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Compatibility Leo with other signs zodika

Leo’s compatibility with other signs of the zodiac: who is more suitable

Knowing the compatibility of Leo with other signs of the zodiac, you will understand who is the most suitable candidate for the role of your life partner or will be able to solve problems in your current relationship with your partner. Read the article — it contains all the secrets.

How does Leo behave in a relationship?

Lions — a very sunny sign. Thanks to the powerful, fiery energy, they are very attractive to the opposite sex.

But so that the partner does not put out the fire and does not let Leo get bored, it is important to find the right half for you.

Compatibility Leo with other signs zodika

Leo’s behavior with the opposite sex is as follows:

  • People of this sign are subject to instincts. They are prone to reckless actions, they do as they feel, which often makes it difficult to carry out an objective assessment.
  • Proud and conceited Lions can often be offended and offended. Therefore, in dealing with them, the partner must be able to be tactful and seek compromises.
  • Lions — royal natures, because of what often seem arrogant. But it’s easy to find an approach to them: often admire Leo, and get a tremendous return.
  • They do not tolerate a routine in their relations, routine for them is the most important evil. Therefore, the partner must be able to surprise and give Lev the whole range of emotions.

In general, this sign is able to build a long and strong relationship. But he always dominates, therefore a life partner must be chosen, ready for concessions and even submission.

Disadvantages of Leo

It is important to know the shortcomings of this sign in order to be able to smooth out sharp corners and in time to extinguish conflicts.

Compatibility Leo with other signs zodika

What can we expect from Leo in a relationship:

  • Modesty is not about Leo. Get ready to listen to his self-praise, give and cheer. This may be annoying, but in no case be ironic about this, if you do not want to spoil the relationship.
  • Leo’s arrogance can also offend. Perhaps only Aquarians will be able to compete with him in this capacity.
  • Lions are waiting for a partner of unlimited respect. Although not always deserve it.
  • A lion is spoiled and sometimes reminds a small child in his endless “want.”
  • He often gives up, not finish it. Therefore, the partner often has to “clean the tails”.
  • Lions often change relationships, because routine and routine make them bored. It is very difficult for them to become a constant companion of life.
  • Can be aggressive and offend your trivia partner.
  • Flattery on flattery.

Knowing these qualities, you can easily find an approach to the lion’s nature, unpredictable and domineering.

Natural compatibility

Other fire signs — Aries, Sagittarius are very good for relations with Leo.

Compatibility Leo with other signs zodika

The features of the relationship between these signs are as follows:

  1. Full mutual understanding will never happen, but it is interesting. Constant lapping and opening of new parties in the partner will not let the fire signs get bored.
  2. If partners are united by a common cause, these relations are doomed to success. Therefore, for harmonious compatibility, you can try to create a business, to become not only lovers, but also partners.
  3. There will always be a passion in relationships, but there is a risk to quickly cool down if no one wants to give up the dominant place in the pair. The constant struggle for leadership can lead to parting, even with perfect compatibility.
  4. The family between fire signs is a game in which everyone will constantly think about which move will be next.

If you decide to build a relationship with Leo, get ready to give in and be wise, then everything will go well.

Favorable compatibility

Good relations can be created by Leo with air signs — Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.

Features of relationships in such pairs:

  1. The air is a tremendous fuel for the lion’s fire, which will flare up every day. Therefore, these relationships have all chances to become long, happy, harmonious and full of passion.
  2. But often air signs too attached to Leo, become obsessive, stifle their attention. It is important to control these desires so that the matter does not end with the separation.
  3. Temperament, intellect and spiritual qualities are ideally compatible in such pairs. Therefore, everything is well formed in the sexual life, and in the spiritual, and in the creative. These people are always interested in each other.
  4. Air signs will not fight for leadership, so Leo will have no place for fighting and conflicts in a couple — he will transfer his ambitions to the outer life and achieve a lot.

In such pairs, the behavior of Leo is of great importance. If he does not abuse his patience and impose his opinion, everything will turn out well.

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Unfavorable compatibility

The least attractive to Lviv representatives of earth and water elements. Relations with Taurus, Crayfish, Virgins, Scorpios, Pisces and Capricorn are not very good.

What can be expected in such unfavorable couples:

  1. The extravagance of Leo will annoy the practical and very rational Taurus, Dev and Capricorn. A huge number of claims will be accumulated.
  2. Leo will constantly clash with Cancers, Pisces and Scorpios. This is not the case when opposites attract. On the contrary, differences of opinion will cause multiple quarrels.
  3. With weak signs, Leo at first really likes to be. They satisfy his need for admiration, unlimited respect and submission. But over time, this self-sacrifice Lev bored. He will either change or think about parting.
  4. With time, Leo begins to treat water signs scornfully, which can seriously offend his lover. He can behave rudely, freely, to violate the personal boundaries of a partner. Of course, nobody will like it.

It is better for signs with unfavorable compatibility to build partnerships with Leo, friendship or business relations, but not love ones, otherwise conflicts and painful partings cannot be avoided.

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