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Compatibility of Cancer and Taurus — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Cancer and Taurus — harmony and love

The compatibility of Cancer and Taurus is considered very harmonious. Their elements: water and earth perfectly combined with each other. Therefore, the relationship in the couple promise to be happy, filled with love and happiness.

Let us analyze the relationship between these two characters in more detail.

Compatibility in love

The relationship between these two signs can be described as practical romance. Their elements complement and support each other.

But there are some points to consider.

Compatibility of Cancer and Taurus - causes of conflict

For example, an earthen Taurus will always need more Water Cancer, you need to know this in order to avoid conflicts and quarrels.

Consider the main aspects of the relationship:

  1. Cancer will always come to his practical companion for advice and support. He is not always able to solve problems on his own, because he is used to relying more on feelings and his own feelings. Taurus is able to think more rationally and has a strong character.
  2. In matters of finance, Taurus always decides — he usually plans expenses and is responsible for the material well-being of the family. At the same time, he is completely disinterested and trusts the partner unlimitedly.
  3. Taurus sees in Cancer a sophisticated, creative and romantic nature. This inspires him, forcing him to accomplish real feats and successfully achieve ambitious goals. He will always be aware of this and appreciate the partner.
  4. Cancer has a well-developed intuition that Taurus also sees and notices well. When rationalism fails him, he will rely on his companion’s inner instincts to find the right solution to problems.
  5. In this pair there will never be psychological pressure and emotional violence. Partners value and respect each other endlessly, trusting a partner like you are. Understanding at the highest level.
  6. Relationships usually begin with friendship. They almost immediately begin to interact and, over time, realize that they are made for each other. This couple has great chances to build a strong and happy family.
  7. Even if love does not work out, they can create strong partnerships, achieve great success together in career, business or business. Collaboration is excellent.
  8. Cancer is attracted to Taurus with qualities that he himself lacks. He attracts perseverance, dedication, rationalism and ambitiousness partner. In return, he is ready to show his sensuality and give strong inspiration.
  9. A big plus is that Taurus will never delve into the soul of a partner, that Cancer in relations with other signs is usually sick. He protects his inner world and does not let even close people into it.

We summarize: the union of these two signs is almost doomed to success. They successfully complement each other, are willing to work on relationships, so they are becoming happier and more harmonious every day.

Causes of conflict

Even in the most perfect couples quarrels occur. This is not bad, you just need to know what it takes to work in a relationship.

Compatibility of Cancer and Taurus - causes of conflict

What should Raku and Taurus pay attention to when they pair up and build love:

  1. Cancer will receive in a relationship what he wants — peace, tranquility and energy to achieve personal goals. But at the same time, he needs to come to terms with the fact that Taurus will control it and limit his personal space, trying to become the center of the universe for his partner.
  2. You will also have to come to terms with the jealousy of Taurus, and the fact that he often doesn’t find the words is sharp and quick-tempered. Taurus should learn to speak more gently, so as not to hurt the delicate feeling partner.
  3. Taurus usually swings for a very long time before performing any specific actions. Cancer is sometimes annoying because he is used to a faster pace. He needs to understand that long decision making is sometimes for good — it helps to rely not only on feelings, but also be guided by the arguments of reason.
  4. The stubborn and obstinate nature of both signs can be the main cause of conflict. But if both learn to restrain themselves, hear and listen to their partner, enlist sympathy and attentiveness, everything will be fine. It is important for them to talk with each other, not thinking out anything.
  5. Both signs want financial stability, but their views on spending a family budget may diverge. Therefore, we must learn to seek compromises in this area of ​​their lives.

We summarize: conflicts in the alliance of Cancer and Taurus are possible, but they can be easily circumvented if both learn to be more flexible, wise, and make compromises.

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Cancer Woman and Taurus Man

In relations with Taurus, a woman can drastically change her views on family relationships, to which she usually does not seek. But it is this satellite that is able to convince her and get consent to an official marriage.

Together they are always interested. They will begin to build a lifestyle, plan children and achieve financial goals.

Supporting each other will be a powerful catalyst for all these actions.

Compatibility of Cancer and Taurus - causes of conflict

They are well and happy with each other, because everyone can afford to be a real. They do not try to like them — they just love each other and give everything they can.

If at the very beginning the relationship develops very calmly, without any particular emotions, then over time, both fall head over heels and do not want to change their partner to anyone else.

Cancer man and Taurus woman

Relationships in such a pair usually begin with friendship and never develop quickly. Both look at each other, love arises slowly and gradually.

Sooner or later, in the process of companionship, they come to the conclusion — either this person will be next to me, or no one.

It will be difficult for a man to take the first step, he will become shy of his sympathy at the beginning of a relationship and can play someone who is not. A woman will quickly see through it, but thanks to natural wisdom, she will not make fun of her, but will provoke a man to show herself to be real.

They rarely quarrel, never make public quarrels. But if conflict happens, it is difficult for both. No one wants to take the first step.

Because of this, they may even break up.

But if someone shows wisdom and is ready to go to reconciliation, the relationship will have a happy and promising future.

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