difficult moments. In return, he receives a huge source of inspiration, thanks to which he succeeds in life.
  5. If in relations with earthly signs similar to themselves, Capricorn often misses, then with Pisces it does not threaten him. The partner’s emotionality brings something new into his regular life, making him feel full of feelings.

They do not want to set common goals or work together. Each should develop separately.

On the basis of common affairs, conflicts will surely arise, which is detrimental to relationships.

Causes of conflict

Despite the excellent compatibility, there is work to do. Partners usually calmly settle all conflicts, but already at a rather mature age and with acquired experience.

If both are still young and not matured as individuals, reaching mutual understanding in some situations can be difficult.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Pisces - causes of conflict

What is worth working in a relationship:

  1. Capricorn is incredibly jealous, and Pisces will experience the full power of their jealousy. The earth sign is worth understanding: the partner can be trusted. It is this chosen one who will never betray, deceive or change, so you can calm down and stop making scandals.
  2. Usually Pisces is quite loyal. They know how to adjust and shut up in time. But sometimes their nature rebels — they don’t like constant control and restrictions. It is important for them to learn to clearly defend their borders, not allowing Capricorn to push around with them.
  3. Capricorn must be sufficiently successful and accomplished so that there are no conflicts on the basis of finances. If he shows his diligence and ability to achieve goals, there should be no problems in this area.
  4. Fish are very dependent on public opinion. They suffer when loved ones do not approve of their choice. Therefore, Capricorn should try and win the favor of all the relatives and friends of the chosen one.

Honesty, sincerity and trust are the most important things to which both should strive. If there are these feelings, everything else will follow.

It is also necessary to learn how to communicate to the partner your desires, claims and feelings, so that there is no understatement.

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Woman-Fish and Capricorn man

This variant of the union is most successful. The girl in love sincerely treats the partner and does not fully realize the full benefits of this relationship.

This bribes a man who is tired of consumer attitudes.

In exchange for this sincerity and selfless love, he will do everything to make the chosen one happy, to build strong relationships and happy love. He will do everything possible to achieve material well-being and stability.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Pisces - causes of conflict

It is very important that both are confident in each other and trust the partner one hundred percent. Only in a completely trusting relationship, you can think about marriage and children.

The Pisces girl often “goes into herself,” plunging into the world of her own experiences, feelings and fantasies. A man can quite hard to lower it to the ground, forcing him to think about everyday things.

But in the end it will suit both.

Woman Pisces masterfully adapts to a partner, sensitively reacting to changes in his mood. Therefore, conflicts in a pair are rare.

Both get everything they need in a relationship.

Man-Fish and female Capricorn

In this relationship, both partners develop, showing their best qualities. They perfectly complement each other, so their union has many chances to become harmonious and happy.

A man learns to be more rational, make the right decisions, becomes practical and able to disengage from unnecessary emotions that often interfere with his relations with other signs. A girl, on the contrary, learns sensuality and gets rid of many stereotypes that have lived in her mind for years.

Strange, but such pairs are rare. Because it is difficult for a Pisces man to interest a down-to-earth and rational girl. His romantic courtings, beautiful words and actions cause only laughter.

The chosen one seems to him inaccessible, which only inflames interest.

Sooner or later he achieves his own. The most important thing for this couple is the consent of the man to agree that it will be the woman who becomes the authority and leader in the relationship.

Therefore, in their union, the distribution of roles is far from the traditional.

The problem may be the desire of a woman at any cost to inspire the chosen one for feats. She needs to accept the fact that he will never become the notorious “stone wall”.

They are partners rather than a couple with a classic role distribution.

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