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Compatibility of Cancer and Pisces — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Cancer and Pisces — harmony and love

The compatibility of Cancer and Pisces is considered harmonious. Both signs are influenced by the water element, so they understand each other perfectly and are able to build happy relationships.

Compatibility in love

Mutual sympathy between them appears almost immediately. If they start a relationship, they quickly develop into a serious one.

There are no sharp negative moments that could prevent Raku and Pisces from being together.

Compatibility of Cancer and Pisces - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of this pair:

  1. Between them there is almost perfect mutual understanding, sometimes even words are not needed, they feel each other on the subtle plane.
  2. Both signs are very emotional, the sphere of feelings is dominant in them, therefore the contact comes from the heart. They do not think rationally, do not try to assess the quality of a partner with logic, they simply feel and understand that they should be together and perfectly fit each other.
  3. Between them there is a special, intuitive connection. Sometimes one thought — and the second already said it out loud. Even at a distance, they read the emotional state of the partner well.
  4. Despite the perfect compatibility, there are still negative moments in the relationship. At this time, both may withdraw into themselves, withdraw and do not wish to find out anything. This is not bad, it just takes a little time for everything to return to normal.
  5. Even in a quarrel, they mentally support each other. They never blame a partner for failures, but try to understand themselves. This strengthens their relationship. The quarrel periods quickly end in calm reconciliation. After conflicts, everyone draws the right conclusions and no longer makes mistakes.
  6. The type of relationship is the union of the parent and child, where the dominant role of the parent is assigned to Pisces. They make important decisions, choose a direction for overall development and set goals. And Cancer gladly obeys, fully sharing the views and beliefs of his partner.
  7. Fish helps Cancer to succeed in life and achieve goals. Without this support, Cancer often succumbs to circumstances and is afraid to start something new. But in such a harmonious alliance, his wings spread, and he becomes capable of feats.
  8. The union will be very successful, even for a very young, not yet strong morally Cancer. Pisces will lend a helping hand, help you choose the right direction for development, will give inspiration and self-confidence, helping your partner to become stronger morally and spiritually, while remaining in the soul of a child.
  9. The only thing that Cancer may eventually sit on the neck of his wise chosen one, which of course is not worth admitting. If this happens, Pisces may become disillusioned and break the relationship. It is very important for them to be appreciated, the partner should give in return to the patronage unlimited respect and recognition of authority.
  10. Such a pair develops very harmoniously in the creative sphere of life. Cancer inspires, admires and gives energy, and Pisces fully realizes its talents, with this enormous support.
  11. The atmosphere of mutual respect reigns between them. They never criticize each other, do not condemn and do not find out the relationship in public.

In the relationship of other signs of the zodiac, even with good compatibility, it is usually difficult to achieve harmony. This same pair is easy.

Their union smoothly and gradually turns into true love. The pair always reigns the spirit of mutual support, mutual understanding and undivided trust.

Causes of conflict

Usually between Cancer and Pisces everything goes smoothly. But there are also negative moments that need to be worked out in order for relationships to continue to remain happy and harmonious.

Compatibility of Cancer and Pisces - causes of conflict

What it takes to work in the relationship of Cancer with Pisces:

  1. When a black streak comes in their lives, it is a difficult ordeal for both. They are difficult to endure difficulty and problems. Despite the mutual support, one of them can pass the nerves. Cancer is usually affected. He can throw a tantrum, become demanding. This is not due to a lack of love, but because of the feeling that the soil is slipping from under your feet.
  2. Pisces is important to understand and accept this moment. The most important thing is not to succumb to the despondency of the partner and not to fall into a depression with him. If this happens, both of them will plunge into the negative for a long time and may even part when the deficit of positive emotions begins.
  3. Both are strongly attached to the place of residence, work, creativity, which they do. But at the same time, they need to periodically change the environment and the environment so that the water energy of both of them does not stagnate, becoming a swamp. You need to make yourself a variety and try something new.
  4. Both adhere to traditional family values. They make an equal contribution to the material sphere of life, and in everyday life, and in the upbringing of children. It seems to be all right, but there is a risk that Cancer will manifest itself from the negative side.
  5. Pisces is important not to spoil your partner too much. If he feels permissiveness, he can go on treason, offended by emotions.

Watch a video about the relationship of this pair:

Cancer Woman and Fish Man

A more active and sometimes aggressive Cancer can be a reliable and faithful companion for life for its soft and romantic darling. He will take care of and protect her, and she will gladly and gratefully accept it.

Compatibility of Cancer and Pisces - causes of conflict

A woman will also give her partner a lot — love, admiration, tenderness, home comfort and care. Between them the feelings never fade away.

This is a couple who, even after twenty years of marriage together, arrange romantic dates for each other.

Cancer Man and Woman Fish

Despite the seeming softness and indecision of a man, he has a strong character. He will try to control his companion, depriving the much-needed communication with her friends, hobbies.

It is this sense of ownership that can cause conflicts. While Cancer will be implemented in his career and work, his woman may get bored at home, devoid of new emotions and impressions.

But everything can turn out well if he lets his darling do what she likes.

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