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Compatibility of Aries and Pisces — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Aries and Pisces in relationships and love

Compatibility of Aries and Pisces is not the most favorable. Water and fire elements do not fit together well. The motto of such a relationship is envy in the guise of love.

Let us understand the features of the relationship of such a complex pair.

Compatibility in love

Fish and Aries are so different in their temperament, views and beliefs that it is difficult to imagine them together. Complete incompatibility in character and preferences.

Compatibility of Aries and Pisces - causes of conflict

How will develop their relationship:

  1. A man and a woman in such a union have extremely contradictory characters. They have almost no chance to stay together for long. But if they learn to put up with the shortcomings of each other, support and make friends, there are chances.
  2. Fish always strive for emotional balance. For them, it is imperative that the partner is calm, friendly and a little creative. This, of course, is not about the energetic, destructive nature of Aries, so there’s no need to talk about peace.
  3. The determination and determination of Aries at the beginning of a relationship attract Pisces. They are impressed by the tremendous patience and the enormous will power of the life partner, they see in it the notorious “stone wall”. And at the beginning the contrast of the characters of the partners only brings together.
  4. At first, all is well. The strength of the spirit of Aries complements the natural indecision of Pisces. He guides them, gives the right advice and great support, helps to solve problems and is always there. Fish, in turn, give the partner all the power of their kindness, tenderness and understanding.
  5. Pisces are creative personalities. They always have a lot of ideas and ideas, but they do not have enough energy to implement these plans. Aries gives this energy, so together they are a great tandem, and are able to achieve a lot.

Despite all the positive moments listed above, there is no reason to talk about big love in such a pair. They interact perfectly with each other in friendship, work or business, but they will never experience strong feelings.

Causes of conflict

Now let’s see why this couple is so difficult to get along with. The fact is that differences in character become the main cause of multiple conflicts.

Compatibility of Aries and Pisces - causes of conflict

What can lead to quarrels and even the collapse of the relationship:

  1. Pisces do not like to be responsible for the perfect deeds and actions. They are accustomed to go with the flow, not resisting external circumstances. Aries accustomed to destroy all the obstacles in their path, it is annoying and will never be satisfied. They will sooner or later begin to think that the companion of their lives is too weak and weak-willed.
  2. Aries usually does not consider the consequences of his decisions — he simply acts, often in a temper rash. This shocks prudent and balanced Pisces, which act on the principle of “measure seven times, cut once”. And they will certainly blame the partner for the failures that will happen sooner or later because of rash decisions.
  3. The temperaments of the characters vary, the characters too. Emotional and spiritual compatibility in such a pair will never be. Aries will not listen to the experiences of his delicate feeling companion, he is a man of action. He is annoyed by the Pisces’ tendency to exaggerate the size of all misfortunes and become disheartened by the slightest trouble.
  4. Fish are constantly striving to please the partner. It is they who love the couple, while Aries only allows himself to be loved. The distortion of the balance of importance in the relationship sooner or later will make itself felt. Fish, not receiving love and spiritual warmth from a partner, can begin to look for it on the side. And since Aries does not tolerate infidelity, parting is almost inevitable.

Sooner or later, the «insensitivity» of Aries will bother Pisces and they may decide to part. It is difficult to say what partners need to do in order to maintain relationships, because it is almost impossible to do this.

Woman Fish and Aries Man

The woman in this pair is very malleable. She will easily obey, will rarely express her own opinion.

Compatibility of Aries and Pisces - causes of conflict

At first, Aries likes it — he gets a lot of admiration and inspiration, so he is able to perform real feats, returning to a cozy home rear. He will be grateful to his companion for the fact that she tolerates his temper and meets with a joyful smile on his face.

But gradually a woman, not getting any emotions, becomes too disturbing. She begins to roll up tantrums and constantly demands something. This seems annoying to her companion.

He believes that all problems are sucked from the finger, and begins to tire of complex relationships.

Over time, the woman grows cold to her partner and emotionally abstracts from it. Mentally, she had already finished this relationship, it’s up to a man only — he should put the point.

Watch the video with the astrological forecast of the relationship of such a pair:

Pisces man and Aries woman

In this pair will reign complete matriarchy. All attempts of a man to become the head of a relationship will be nipped in the wake of a powerful and powerful woman.

As a result, he turns into an extortioner of spiritual warmth and emotions, which irritates his partner, who does not tolerate whining. Strong by nature, she also wants to see such a strong man beside her, so sooner or later she becomes disappointed in her companion.

Relationships will exist as long as the man agrees to recognize the leadership of his companion and submit to her domineering nature.

But a union can become harmonious only if a woman acquires wisdom, learns how to compromise and “include” the natural weakness and respect for her companion. If, however, to defeat her desire to dominate and rule, the couple have little chance of a happy relationship.

Summarize: Fish and Aries can be great friends, colleagues or partners. But they should not get involved in love relationships, because the opposite characters can never get along.

Such a union is unlikely to become harmonious or happy, it is rather a co-dependent relationship in which one is always unhappy. And most often it is Pisces.

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