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Compatibility of Aquarius and Sagittarius — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Aquarius and Sagittarius in a relationship

The compatibility of Aquarius and Sagittarius is one of the most successful. Relationships arise between them, full of love, harmony and happiness. Partners understand each other perfectly, so there are usually no serious problems between them.

Consider the astrological forecast for this zodiac pair.

Compatibility in love

Aquarius breaks into the life of Sagittarius with a bright flash and colors everything around with new emotions, impressions and inspirations. For the latter, this alliance promises to be very successful.

Their relationship is based not only on feelings, but also on friendship, trust and mutual understanding.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Sagittarius - causes of conflict

What characterizes the relationship between these two signs:

  1. Both natures are self-confident, honest and purposeful. They believe in themselves and in each other, mutual respect reigns in their union. The passionate nature and temperamental nature of Sagittarius is successfully complemented by the light character and luck of Aquarius, who does not notice any obstacles in his path.
  2. Both are attracted by changes, they are constantly looking for opportunities for development and self-expression. They want adventure, non-standard emotions and special life, not the same as everyone.
  3. They are drawn to each other with terrible force, and no wonder. Sagittarius admires partner’s intellect, his easy and simple attitude to life. Aquarius likes that you can always get support and practical advice from your chosen one.
  4. The lightness of the character of Aquarius helps him not to respond to criticism and condemnation from a partner. He leads everything to jokes, thanks to a wonderful innate sense of humor.
  5. Both partners in this relationship develop and become better. They show their merits to the full, and correct the shortcomings. Therefore, such a tandem becomes successful not only in love, but also in deeds. Together they are able to achieve great success.
  6. Both respect each other’s opinions. Therefore, they rarely argue, even if their points of view diverge dramatically. Between them there is, as a rule, serious quarrels and disagreements. They calmly discuss any quarrels and seek compromises that they necessarily find.

There is no problem of expectations between them, therefore there are no disappointments. They simply accept a partner as he is, without seeking to rehabilitate, correct, remake.

This leads to an incredibly harmonious relationship.

Causes of conflict

Despite the fact that the relationship between these two signs is almost perfect, conflicts can still happen. Let’s try to figure out what could be the source of quarrels in the relationship of this couple.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Sagittarius - causes of conflict

What is worth the work of Sagittarius and Aquarius:

  1. Sagittarius — authoritarian nature, he wants to be a leader and make all the important decisions on their own. He will definitely try to completely crush the partner by himself, which is absolutely not worth doing. Otherwise, Aquarius will lose confidence and leave, because he wants ease and freedom.
  2. Aquarius can overdo it in their attempts to manipulate. He is used to managing people easily, but Sagittarius will surely feel any tricks and closes, stops trusting.
  3. The younger the partners, the easier it will be to reach an understanding. Therefore, if this pair is created at a young age, they may never part. More mature people find it harder to get along, because they have already established characters and ideas about relationships.

The main thing is not to fight, but to try to adapt to each other at all costs. It is the search for compromises that will help preserve love and bring it through many years.

In principle, this pair is so well compatible that even the slightest work on relationships always gives an excellent result.

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Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius Man

This relationship is full of sincerity and true trust. There are practically no serious problems in them.

The girl leaves all attempts to manipulate the elect, and he agrees to please her every day, not expecting anything in return.

They form a very successful creative tandem. A man generates ideas, and a woman chooses the most correct ones from them.

To achieve a perfect understanding, a healthy sense of humor is useful for both. That it helps to easily stop conflicts, not allowing quarrels to inflame and turn into a stormy scandal.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Sagittarius - causes of conflict

There will be no jealousy at all, thanks to the unlimited trust between the partners. However, both ardent owners who try to control and restrict each other at least a little.

Therefore, it is worth learning to respect the boundaries and personal space of a partner.

Sagittarius male and Aquarius female

This man — the true Pravdorub. He used to say everything as it is, without choosing expressions and phrases.

Because of this, he often offends his companion with his rudeness, criticism and unflattering statements.

But at first she even likes such straightforwardness, because she hates hypocrisy and does not tolerate falsehood. She admires the sincerity and honesty of a partner.

She understands that she can trust him. This is the main reason why she agrees to a relationship in principle.

They seem to be made for each other, their meeting is ordained in heaven. Such a feeling that sooner or later he had to come into her life and solve all the problems.

And he will leave her a chance to continue to soar in the clouds and not think about their daily bread.

However, the relationship will not be easy. They have a long period of lapping and getting used to.

They are different, so first of all it is necessary to learn to adapt to a partner, to meet him halfway.

The selfish nature of a man can be a stumbling block for harmony in a couple. He should at least a little temper his egoism, then everything will turn out well.

The girl does not experience such problems, she is happy to be given to the chosen one completely and shares her resources with him.

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