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Compatibility of Aquarius and Libra — relationships and characteristics

Compatibility of Aquarius and Libra — the perfect union

The compatibility of Aquarius and Libra is considered almost perfect. These zodiac signs are related elements, they both occupy odd positions in the zodiac table.

Relations in such a union usually fit the model of a traditional family. Consider the love horoscope more.

Compatibility in love

This union can be extremely successful. But there is one condition — Aquarius and Libra should meet each other at a sufficiently mature, conscious age. Libra must be ready to become a teacher and a patron, in some ways even a spiritual mentor.

Their ability to take on such responsibility will determine the fate of the relationship.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Libra - relationships and characteristics

What are the features of such a union:

  1. Aquarius awaits a relationship with a man who is more experienced than he. He needs a mature enough and already formed personality, with its clear views, values ​​and hobbies.
  2. Scales have a very light character, Aquarius likes it. But the latter at the beginning of a relationship can somewhat shock a partner with its independence and straightforwardness. He also considers himself somewhat superior to all other people, which Libra may consider arrogant.
  3. Scales should be able to smooth out sharp corners in time, to find compromises in conflict situations. But do not forget about their personal boundaries, which Aquarius will definitely try to break.
  4. Libra will occupy a dominant role in the pair. If he goes into submission, the separation is inevitable. He needs to understand that Aquarius is an eternal child who will have to take care of and support. And at the same time constantly enthrall.
  5. Libra is perpetual diplomats, which has a very positive effect on the atmosphere in a relationship.
  6. At the beginning of a relationship, these two extraordinary personalities can constantly either part or put up. This is normal — there is a lapping, adjustment to the values ​​and interests of each other. In any case, their elements promise a harmonious and happy relationship that will eventually form.
  7. They are always good with each other, there is not only physical attraction, but also spiritual compatibility. Therefore, when the period of acute love passes, spiritual intimacy will remain. And romance will never end in such a union.

We summarize: such a union has every chance of becoming truly harmonious and happy. But not immediately, but after a long period of adjustment and grinding.

It is very important for them to learn how to jointly find a common language and solve emerging problems together.

Causes of conflict

Despite the almost perfect compatibility, physical, intellectual and spiritual, it is important for partners to understand the main causes and sources of possible conflicts in order to solve them correctly.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Libra - relationships and characteristics

What is worth working in the relationship Libra and Aquarius:

  1. Everyone in the pair must be aware of their role and clearly correspond to it. Any deviation from this leads to problems.
  2. For example, Libra usually has a lower social status and is weaker in character, so it’s difficult for them to gain authority and respect. Aquarius will try to violate their borders, which can end very painfully. Therefore, Libra must learn to defend their opinions and not to let their partners become impudent.
  3. If Libra cannot dominate, Aquarius will show the negative aspects of his character in all its glory, and the relationship will turn into true chaos.
  4. The scales must also be able to descend their companion from heaven to earth in time. Aquarius is characterized by arrogance, he considers himself better than others. A sort of unrecognized genius for whom physical labor, rough work and household routines are not suitable. Therefore, Libra needs to use all the strength of his character to land a sublime satellite.
  5. But it is also important for Libra not to overdo it with control and borders, otherwise they will turn into a punitive warden, next to which it is very difficult to be happy.

We summarize: responsibility for the relationship lies more with Libra. They must have a clear inner core, but at the same time not overdo it with control, so as not to destroy the identity of their satellite.

Watch a video about a love horoscope between these two signs:

Woman-Libra and man-Aquarius

In the eyes of others, this couple may seem very strange, unconventional. But, nevertheless, such a union is usually very strong and happy.

Provided that a woman enters into a relationship, being already quite mature and experienced.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Libra - relationships and characteristics

But at a young age to converge such a pair is undesirable. A young and romantic girl can fall in love and break her heart, because she does not have enough experience and wisdom to behave properly in such a relationship.

Man-Libra and Aquarius woman

The perfect union. Very sensual, harmonious pair of people loving each other.

A woman incredibly attracts a man with her unpredictability, she gives him a whole range of emotions that a man needs.

But Aquarius will have to seriously try to win the heart of his companion. He must make every possible effort.

This is good, because it makes him even stronger, gives inspiration and achievements in other areas of his life.

Aquarius is ready to provide his woman with all necessary. He will never force her to work, willingly fulfills all her whims.

And in return, she decorates his life, gives emotions and brings a lot of joy.

We summarize: Aquarius and Libra are perfectly compatible from the point of view of astrology. That’s only if the woman in this pair is Libra, the relationship is better to start when she is already in adulthood, wise and experienced enough.

A couple in which a man — Libra is ideal at any age partners.

They may seem strange, cause shock to others, but together they will be happy, because they complement each other, and in many respects are similar.

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