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Compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius — one will definitely suffer

The compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius is one of the worst in astrology. Air and water elements are not able to exist peacefully with each other.

Therefore, conflicts are almost inevitable. We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

Cancer has almost no chance of resisting the charm of Aquarius. As a sensual and romantic nature, he falls in love almost instantly and is ready to perform real feats for the sake of his chosen one.

They have emotional compatibility, but in fact they rarely enter into relationships, preferring to remain colleagues, friends or partners in business. Therefore, such a union is quite rare.

Compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius - causes of conflict

But if the couple is still formed, the fate of their relationship is very predictable. Cancer falls in love, Aquarius with his characteristic arrogance allows himself to love.

Very often, he skillfully manipulates his fan, uses it for his own selfish purposes. About love there is no question.

Over time, Aquarius begins to annoy the constant changes in the mood of his emotional companion. He will see himself as the center of the universe, humiliate the partner and show with all his might that he is not worthy.

Relationships, as a rule, end quickly. But if they only amused Aquarius and provided a field for psychological experiments, then Cancer will depart for a long time, painfully and deeply experiencing the gap.

They should cooperate rather than meet and not try to build relationships. In creative work, business, work, or business, this is a fairly successful, albeit strange tandem.

But both generate a lot of ideas and are able to find non-standard solutions to any problems.

Causes of conflict

Cancer relies in its behavior, actions and actions, primarily on emotions. Aquarius — on intelligence.

This is their significant difference and the main source of conflict.

Emotional Cancer satellite will seem too cold. It will be his, on the one hand, strongly offended and forced to withdraw into himself, and on the other — to attract even more, forcing him to fall in love more and more each day.

Compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius - causes of conflict

Aquarius periodically it seems that Cancer thinks too narrowly, not noticing and not appreciating the diversity of the surrounding world. Aquarius loves new people, noisy companies, vivid emotions, impressions and an active lifestyle.

His companion, on the contrary, strives for a daily routine and home peace.

Instead of developing together intellectually, they start to clash. Aquarius is used to idealizing everything, and rationality, together with the practicality of Cancer, is terribly annoying.

Cancer, on the one hand, admires the limitless creative potential of Aquarius. But on the other hand, he sometimes gives up, because his own ideas remain invaluable, if not ridiculed.

The first quarrels begin immediately after falling in love and the partners begin to look at each other without rose-colored glasses. Cancer unpleasantly surprised by the arrogance and peremptory satellite.

He will be offended in response to teasing him.

Aquarius, on the other hand, will see that next to him is a rather isolated personality, an introvert and a social phobia. He does not like that the satellite is very worried about public opinion, under which the Cancer always adjusts.

Family values ​​are radically different. Cancer prefers traditional marriage, so that everything is “like people”. Aquarius is unbearably boring public stereotypes, norms and rules.

He is not particularly keen to officially register the relationship.

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Cancer man and Aquarius woman

Cancer man faithfully guards his personal boundaries and does not tolerate when his freedom is restricted. This is the main problem of relationships.

Due to the attempts of his companion to constantly encroach on this freedom, he becomes hot-tempered, irritable. Therefore, the couple quite often quarrels and clarifies the relationship.

For a woman, deep penetration into the inner world of a partner is like an exciting game that amuses her and gives emotions. She will constantly look for new ways to manipulate, using softness and tenderness, then resentment and coldness.

As a result, this constant “psychological violence” will tire a man, because he wants from his darling only tenderness and the same romance that is hidden in him.

Compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius - causes of conflict

As long as all the energy is both directed to the relationship, there will be no result. But if they find a common cause, set some joint global goals, they will direct all their potential and fervor there.

Then the relationship has a chance.

Otherwise, the union will exist until the woman gets tired of playing and she goes in search of a new victim for her psychological experiments.

Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is seeking in his companion, above all, a romantic and emotional nature, which is alien to rationalism and material desires. At first he sees all these traits in the Raki girl, but this is a delusion, because she seems so only at first glance.

Both partners want vivid emotions, impressions, do not tolerate routine and routine.

But after the romantic fervor is extinguished and the initial love falls, the problems begin, and serious ones begin. The girl wants to live by the rules that she had long invented and determined for herself.

The man is sick, he constantly wants novelty.

Serious conflicts usually do not happen, the partners just slowly but surely begin to cool towards each other. As a result, they diverge, it happens quickly, spontaneously, but without any special emotions.

They can remain friends, testing each other only respect and gratitude for a good time.

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