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Compatibility of Cancer and Virgo — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Cancer and Virgo — harmony and happiness

The compatibility of Cancer and Virgo is quite harmonious from the point of view of astrology. Earthen and water elements are perfectly combined with each other, so the partners have every chance to build a happy relationship.

We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

Almost always, the union of two elements — Water and Earth is successful. These are very strong couples who perfectly interact with each other, and if they fall in love, then it is for a long time, if not forever.

Compatibility of Cancer and Virgo - causes of conflict

What are the features of the relationship between Virgo and Cancer:

  1. Both signs are very faithful. Their emotional compatibility is almost perfect; they understand each other perfectly. Plays a role and characteristic of both the romance, deep experience of emotions and innate sensuality.
  2. Cancer is usually more mature emotionally, so it is he who in relationships becomes support and support for his soft companion. This is surprising because it is he who usually needs help in union with other signs.
  3. In relationships with each other, the partners, reflected in their satellite, as in a mirror, better recognize themselves. They discover new aspects of personality, develop and become better every day.
  4. Virgo is learning to sympathize with Cancer and empathize with people that previously was unavailable to her. Cancer, in turn, takes rationalism and practicality from it — these qualities are usually lacking.
  5. They share the views, beliefs and values ​​of almost everything. Therefore, there is no dispute about how to manage a household, raise children or work. But it is in the financial sphere that the more practical and rational Virgo will dominate, and Cancer will not resist. There is no competition in their relationship, nor can there be.
  6. Perfect in pair and emotional compatibility. They are both quite lyrical, melancholic, romantic natures. Sexual temperament is the same, so everything is usually fine in the sensual sphere of relationships.

We summarize: the union of Virgo and Cancer is very harmonious and happy. Their relations are usually calm, conflicts rarely occur and are resolved calmly, without violent quarrels and scandals.

Causes of conflict

Despite the almost perfect compatibility, this pair has something to work in a relationship. It is important to understand what can become a source of problems in a relationship in order to successfully circumvent sharp corners.

Compatibility of Cancer and Virgo - causes of conflict

What is worth working in a relationship:

  1. Virgos are usually very stable and emotionally stable. Crayfish, too, but their mood is subject to the lunar cycles, so from time to time they can be irritable, tearful, angry over trifles.
  2. Virgo is perplexed when her partner begins to become overly emotional. And to him, in turn, she sometimes seems cold, a man to whom it is impossible to reach.
  3. It is important for them to communicate feelings and experiences to each other so that everything will be happy. Then the relationship will not be problems at all. Well, if both already have experience and wisdom, then there will be no acute situations.
  4. Virgo — constant criticism. They are demanding of themselves, of the people around them and of their partner in particular. It is important for them to periodically turn off their desire to tantalize, criticize, so as not to hurt the emotional and delicately feeling Cancer. Criticizing, suggest — you need to make a start from this principle.
  5. Cancer loves to flirt and flirt with the opposite sex than it gives food for Virgo’s jealousy. Although he does not think about treason, bad thoughts may arise in the head of his chosen one. Therefore, you should at least hide your flirting if it is impossible to abstain from it completely.

In principle, this pair should have no serious problems. You just need to keep in mind the above points, and the relationship will be very happy, last long and bring only positive emotions to both.

Watch the video about the compatibility of these two signs of the zodiac:

Virgo Woman and Cancer Man

The woman in this pair is fully immersed in the family and life. She is a real keeper of the hearth, wise and, when necessary, sly.

Its natural rationalism helps to establish an ideal lifestyle in which both feel comfortable.

A man likes this, he is grateful for the care and is willing to do everything possible to provide a family with a decent level of existence. But he is not always able to meet the expectations of his demanding chosen one, from which she sometimes seems disappointed.

Compatibility of Cancer and Virgo - causes of conflict

It is important for a woman to periodically return her partner to reality, so that she has a smaller vital in romantic dreams and set more goals. But it does not need to try to change it, adjusting to the fictional perfect image.

We all have disadvantages — they need to be accepted.

The union will not be very successful if the couple came together at a young age, when both are still looking for themselves and their place in life. Then the girl will have to take on not only the household chores, but also the financial side of life, because her companion does not start earning money immediately, being in search of the work of a lifetime.

Man-Virgo and Cancer Woman

It is in this alliance most problems. They arise from the wrong distribution of roles in a couple.

The emotional Cancer girl will constantly strive to lead, crushing the partner for herself and not letting her show her potential and ambitions. She can torment a man with constant jealousy, carping and criticism.

As a result — the constant scandals. But if a man can transfer all negative emotions to work, transforming them into energy for achievements, then at home everything will be relatively calm and serene.

If both learn to give in to each other and put up with some partner flaws, problems may not arise at all.

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