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Compatibility of Aries and Libra

Compatibility of Aries and Libra: the perfect union

Compatibility of Aries and Libra is considered favorable. These signs perfectly complement each other, and their elements — fire and air, are combined.

These are relations like “opposites attract”, which have all chances to become long, happy and harmonious.

Love compatibility

The union of Aries and Libra is quite explosive. There will be an incredible amount of emotions: positive and negative, because people converge with completely opposite characters.

However, such a pair in astrology is considered favorable.

Compatibility of Aries and Libra

  1. The contrast between the characters of the partners is the main source of their feelings. They never get bored with each other, getting all the necessary emotions. They usually converge quickly, immediately rushing into the pool with his head.
  2. They are so different that they can periodically both with incredible force pull each other, so with the same force and repel. The fate of the relationship depends precisely on how much they can interact together, without conflict, because of differences of opinion.
  3. They perfectly solve common serious problems together, but they can quarrel over trifles and domestic trifles. Small conflicts are inevitable, but it is quite possible to cope with them if both partners wish to preserve the relationship.
  4. If Aries and Libra learn to go through the difficulties of life together, united, they will remain together forever. If they begin to emphasize the difference in their views and character, they will part very quickly.
  5. Aries in Libra is attracted by their refinement, grace, beauty, good breeding and aesthetic appearance. They also thrive on Libra’s ability to please, find compromises and obey. Therefore, for a fire sign such a partner seems almost perfect.
  6. But sometimes Libra’s diplomacy and tact are Aries’s weakness and weak-willed. It is important for them to understand and see that this is not at all the case. It’s just that Aries are used to breaking walls, and Libra is always looking for a door to enter.
  7. Scales receive from the fire partner a huge charge of emotions, a lot of energy and inspiration, an incentive to develop and move only forward.

In such a union there is always a lot of passion, physical compatibility is almost perfect. And if the partners learn to respect each other and make compromises, they can build an incredibly harmonious, long and happy relationship.

Causes of conflict

Of course, there are negative points that should be worked out to save feelings and not to part.

Compatibility of Aries and Libra

The main causes of conflicts in such a pair that need attention:

  1. Aries will always strive at a minimum — to equality in relations, as a maximum — to unlimited leadership. Weights, it is important to consider this and not claim a dominant role in their pair.
  2. The softness and diplomacy of Libra sometimes annoys their strong-willed and resolute partner. It is important for Aries to understand that behind tactfulness lies a colossal willpower and ability to bypass sharp corners, gaining benefits for themselves. And it’s not at all about the lack of character.
  3. These signs are very sociable, social, both love to be the center of attention. And if the popularity in the society of one of them begins to outweigh, the second one will feel envy. Hence jealousy and conflict.
  4. Aries must learn to listen to the opinion of a partner, and not to defend their position to the last. Libra — keep your personal boundaries, not allowing your loved one to break them and become impudent.
  5. It is very important for partners to realize, understand and accept the fact that they are very different, and not try to redo each other. On the contrary, it is necessary to learn from your beloved those qualities that you yourself are deprived of. Then such a union will become almost inseparable, very harmonious.
  6. Such couples usually break up due to unwillingness to seek compromises. Most often this happens between young couples who lack experience and worldly wisdom. More mature problems usually do not arise.

Watch a love horoscope video for these two signs:

Couple Aries woman and Libra man

A very complex union, in which a woman will constantly strive for leadership in a couple, which, of course, is destructive for a man. Yes, he can give in due to natural softness.

But the risk is great that they will swap roles — it will be a pair of strong women and a weak man.

Compatibility of Aries and Libra

At the beginning of the relationship romance and beautiful courtship will make a woman fall in love. But over time, the partner begins to annoy her, she becomes harsh, rough, impudent and violates all its boundaries.

To save the relationship, a man needs to learn to be tougher and a girl softer. Then there is a chance that the union will exist happily ever after.

A woman should also learn to appreciate her man, to admire his victories and not give a chance to give in the face of problems. Her role in this pair is the inspirer, the muse who energizes the beloved for new achievements.

A man must clearly designate his boundaries, even if it leads to conflicts. Otherwise, he will sit on the neck and no longer respected at all.

Couple Aries man and woman Libra

This is almost a perfect union and that “love at first sight”, which is more often found in films and books than in real life.

When they see each other, they can no longer take their eyes off. In this pair, the opposite qualities of partners complement each other very well.

A strong and temperamental Aries takes a clear, masculine leading position, and a soft and diplomatic woman Libra gladly accepts and obeys her.

His pliability, feminine wisdom and refinement Libra inspires Aries to incredible feats. Next to this woman he can achieve a lot. But only at a young age a man might think that next to him is too weak a personality, and quickly get bored.

But older men already think more deeply, therefore they value their beloved and cherish.

Both partners in such a pair get what they need in full. Therefore, this union is considered one of the most favorable, despite the diametrically opposite characters.

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