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Compatibility of Cancer and Leo — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Cancer and Leo — the eternal confrontation

The compatibility of Cancer and Leo is not the most favorable from the point of view of astrology. Their elements are not combined with each other, because of this in the relationship is usually a lot of problems.

Consider the features of such a pair and the main causes of conflicts in it.

Compatibility in love

The relationship of Leo and Cancer astrologers are considered quite problematic. But, despite far from perfect compatibility, a couple can exist for quite a while.

This is a union of two opposites, which first attract, but then they become unbearable with each other.

Compatibility of Cancer and Leo - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of this zodiac pair:

  1. Sensitive, vulnerable and romantic Cancer in a relationship seeking serenity, regularity and stability. He secretly dreams about children and family, although in society he may seem frivolous — he usually has many admirers, thanks to his innate charm and sense of humor.
  2. Leo, on the contrary, is not looking for peace. The routine is not for him. Therefore, in a relationship, he may get bored without getting the emotions he needs. From here and the first conflicts because of discrepancy of views of partners on family life.
  3. The lion for Cancer plays the role of an adviser who transmits his experience, helps to solve problems and get out of life’s difficulties. At first, Rucku likes it, but then he begins to envy, asking himself questions — why does everything come easy to a partner? Why does he quickly become the center of attention, leaving him in the shadows?
  4. In friendship and business communication this can be a wonderful mutually beneficial tandem. The innate intuition of Cancer is perfectly combined with the determination and dedication of Leo, so in business they achieve excellent results.
  5. The first time in a relationship is full of passion, the partners have excellent sexual compatibility, they are drawn to each other. At this relationship and keep the first time. But as they get to know each other, they understand that intimacy never comes, and sooner or later they part.

We summarize: to build a happy family, the couple have little chance. But they can exist for a long time together if they maintain physical attraction and set common goals.

However, when these goals are achieved, they will get bored and break up.

Causes of conflict

If you are already “lucky” to get into a relationship with an incompatible partner, this is no reason to be upset. You can well build a happy and harmonious union, if you understand what you need to work on, which parties to accept and come to terms with them.

Compatibility of Cancer and Leo - causes of conflict

What can be a source of conflict and quarrels in a pair of Leo with Cancer:

  1. Cancer often changes mood. He is a sensitive and emotional nature, even too much. Leo is annoying and unnerving, he is often quick-tempered and disrupts a bad mood on a partner. Cancer needs to learn to endure the outbursts of anger in the second half, and Leo to be able to listen to the experiences of his chosen one.
  2. Cancer sooner or later begins to envy the success of Leo in society and career. After all, everything comes easy to him — he needs recognition and admiration, so he does everything to get the necessary emotions.
  3. Cancer is unnerving and the success of Leo in the opposite sex. He will be jealous, and not without reason. The fact that the lion will be true, there is little chance.

The main problem in the relationship of this pair is the discrepancy between the elements, water and fire, which conflict with each other. Cancer with its coldness can quickly put out the inner fire of Leo, and he, in turn, shocks his partner with his unpredictable antics and impulsive behavior.

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Cancer Woman and Male Lion

This is quite a good version of the relationship. In a pair, it is easier for a woman to adjust to the violent temperament of her chosen one.

She is able to learn to withstand his uneasy nature, she is always ready to admire them and to present the much-needed flattery to flattery.

But it is desirable that she met a man when he was already “walking up”, achieved something in life, is in quite mature age and consciously wants to settle down. Only a free and ambitious Lev is able to fully appreciate the benefits of a relationship with a calm Cancer girl.

Compatibility of Cancer and Leo - causes of conflict

She is able to create a cozy home, in which there will be all conditions for her companion to reveal his best qualities. And if he, in turn, will be able to tolerate her vulnerability, be sensitive and attentive, the relationship can be quite prosperous.

The only «ambush» of relationships is that a woman will always have to put up with a supporting role. The center of attention and the object of admiration in such a pair should be a man.

Otherwise, the separation is inevitable.

Cancer man and female lion

In such a pair, it is much more difficult to preserve love and build a peaceful stable relationship. A man will always lack the spiritual warmth, comfort and peace from the royal darling.

He will suffer from jealousy, because his companion is always in the center of attention, loves to flirt and receive compliments from other men.

The girl wants to see a more reliable, purposeful man with a strong inner core, but in relations with Cancer she will not get it.

Their couple has a future, if the Lioness moderates her imperiousness, learns how to deal with family and home, provides home comfort. And the man will become the miners and will solve all the problems.

In general, the relationship between Cancer and Leo is almost always a confrontation. Therefore, the harmony in their pair is almost never.

If they are to create a union, then it is desirable at a mature age, when both gain experience and learn to seek compromises in relationships, and not concentrate only on their own person.

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