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Compatibility of Aries and Cancer — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Aries and Cancer — the eternal confrontation

Compatibility of Aries and Cancer in terms of astrology can not be called safe. They have incompatible elements, and they interact best in business, not in love.

We will understand the peculiarities of their relationship in more detail.

Compatibility in love

Aries and Cancers often sympathize with each other, despite the lack of astrological compatibility. The energetic, positive and colossal self-confidence characteristic of the fire element of Aries very much attracts the doubting, insecure and sometimes weak Cancer, who sees in the partner the qualities that are missing in him.

Compatibility of Aries and Cancer - causes of conflict

But in the relationship there is an energy imbalance, the temperament of the partners is too different. It is desirable that the exchange of energies between them takes place in a friendly or business relationship, occasionally and not constantly.

Friendships between the signs will also be formed safely according to the “patron and advisor” type. But love relationships are often destructive, because two completely incompatible elements converge. Partners will not be able to productively interact and be happy.

They will constantly fight with each other, which ultimately does not lead to anything good.

What else is typical for this type of union:

  1. In real life, couples of Aries and Rakov are rare. Where more often they are connected by business or friendship. Interacting in business, they are able to achieve much, their goals are achieved easily, being charged with energy and ideas of both.
  2. If partners are intellectually compatible and have common goals, there are no barriers for them. Cancer in such a union is a strategist and tactician, he is very careful and disposes of common resources. Aries is rather a performer who prefers to act rather than think.
  3. And at that very moment, when the business relationship becomes successful, Cancer and Aries can shine a thought — why not try to build a relationship? This idea, unfortunately a failure.
  4. If they decide to be together, start a relationship or worse, get married, they will only be tied to physical attraction to each other. The sexual side of their lives is beyond praise, but everything else is not so smooth.
  5. When sensual attraction dies out after the first months, they may find that there are no other points of contact. Quarrels begin, because no one can be a source of positive energy for a partner.
  6. Water and Fire begin violent opposition. Aries will try to dig up something new in the depths of the soul of Cancer, but will not find it. And Cancer, who does not tolerate intrusions into the soul, will withdraw into himself and close, will fight back with all his might.
  7. If Aries acts roughly and rectilinearly, then Cancer is surreptitiously. He is able to prick his life partner to the most painful places, which is why he just howls. This is a true psychological violence, which Aries exhausts and makes abruptly terminate the relationship.
  8. To make the relationship harmonious and happy, both will have to try very hard. And everyone needs to work exclusively on themselves.
  9. The ideal option for them is to live together for some time before marriage, to make sure that they are compatible with each other and understand how they can live together.

The most successful relationship is when Aries builds a career, and Cancer takes care of the children and keeps the family home. Then the fiery energy will completely go into achievement, without burning everything around in the family, and the water energy will concentrate on peace and harmony within the relationship.

Causes of conflict

Now let’s talk about the reasons for the differences in the pair. It is important to know to understand how to solve problems that constantly arise.

Compatibility of Aries and Cancer - causes of conflict

The most likely causes of conflict in the Aries and Cancer pair are as follows:

  1. Between them there is a constant struggle for power and leadership. Nobody wants to give in. The one who will be capable of it will win.
  2. During quarrels, everyone acts decisively, defending his opinion and completely not listening to the interlocutor. Aries’s quick temper hurts Cancer, who cries, closes in on himself. And the chosen one does not understand such tantrums, which can flare up even more.
  3. Cancer jealousy knows no bounds. For this reason, most quarrels happen. But if he is jealous from scratch, then Aries subconsciously feels that he is not suitable for the partner, and will accumulate this confidence in the upcoming betrayals, which sooner or later will break out.
  4. The initiative in parting usually belongs to Cancer. This subtle nature is very sensitive, prone to attach too much importance to even minor problems, which the more thick-skinned Aries simply does not notice or does not attach importance to them.

Both partners are usually faithful to each other, but for the time being. Sooner or later, they realize that they are not suitable for relationships and are looking for a replacement for the current satellite on the side.

Watch the video about the union of Aries and Cancer in terms of astrology:

Cancer Woman and Aries Man

In this relationship, more Aries will fall in love. A man will try to the limit of his abilities to provide a chosen one a decent standard of living.

At the beginning of communication, he will show himself only on the good side, wanting to make a good impression with all his might.

But he will miss the admiration and respect from the second half. Also, he is not able to constantly listen to long monologues about the feelings and experiences of the chosen one.

Both in the pair try to limit the freedom of each other, which inevitably leads to parting.

Cancer man and Aries woman

It feels like these two will never learn to negotiate. Their relations are constant disputes, scandals, violent quarrels with smashing plates, cries and tears.

Compatibility of Aries and Cancer - causes of conflict

But the innate romance of both can save the situation, if they learn to at least slightly concede and hear each other, sometimes make concessions and put up with partner’s shortcomings that cannot be corrected.

The union has a chance to become happy if a woman learns to be softer, more rational and tolerant. And the man is harder, less hesitant.

They need to look for missing qualities in each other, then they will perfectly complement their tireless character with regular features.

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