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Compatibility of Aries and Aquarius — causes of conflict

Aries and Aquarius compatibility — a harmonious pair

The compatibility of Aries and Aquarius is considered favorable. The fire and air elements are perfectly combined with each other, so such a union has every chance of becoming truly happy, harmonious and long.

Consider the features of the relationship of this pair.

Compatibility in love

Bright and lush, fiery energy of Aries perfectly complements the cold intelligence of the representative of the air element of Aquarius. Relationships are built on the type of «younger brother» and «older brother.»

If they decide to be together, then this is usually a long time.

Compatibility of Aries and Aquarius - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of this pair of two zodiac signs:

  1. In their pair, Aries is a hero, and Aquarius is a genius. The latter generates ideas, and the first successfully implements them. Aquarius in a pair — inspirer. He supports his partner and gives him a tremendous amount of energy for feats and the achievement of any, even the most global goals.
  2. Aries in life is endowed with colossal amounts of energy and tremendous willpower. But due to his natural temper and lack of prudence, rationality, he is often mistaken. Aquarius is able to compensate for this, directing his companion on the right path and supporting it.
  3. Aries love to take risks, preferring to choose non-standard solutions and act differently from social norms. They love adrenaline and emotion, prone to adventures. Because of this, many cones are stuffed. But if there is such a partner as Aquarius, their risk becomes justified, and for success, he gets a worthy reward.
  4. Aquarius lacks passion, pressure and dedication. These qualities he gets from his decisive companion. Together they represent the perfect tandem — cold intellect and demolishing all obstacles in their path of power.
  5. Therefore, even if Aries and Aquarius do not meet, but interact in work, business or friendly affairs, their union is always successful and brings fruits to both of them.
  6. In order to develop relationships harmoniously and not to have problems, it is important for Aries to learn not to fight for leadership, to stop competing, not to impose one’s opinion, but, on the contrary, to listen to the partner’s judgments.

It is desirable for this pair to converge when Aries is already quite experienced and is in adulthood. Because in his youth, due to inexperience, he can do a lot of mischief and cause only pain to his partner.

Causes of conflict

Of course, despite the excellent compatibility, differences in the pair of Aries and Aquarius occur. It is important to learn to bypass the sharp corners and find compromises, then the relationship will exist for a long time, be happy, harmonious and filled with love.

Compatibility of Aries and Aquarius - causes of conflict

What you should pay special attention to:

  1. Both in pair are quite sociable. But Aries may seem to Aquarius too rude and primitive. Aries’ jokes and sarcasm upset his sensitively companion; they can touch him. From here — insults and misunderstandings. Aries needs to learn to restrain himself in irony, and his companion to convey his feelings and complaints to his partner in the correct form.
  2. Aries — rectilinear nature. He chops off his shoulder, not considering it necessary to select words. His partner, on the contrary, carefully chooses phrases, masking the true meaning of his words with ornate expressions. Therefore, the first need to sometimes pull over Aquarius, so that he spoke more clearly, otherwise he gets annoyed and shows his hot-tempered nature in all its glory.
  3. If they enter into marriage or begin to live together, it is better to take Aries to take care of everyday problems — he has enough energy and hard work to do it. If Aquarius loads himself with life too much, he will not have the energy to support and love his partner, hence the conflicts.
  4. The arrogance inherent in Aquarius periodically irritates Aries. It seems to him that the partner builds himself to know that by exposing him to primitive and mundane kind.

It is very important for harmony in a pair of Aries — to temper their love for flirting with the opposite sex. And to Aquarius — to stop being jealous over trifles and to pretend during quarrels that he is superior to his companion in all respects.

Watch a video about the relationship between Aries and Aquarius:

Aries woman and Aquarius man

At the initial stage, the girl is strongly attracted by the creative talents of her chosen one; she admires his mind and intellect. He, in turn, feels a strong attraction and falls in love almost immediately, rushing into the pool with his head.

The further they get to know each other, the more they realize that they will not find a better life partner. Over time, their feelings only increase, so these couples rarely part.

They are really happy together.

Aries man and Aquarius woman

At the very beginning, a man attracts a girl with his gallantry, romance and unpredictable actions. He is caring really nicely, so she has no chance of not falling in love with such an ardent gentleman.

Compatibility of Aries and Aquarius - causes of conflict

But as soon as the relationship passes into the stage of closer communication, Aries can turn into a despot and a tyrant, and the girl begins to have doubts about whether she chose the man.

At this stage it is important for both of them to work on the relationship. Aries — temper your dictatorial temper of the jealous owner.

Girl — to show all their feminine wisdom and gently point out their personal boundaries.

In general, a woman in a pair is able to skillfully manipulate her chosen one, which is ultimately for his benefit only. She knows how to pretend that she has obeyed and, as a result, in a womanly manner, slyly achieve that he will make a decision in her favor, thinking that the initiative is still behind him.

Relationships can become long and happy if Aries learns to be faithful and stop flirting with other women, and also stop restricting the personal space of her chosen one, giving her a certain degree of freedom.

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