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Compatibility of Capricorn and Libra — Relationships and Characteristics

Compatibility of Capricorn and Libra — friends or lovers

The compatibility of Capricorn and Libra is in great doubt. These are more business partners and friends than people who love each other.

Consider the astrological forecast of the relationship of these two signs.

Compatibility in love

These signs are not very suitable for each other: they have different parity in the zodiacal order, incompatible elements. To build relationships they get better in business, not in love.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Libra - Relationships and Characteristics

What characterizes the relationship between Capricorn and Libra:

  1. For regular relationships, Libra is the most inappropriate option for Capricorn. In the beginning, things can turn out well: a lot of emotions, a strong attraction to each other. But as the partner learns, the feelings go out, and an understanding comes that it is better for them to cooperate in business rather than try to build love.
  2. The type of relationship in the astrological chart is called the «patron and adviser.» Libra acts as a patron, they need a more emotional and energetic partner. In a relationship with Capricorn, they see profit rather than love.
  3. Capricorn often goes headlong into his business and ceases to pay attention to Libra, who are in dire need of his attention. Not receiving emotions and admiration, inspiration, Libra starts to get bored and glances to the side.
  4. Libra does not have enough time for two, when you can talk, share your experiences. Capricorn is not needed, so he is irritated by the constant calls to pay attention to Libra. And they are offended, not getting the latter.
  5. Capricorn is very wise. He appreciates the intelligence and versatile inner world of Libra. But strong emotions, as a rule, do not feel. He is too rational and down to earth for airy, dreamy Libra.
  6. There are signs and similarities — both partners are straightforward, honest, objective and impartial. These are their common points of contact.
  7. At the beginning of the relationship Capricorns attracts the beauty and cute appearance of Libra, but over time they begin to consider the partner too undisciplined, superficial, even chaotic.
  8. When Libra wants to share experiences, Capricorn, with his practicality, begins to give advice and propose solutions to problems. And they do not need it — they want support, sympathy and to be listened to.
  9. The friendship and partnership between these signs is very good. But it is difficult to transfer the model of cooperation to the family and long-term relationships. Capricorn for Libra is too disciplined, even boring. They will miss the emotions and sensual intimacy.

In principle, such couples have a chance to exist if they are ready to give up bright emotions and build relationships not with the heart, but with the head. From the outside, they will seem a very happy and stable couple.

Causes of conflict

If you are already in such a pair, it is important to understand what can cause quarrels in order to safely resolve conflicts without serious losses.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Libra - Relationships and Characteristics

The most key points:

  1. Each of the pair will constantly prove their point of view, argue and not agree to compromises. They rarely reach an understanding. If the dispute subsides, everyone will still have their own, in their opinion, the only correct opinion.
  2. Lack of ambition and determination in Libra Capricorn over time begins to annoy. They will consider that the satellite lives in the illusory world of dreams and fantasies, not trying to act, to achieve their goals in real life.
  3. Infuriates Capricorns and everyday impracticality, lack of rationality, extravagance of Libra. They will begin to behave aggressively, forcing the satellite to think about parting and find a more relaxed partner, of the same kind of air.
  4. Very private conflicts in such couples arise because of finances. Capricorns love to save, it is important for them to have a financial cushion, savings. Scales, on the other hand, do not think about tomorrow, they can drain all the money on new outfits or buy something unnecessarily expensive.
  5. Relationships have a chance, if both learn to listen to each other, they will look for compromises. When everyone learns to give, and not only demand something for himself from a partner, everything will be fine.

Watch the video about the features of the relationship of these two characters:

Capricorn Woman and Libra Man

To dominate in such a pair will be a woman with a strong character. Hence all the problems.

With her aggressive attitude, she can emotionally choke her soft companion, leaving no room for him for feats and achievements.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Libra - Relationships and Characteristics

A man will sooner or later feel a lack of respect on the part of his companion, he will understand that he is not valued and, in general, is not considered to be the head of the family. Therefore, over time, can find a replacement for the recalcitrant partner.

But problems usually arise some time after the start of a relationship. In the very origin of the union, usually all is well.

Capricorn male and female Libra

This couple is more likely to maintain a relationship. In such a union, the man is the chief, and the woman submits.

He takes on financial responsibility, helps his business partner, directs her from the ever-dreamy state to real life, suggests ways to solve her problems, helps her achieve goals.

But sooner or later he may be tired of constantly “nursing” with his air satellite. Therefore, if she does not learn to be more independent, parting will happen sooner or later.

Capricorn in such a pair is very important not to violate the personal boundaries of women and give her a little freedom. With his hyper responsibility and love, everything will be difficult to control, but it’s worth a try.

We summarize: such a union, from the point of view of astrologers, is not considered favorable. Capricorn and Libra can be great friends or business partners, but in a relationship they are not very compatible.

Nevertheless, there is a chance for such couples. Provided that they begin to take into account the peculiarities of each other’s character, begin to improve and develop together, getting missing qualities from a partner.

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