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Compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius — causes of conflict

Compatibility Capricorn and Aquarius — a combination of incompatible

The compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius is not considered favorable. The signs of the elements of Earth and Air do not fit well with each other. Astrologers call this type of union «envy under the mask of love.»

Let’s try to figure out whether the couple has a chance for love.

Compatibility in love

Capricorns — a sign of the earth, stable and durable. These are rational natures who prefer to stand firmly on their feet.

Because of this, they often do not see the opportunities opening up for them, because they are afraid to take risks and try new things. Aquarius for their conservative nature becomes a breath of fresh air, delights and inspires.

But only at the initial stage of the relationship.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of such a zodiac union:

  1. Aquarius is an extraordinary and unpredictable nature. By this he attracts the earthly sign, which lacks bright emotions and impressions. Therefore, Capricorn can truly fall in love, receiving from his partner the qualities he lacks.
  2. The extraordinary personality of Aquarius attracts Capricorn. They can first become best friends, and then try to build love. But the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the air mark becomes a huge stumbling block in the future.
  3. They are often united by common interests, goals and desires. On this basis, they usually agree. First there is a slight sympathy, and then there is real passion. In the period of love, they refuse to notice the partner’s shortcomings, but they repeatedly exaggerate his dignity in their own imagination.
  4. The extraordinary mind of Aquarius first delights the earthly Capricorn. Then it begins to annoy, but in the end, admiration gives way to huge envy. Air sign everything comes easy. It feels like he is accompanied by constant luck. And Capricorn has to achieve everything with hard work, so he begins to wonder and envy.
  5. Envy for partner success is not the best food for love. Aquarius, realizing that the partner does not admire him, ignoring the successes, but criticizes and condemns the slightest mistakes, begins to suffer and withdraw into himself. Gradually, he begins to look for inspiration and positive emotions somewhere on the side.
  6. Relations can develop safely if Aquarius respects Capricorn for its wisdom and rational approach to business, ignoring some tediousness and limited partner.
  7. Capricorn in this relationship is not easy. To reach an understanding, he often has to “bend over” under a partner, forgetting about his own interests. Only if he learns to accept the chosen one with all the flaws and focuses attention on the merits, does the relationship have a chance.

But the innate sense of humor, characteristic of both partners, can alleviate critical moments, smooth out conflicts and find compromises in problematic situations. If they can meet each other, find common interests and stop competing, everything will turn out well.

Causes of conflict

Capricorn difficult to accept the approach of his chosen one to relationships. Aquarius does not like the seriousness, the framework and limitations.

He hates formalities, so he is often not ready for a family, preferring to live together without obligations and cliches.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius - causes of conflict

Capricorn suffers from this, he does not understand how family values ​​and moral values ​​can be completely ignored. He wants stability, confidence in the future and complete peace of mind.

Everyone needs to understand what is important for a partner and give it away. You need to get rid of egoism and stop focusing only on your own interests.

Both are incredibly difficult to do. But probably.

Relationships of young, immature partners are almost doomed to failure precisely for this reason. They simply do not have enough experience to settle conflicts with the world. Young people quickly get tired and leave.

And enough adults and adults can agree among themselves and build a happy love.

Another problem point is the envy of Capricorn for the success of his air chosen. Aquarius everything comes easy, he was not used to strain.

If his earthly satellite can not ignore the involuntary envy, the separation is almost inevitable.

Therefore, Capricorn needs to learn how to sincerely rejoice at the success of a partner and not to criticize him for failures, but to support him in all possible ways.

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Capricorn man and Aquarius woman

At the beginning of the relationship, the girl thinks that this man is the embodiment of her ideal. She is at the mercy of his charm. Appreciates his strong character and determination.

He also believes that she is fully capable of becoming for him a true muse and inspirer.

But in the future it becomes clear that the relationship will not last long. The man is too rational, he is not able to understand why the chosen one is harassing him with unfounded claims.

And her whims and desires with time begin to tire.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius - causes of conflict

For the earthly Capricorn, this woman is too unpredictable. He does not know what to expect from her, so he loses confidence, he gets tired and wants to change his darling to a calmer girl.

Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man

Like any representative of the earth sign, this woman is looking for in a man, above all, stability and reliability. She is set up only for a serious and long relationship.

Therefore, despite the strong love for the Aquarian man, she eventually becomes disappointed.

It seems to her that he is able to turn the head not to her alone. From here jealousy and constant claims.

Clarifications, conflicts and scandals in this couple do not subside, from which both are tired and decide to leave.

Before starting a relationship, both would be worth checking each other out for compatibility. Then, perhaps, they would not have made such an error. Would not begin to build love, but tried to preserve friendship.

This option is more favorable for them.

A man will never be an exemplary family man next to such a chosen one. Therefore, does not meet her expectations.

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