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Compatibility of Cancer and Aries — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Cancer and Aries — whether they are destined to be together

Compatibility of Cancer and Aries is considered unfavorable. The elements — water and fiery are badly combined with each other, because of this there are many problems in the relationship of the couple.

We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

Despite the fact that astrological compatibility of signs is considered unfavorable, Cancers and Aries may be attractive to each other. The energy, the eternal positive and the enormous self-confidence of Aries at first attracts Cancer, like a magnet.

But it is not forever.

Compatibility of Cancer and Aries - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of such a pair:

  1. Eternally hesitant, insecure and sometimes weak cancer is looking for and finds in Aries those qualities that are not enough in him. Therefore, at the beginning of relations between partners, an equivalent energy exchange takes place.
  2. Ideal if they stay on business or friendship. Such a tandem can be very successful, because the type of “Patron and Adviser” is revealed, the partners successfully interact with each other.
  3. But if Cancer and Aries form a pair, sooner or later it turns into a destructive connection. This is due to the combination of two conflicting elements, the partners will not interact, but fight with each other, trying to tune the satellite for themselves.
  4. In business, they are able to take off powerfully and quickly. If there are common intellectual or financial goals, this will be a very successful tandem. In which Cancer is a wise and cautious tactician, he manages resources and generates ideas. And Aries is a driving force, a performer who sees no obstacles in his path.
  5. The decision to enter into a relationship both are usually made after the first joint success in business. Achieving goals inspires and intoxicates them, making them think that their partner is the second half they have long dreamed of.
  6. In the future, talk about love is not necessary. The initial love and romantic ardor will fade away with time, and the couple will be able to hold out for some time together if both manage to maintain friendly relations.
  7. If it is possible to achieve intellectual compatibility, set common goals and achieve them, the relationship has a future. But it will be a peaceful union of two partners, without a strong emotional attachment.
  8. Conflicts are almost inevitable. Aries wants to get into the very depths of the soul of a partner, to know him as much as possible and stronger, and he, in turn, will start to fight back. Both will hurt each other and relationships will become destructive.
  9. The best way out for a relationship is not to rush into marriage and children, but first live together for a while. This will help to understand whether they are able to find compromises in controversial issues, or it is better to disperse and find more suitable partners.

The best option for further relationships and family — when Cancer is engaged in family, home and children, and Aries builds a career.

Causes of conflict

Let’s try to figure out what could be the source of conflicts in the pair. Knowing this will help to get around sharp corners and find compromises in order to maintain relationships and try to make them harmonious, happy and with a long-term perspective.

Compatibility of Cancer and Aries - causes of conflict

Causes for conflicts may be as follows:

  1. Their relationship is always a confrontation. If none of the partners learns to yield, conflicts are inevitable and will continue until someone agrees to accept the shortcomings of the chosen one.
  2. Scandals are usually stormy, with a lot of negative emotions in both. After quarrels, both are devastated, closed. Someone must find the strength in himself and go to reconciliation first. Moreover, there are usually no guilty parties — everyone contributes to the conflict.
  3. Cancer jealousy knows no bounds. He will constantly begin to throw tantrums from scratch, that Aries will not like. Sooner or later, his bowl of patience will be empty and he will leave.
  4. Cancer is sickened by quick temper and aggressiveness of the chosen one. Sooner or later, he may be tired of stormy showdowns and begin to look for a calmer partner somewhere on the side. This decision will be fatal, because Aries does not tolerate even a hint of infidelity.
  5. Most often, the initiative to part comes from Cancer, as from a more sensitive person. Aries most of the problems because of their thick-skinned just does not notice and will be perplexed by the outbursts of anger of his partner.

When a crisis begins in a couple, everyone is looking for mutual understanding, warmth and emotional returns on the side.

Watch the video with the zodiac forecast of the relationship of this pair:

Female Cancer and Aries Man

A man in this couple has a great need to do something for his chosen one. It is necessary for him to prove himself, to prove that he is capable of much.

Compatibility of Cancer and Aries - causes of conflict

He needs gratitude and boundless admiration, which the Cancer woman is not fully capable of giving. She often changes her mood, is not always able to listen with delight to stories about the exploits of her chosen one.

A woman in such a union needs an interlocutor who will always listen, support, comfort. Aries does not give it.

Only at the beginning of a relationship, he is ready to go for it, but later he will quickly get tired, because he does not have access to fine lines of emotional experiences.

A stumbling block will be the love of man. His companion will constantly try to limit his personal space, which is why conflicts are inevitable.

And Aries, in turn, seeks to constantly control the chosen one, that she categorically does not like.

Cancer man and Aries woman

This couple has a future if they learn to negotiate and move towards each other. Otherwise, the separation is inevitable.

They come together usually because of the innate romance of both. The beginning of a relationship is always beautiful and serene.

They are attracted to each other quite strongly, similar temperaments, so the passion does not fade away for a long time.

But for a long time, on sexual attraction and romanticism, relationships cannot hold on. Sooner or later, differences in attitudes, beliefs and needs will be felt.

They can preserve the relationship if the woman becomes softer and more tolerant, and the man learns to be stronger and begins to clearly mark his boundaries.

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