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Compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn — opposites complement each other

Compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn is considered quite favorable, but with reservations. Their elements fit well together, but this is a union of two opposites, so problems can arise in relationships.

We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

Cancer and Capricorn — these are absolutely opposite personalities, which, nevertheless, attract. Their relationship is held under the motto «All or nothing.»

Therefore, when they meet, they either immediately fall in love, or remain completely disinterested in each other.

Compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of such relationships:

  1. In a pair of both waiting for a huge amount of discovery and interesting moments. Cancer teaches his companion to notice the beautiful in everyday things, sets him up in a more positive way.
  2. And Cancer itself takes from Capricorn its self-confidence, ambitiousness, rationalism and purposefulness. He understands that it is with such a satellite that they together can achieve much more than alone.
  3. Minor flaws of partners can annoy them in each other, but everything is bathed by similar views of life, beliefs and values.
  4. If both learn to make concessions, seek compromises in conflict situations and solve problems together, their relationship will be extremely harmonious, happy, filled with love and happiness.
  5. Their relationship is, above all, cooperation. Despite the difference in character, they never compete with each other. Formally, Capricorn is the leader, but in fact both are equally involved in decision making.
  6. Ideas are usually submitted by Cancer, and Capricorn implements them. Therefore, the first in a pair is the inspirer and creative generator, and the second is a talented, rational and accurate performer.
  7. The softness of Cancer seems deceptive only at first glance. It forces you to respect yourself with clear personal boundaries, not allowing the partner to violate them. This likes Capricorn, who loves people with the same strong inner core, as he has.

A perfect harmonious union becomes when both begin to set clear goals and go towards them. They are sure to succeed by supporting each other.

Love between them is not just an attraction, but also true spiritual intimacy.

Causes of conflict

The union of Cancer and Capricorn is a relationship of two opposites, so conflicts are inevitable. But you can easily cope with them if both start working on themselves and learn to put up with some of the partner’s shortcomings.

Compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn - causes of conflict

What is worth working in a relationship:

  1. Everyone needs to realize: in order to find happiness and harmony in a relationship, sacrifices will be needed on both sides. It will be necessary to change the manner of communication, and correct your own character traits, and not try to influence your partner.
  2. Cancer needs to learn to listen to Capricorn, which often sounds like criticism, but is not. The latter, in turn, needs to be softer in his statements.
  3. Capricorn must also hear his partner, who will very gently and unobtrusively point out mistakes. Cancer has an innate, well-developed intuition, so it almost never gives the wrong advice.
  4. They just need to cooperate, not entering into disputes. Even despite the fact that opinions on many issues differ, they do not contradict each other, but only complement. Such cooperation is as efficient as possible.
  5. A partnership trust relationship in which everyone makes an equal contribution is ideal for both. Then there will be love, and harmony, and success in the material sphere.

Watch a video about the relationship Capricorn and Cancer:

Cancer man and Capricorn woman

At first glance, the relationship of these two seem simply unthinkable. The people around do not fit in the head how they could converge at all.

These are people with very opposite characters: a soft and vulnerable man next to a strong and confident woman.

Cancer is attracted to the companion of those qualities that are missing from him, so she is incredibly attractive to him. What the relationship will end is difficult to predict.

But the fact that between them excellent sexual compatibility is for sure.

Despite the softness of Cancer, the woman quickly begins to realize that she is unable to control him. If he decided something, opinions will never change.

Even if this opinion is frankly delusional.

Compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn - causes of conflict

Nevertheless, a woman will never give up her attempts to insist on herself, manipulate her companion and force him to make those decisions that she likes.

That’s just Cancer never sag. And if this happens, he will instantly lose respect in the eyes of his chosen one, and she will leave him very soon.

Cancer Woman and Capricorn Male

This pair looks very harmonious and natural. The roles in the union are traditionally distributed — a strong man next to a weak woman, her patron and protector.

Therefore, it is easy for them to achieve understanding and harmony.

The “zadadka” of this relationship is that both partners are constantly trying to change and re-educate each other, sometimes using very tough methods. A woman sooner or later realizes that she is dependent — financially and emotionally.

She becomes vulnerable, it depresses her.

Over time, a man begins to feel that his darling constantly endures his brain. Although in reality she just wants to share her feelings and openly says that she is unpleasant.

If a girl learns to share secret experiences with her friends, and not with her man, that’s fine. Then conflicts in the pair should not occur.

Both descend that they are equally eager for family, children, traditional relationships. Therefore, they have every chance to live together happily ever after.

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