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Compatibility of Aries and Virgo — conflicts and relationships

Compatibility of Aries and Virgo in love and relationships

Compatibility of Aries and Virgo is considered unfavorable. From the point of view of astrology, such a union is doomed to failure.

But let’s try to figure out, perhaps there is still a chance to build happy and harmonious relations.

Compatibility in love

The relationship between Aries and the Virgin is usually extremely painful and complex. The Virgin will suffer especially because she will fall in love, and then she will understand that her chosen one is not so necessary.

Compatibility of Aries and Virgo - conflicts and relationships

At the beginning of their relationship is a friendship that gradually flows into a romantic union. The features of such a pair and its characteristics are as follows:

  1. Virgo often anticipates that the relationship with Aries will not bring her anything good, therefore, she unconsciously avoids intimacy, hiding behind friendly feelings. But if Aries decides to achieve the location of the chosen one, he will easily win her heart.
  2. As soon as the Virgin falls in love, she can only regret it. She is ready for the sake of the chosen one for everything, sees in him an ideal life partner. Draws in his imagination the brutal knight who conquered her. In more mature age, everything can end for Virgo safely, thanks to her experience, and in a young age there is practically no chance of a good outcome.
  3. Virgo also attracts Aries. He likes her refined manners, restraint, resignation and loyalty. It will seem to him at first that he has met his ideal, the very second half, which will inspire and support, complement the qualities that are lacking in him.
  4. Aries is characterized by swiftness, imperiousness, decisiveness and steadfastness, so he will always be the head and leader of the couple. The obedience and burning eyes of the Virgin attract him, so he tries his best to achieve her location.
  5. First, the pressure and the fiery temperament of Aries will please the Virgin. In her peculiar romantic manner, she will fall deeply in love, having finished painting her non-existent merits.
  6. If everything is so good, why is this zodiac union considered unfavorable? But the fact is that the desire of Aries to subjugate and bend under her chosen one is so great that she begins to worry, to suffer and may even fall into depression.

If you are in love strongly, it will allow you to violate your personal boundaries and wipe your feet on yourself, which is absolutely impossible to do with Aries. He is quickly bored with this obedience and permissiveness, which in the end will lead to separation.

Only Aries’s material dependence on Virgo will help to keep together; more than that, they will not hold anything together.

Causes of conflict

If you have already managed to start building relationships in such a pair, do not be discouraged. There are chances for love, but you need to learn how to behave correctly in order to correct the negative qualities of a partner and to manage to eliminate conflicts.

Compatibility of Aries and Virgo - conflicts and relationships

What are the reasons for quarrels and disagreements in this zodiac pair?

  1. Thanks to the strong love of the Virgin to her partner, the union will be able to stay afloat for a long time. It is important for her only to learn to adapt to the violent and uncompromising nature of Aries, having collected all his patience into a fist.
  2. Virgo will have to accept the fact that the selfish Aries will not care what she feels. He is constantly approaching, then moving away, from which the chosen one has a strong emotional dependence. If she does not learn to defend her borders and won the respect of her chosen one, she will decide that this is the way it should be, the relationship is doomed. Aries will leave as soon as he becomes impudent.
  3. Virgo needs a family, home, strong rear. She is able to save, save, deny herself everything, so that her relatives do not need anything. Aries, however, hassle of domestic problems, he is bored. He wants a permanent holiday, an explosion of emotions. If Virgo learns to give these emotions and to disengage from routine, there is still a chance to save feelings.
  4. You can not let Aries all. Permissiveness spoils his character and turns into a real tyrant. Virgo has to gain wisdom and behave as cleverly as possible so as not to become a victim, which her companion of life mocks at.
  5. Conflicts arise due to disagreements in financial matters. Aries loves to spend, Virgo — to save. The most favorable option for such a pair is a separate budget and discussion of large purchases together.

We summarize: the chances of a happy relationship are small. And success depends solely on the Virgin.

The extent to which she will be able to adapt to the complicated character of Aries, but also the extent to which she can clearly keep to her borders, without allowing her to violate them.

Watch a video with a love horoscope for these signs:

Virgo Woman and Aries Man

The classic union of these two signs can be successful, but there is little chance. The ideal relationship can only be between a stunning beauty, the conqueror of men’s hearts, and a strong, powerful, successful and status-oriented man.

Compatibility of Aries and Virgo - conflicts and relationships

If both of them are bright enough and realized in life, they can be happy together. But a man should be a sort of hardened fighter who has achieved a lot, played enough and is ready for a serious relationship.

And the woman is quite experienced, gathered wisdom.

Then the girl will always be safe, feel patronage and support, security. And the man will get the inspiration and energy he needs for new feats.

The rationality of a companion at critical moments will cool him down and will not allow him to do anything silly.

But he will change in any case, because he will never get the necessary bright emotions in relations with the Virgin.

Male Virgo and Aries Woman

The initiative in acquaintances and relationships in this pair is almost always for a woman. She decisively «takes» the cavalier she liked, without thinking about whether he wants to be with her at all.

First she will make friends, and then she will try to get closer, and the man-Virgo will not resist such a temperament. Most often, a rapprochement occurs during noisy corporate parties or at friendly drunk parties.

A man in such a relationship will lose a lot of nerve cells and significantly empty his wallet. Gradually, it will oppress him, and he decides to part.

The pair will last together as long as the feelings are strong.

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