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Compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces — temporary relationship

The compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces is considered not the most favorable. Elements of signs — Water and Air do not fit together well, therefore there can be no complete harmony in a relationship.

Let’s try to figure out whether there is a chance to save love, and how great they are.

Compatibility in love

This is a union of two completely different people. It is possible that they therefore fall in love with each other, confirming the idea that opposites attract.

In real life, such a pair can be found quite often.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces - causes of conflict

What characterizes the relationship between these two signs:

  1. Fish — natures are incredibly sincere, loyal and honest. They are ready to give themselves in a relationship completely and completely, condescendingly treat the shortcomings of the chosen one and are always ready to compromise. Always support a kind word and help deeds.
  2. Aquarius appreciates these qualities, he is grateful to the chosen one for everything that he does for him. But at the same time he will always defend only his own opinion, not really listening to the partner.
  3. Partners are united by a fine mental organization and a craving for creativity. They find a common language in financial matters. Never quarrel violently and for a long time, preferring to settle conflicts with the world.
  4. The difference is that Aquarius relates to solving problems very rationally, while his chosen one obeys only feelings.

In relationships, both can get better — they develop their virtues, getting the missing character traits in a partner. But will true love be between them?

It is unlikely, because in the sensual and emotional realm they are poorly compatible.

Causes of conflict

Sharp moments, because of which conflicts may arise, it is important to recognize and understand. Pisces’ emotional closeness, their unwillingness to discuss problems can seriously harm relationships.

It is important for the partner to speak to each other everything that does not suit. Only then can harmony and peace be achieved in a pair.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces - causes of conflict

What else should work in the relationship of this zodiacal couple:

  1. Fish often get hung up on trifles, they rarely trust people, and their chosen one as well. Instead of enjoying relationships and looking for only positive moments in them, they will begin to pay attention to the fact that they are not satisfied and focus only on problems.
  2. Aquarius distrust insults, and exaggeration problems baffled. They just do not understand why complicate things, because often the situation is much simpler than it seems.
  3. There is a lot of jealousy, offense and mutual complaints between partners. Both are usually sought after by the opposite sex, they are admired. This provokes the first serious scandals.
  4. Aquarius should flirt less and practice wit if he wants to keep peace and harmony in a relationship. But is he ready to go for it? Most often — it is unlikely.
  5. They find it difficult to get along together because both do not understand how to build relationships properly. They prefer to surrender to the will of circumstances and relieve responsibility for decisions from themselves completely. But under such conditions, to save love is almost impossible.
  6. Such relationships rarely last long. Despite the rather light characters, the partners will be together temporarily, until someone appears more appropriate.

Only under the condition of colossal work on themselves and on relationships, can they save love and live together for long, happy years.

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Woman Fish and Aquarius Man

This man from the outside seems very uncommon, sometimes a strange person. This is a well-founded opinion — it always hovers in some of its creative visions and lives in its own, fictional world.

But at the same time he is endowed with a sufficiently strong character that helps him achieve goals and achieve success in life.

The Pisces girl always evaluates everything from the standpoint of feelings, knowing that her intuition never deceives her. With regard to this man, she feels that he can be trusted.

She is able to see the huge potential in him, becoming more calm and balanced in these relations.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces - causes of conflict

A man is attracted to her darling by her appearance — she is attractive, feminine and graceful. He falls in love almost at first sight, can often behave absurdly and mediocre, causing the girl to be perplexed at the initial stage.

She is well aware of how much he is in love with her, and uses this without a twinge of conscience. she easily succeeds in any attempts at manipulation, she gets everything she wants from a partner.

They can be excellent partners if they start a common cause. The great intellect of a man and the gift of foreboding a woman will be united.

They inspire each other and listen to the opinion of the chosen one.

The only thing that Aquarius is not always able to appreciate the depth of the feelings of his chosen one. Over time, it can become very cold, gradually withdraw completely, and the relationship will end.

Man-Fish and Aquarius woman

Such couples are found in real life quite rarely. The union can be successful if both start a relationship, being already spiritually mature, experienced and successful people.

They communicate with each other quite calmly, their couple is based on the joint achievement of goals, creative development and mutual deep support.

A man sees a chosen one as a spiritually close and intellectually compatible partner. He is ready for her for everything and is ready to devote his life to her completely.

In response, she is always ready to listen, support and give valuable advice.

Thus, their couple can be strong enough, they will live together a long and happy life. But, we repeat, such an alignment is possible only if there are common creative and spiritual goals.

Otherwise, the relationship is unlikely to last long.

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