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Compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Aquarius and the Virgin in love

The compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo is considered unfavorable. Their union is a novel with no chance of a happy ending. So astrologers believe.

Let’s try to figure out how true their opinion is.

Compatibility in love

Both signs are natures intellectual. They prefer to act, guided not by emotions, but by the bare arguments of reason.

On this basis, and converge.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of this zodiac pair:

  1. Virgo prefers to calculate all the moves ahead. She is a talented strategist and analyst. Her companion, on the contrary, lives for today, preferring a chaotic and unpredictable course of life. Therefore, they can do business successfully together, but in the construction of love everything is much more complicated.
  2. Virgo evaluates the chosen one, first of all, from the position of personal gain. She pays attention only to promising partners who can achieve something in life. In Aquarius, she sees it — he is not afraid to try new things, is endowed with good intelligence, constantly throws up new ideas.
  3. Virgo is able to help Aquarius to realize his, even the most insane ideas. It helps not only with words, but also with actions. She is able to become a responsible and quality performer.
  4. Aquarius is admired by the practical attitude and business approach of the Virgin. He understands that he himself is not capable of being so rational, therefore he is striving to get close. It is on the basis of achieving the goals that they can come together and fall in love in the end.
  5. The fate of the relationship will depend precisely on the success in the implementation of both tasks. If they can direct all their ardor and energy towards achieving goals, there should be no problems in love.

It is unlikely that this couple will be very harmonious and happy and the partners will truly fall in love with each other. But their union can be quite strong and stable thanks to cooperation in business.

Causes of conflict

It is worth understanding what can become a source of conflicts and disagreements in a pair of these two signs. This knowledge will help to successfully solve common problems.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo - causes of conflict

What is worth working in the relationship of Virgo and Aquarius:

  1. Virgo seeks to control the partner in everything and will definitely try to limit his freedom. Such an approach depresses and annoys the freedom-loving Aquarius. He is ready, when necessary, to adapt to the partner. But do not tolerate the violation of personal space and boundaries.
  2. Virgo should be less criticized partner and give him more freedom. It is also important not to save grievances, but immediately talk about your feelings, desires, complaints and intentions. Then everything can turn out well and pleasantly for both.
  3. Virgo often thinks that her chosen one is completely unimportant. If Aquarius learns to sometimes turn off his egoism and more often please his partner, conflicts will become much less. It is important for him to show his feelings, not waiting until the Virgo guesses herself.
  4. Aquarius annoys the habit of the Virgin to constantly dig into yourself, in the past. analyze the mistakes made. He prefers not to dwell on what has already been completed, shifting the focus of attention only to the future. Often lives today and plans nothing.
  5. The life of Aquarius is eternal chaos. Virgo prefers order in everything. She has everything laid out on the shelves, each thing has its own place. Scheduled sex, dating strictly «by appointment», which infuriates the partner and makes him perplexed.

It is not known how their relationship will end up. One thing is clear — Virgo will remain the winner.

She will receive from the partner all the benefits to the maximum. Aquarius is more disinterested, therefore after a gap it can remain extremely disappointed in the opposite field.

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Virgo woman and Aquarius man

This man does not tolerate ordinariness. He is attracted to belonging to the circle of the elect, he seeks to rotate in creative circles, looking for new emotions and impressions.

It would seem that a down-to-earth and serious Virgo is not capable of attracting him for real.

Indeed, he may consider her a simple one at first. But when she finds out better, she falls in love, realizing that there are many facets in the character of this woman, and she simply does not demonstrate her extraordinary mind in public.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo - causes of conflict

Relationships can be quite harmonious. But there are some conditions.

Virgo should sincerely admire the mind and unconventional thinking of the chosen one, help her bring orderliness and calmness to life, bring order to her.

Aquarius should temper control and criticism. Then he will truly be central to the relationship.

Male Virgo and Aquarius Woman

Man-Virgo is not accustomed to receiving attention from women. Therefore, from a young age, he relied on a career.

First, it succeeds, acquires a certain social status, and only then thinks about relationships. Only by realizing it, he feels confident and able to win the attention of the woman who has attracted him.

Therefore, such a relationship occurs most often in adulthood men. If during this period he comes across an Aquarius girl, he almost immediately draws attention to her.

Despite the completely opposite characters, he seems to him a desirable prey, and he decides on an adventure.

He will try to create the most comfortable living conditions for the chosen one. Will work hard to be able to support a family. Will solve all the problems of his woman.

To remain such a near-perfect man, he will be long enough, but for the time being.

In full giving the chosen one the lion’s share of its resources, he will begin to demand much in return. He believes that she must always be gentle, enthusiastic, loyal and romantic.

Does not leave her the right to a bad mood and well-being.

The girl is attracted to his chosen one by his boundless calm. Will not leave indifferent and high intelligence.

She will be glad to be his inspiration, to give love, care and affection.

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