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Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius — relationships for the benefit of

Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius in the zodiac horoscope — under great doubt. Their elements: water and fire are not combined with each other.

Astrologers believe that such a novel never ends well. Let’s try to figure out what is typical for such a union.

Compatibility in love

Compatibility of this pair is almost zero. But for some reason they still attract each other with terrible force.

Perhaps this is the case when opposites are inexplicably attracted.

An interesting fact is that both resist with all their might to enter into a relationship. They consider each other completely unattractive, not matching the image of ideal partners.

Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius - causes of conflict

But at one moment the very “spark” flies by and a stormy romance is fastened. Cancer easily and effortlessly fascinates Sagittarius, they quickly approach each other and begin to try to build relationships.

And the struggle begins — two strong characters, unpredictable personalities, absolute opposites.

What is characteristic of the relationship of this pair:

  1. Cancer is a very emotional and sensual nature. Sagittarius perfectly complements the qualities of his chosen one with his sense of humor and straightforwardness.
  2. At first glance it seems that they absolutely do not understand each other. So it is, but it is surprising that by common efforts they can find non-standard solutions to any problems. The generator of ideas is Creative Cancer, and the talented performer is Sagittarius. Due to this quality, they should build friendships or partnerships, set common goals, no matter how ambitious they may be.
  3. At first, Cancer is irritated by the Sagittarius sense of humor, which seems primitive and flat to him. Also, he does not particularly admire the thinking of his partner. But on the other hand, they will appreciate the eternal optimism, determination and straightforwardness of their companion.
  4. As a result, Cancer also understands that these qualities of Scorpio can be used with your own benefit. He falls in love with him, shows that he feels retaliatory feelings, and shamelessly uses the help of his partner in love.
  5. If Scorpio has previously encountered this attitude, he will be cautious, and Raku will not succeed in bringing his own selfish intentions to life. Therefore it is also worth being careful.
  6. Cancer can not worry in such a relationship at all. Sagittarius will not make intrigue and fail, he completely trusts his partner, considers him to be a special, outstanding personality. He thinks he is incredibly lucky. Loves endlessly. In a relationship, he is hypnotized and easily manipulated.

If these signs are in friendly or business relationships, they will exist for a long time. But at the same time, Cancer can remain indifferent, and Sagittarius sooner or later falls in love and hopes for reciprocal feelings.

Causes of conflict

The romance between Cancer and Sagittarius, despite the spontaneous and passionate beginning, rarely ends with something good. After a few months, both begin to realize that it is simply impossible to endure each other.

Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius - causes of conflict

Cancer will begin to suffer from the straightness and temper of his partner. He will try to change the chosen one, but this is impossible.

Sagittarius must either be taken for what it is, or diverge.

First, Cancer can manage to control his non-permanent elect. He seems to hold invisible strings that he skillfully manipulates. But Sagittarius very quickly cuts through and ceases to be manipulated.

He will run away, and Cancer will go berserk due to loss of control. As a result, he himself will fall into emotional dependence.

Conflicts are inevitable in the field of finance. Cancer will shake for every penny, try to save money and make savings. And the squander-Sagittarius will repeatedly lower the family budget

If they have children, this is the worst. Everyone will try to raise the child in their own way, which will end with the injuries of their offspring.

Cancer takes care, Sagittarius treats education negligently.

Cancer badly needs someone who will hear about his experiences. Sagittarius does not like talking about feelings, preferring to them real actions.

Irritation will begin to accumulate, sooner or later there will be an explosion and separation.

Watch a video about the relationship of these signs:

Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Male

In this union, the woman belongs to the partner consumer. She understands that he is able to give her a lot, and shamelessly uses his feelings.

She is a great manipulator. If Sagittarius has already taken place materially and has become successful, he is a tasty prey for her.

A girl is unlikely to fall in love. Sagittarius will never give her the necessary emotions, romance, long evening talk heart to heart.

Therefore, she without remorse for the senses will lead someone on the side.

Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius - causes of conflict

If they file for divorce, then the woman will certainly sue half of the property, and the man will be completely disappointed in the opposite field.

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman

The man is very romantic, modest, well-mannered, a little timid, but with a huge inner world. These qualities repel a woman, because her strong nature wants to see a no less strong companion nearby.

But she may surrender under the pressure of his long and romantic courtship, although sooner or later she will still regret it.

At first, their union rests on a strong sexual attraction. But when passion subsides, frustration comes and a full understanding that they don’t fit together.

Most often, such a union is the relationship of a male Alfonso and a successful, strong woman. If this state of affairs will suit both, they can stay together.

But not forever.

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