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Compatibility in love by eye color

Compatibility in love by eye color

It is said that by the color of the eyes one can determine the character and qualities of a person’s personality. In addition, much can be said about the relationship between people with different eye color.

Find out if blue-eyed people get along with brown-eyed and why a pair of gray-eyed people cannot have true love?

On this table you can find your version of the relationship. Vertically — the color of the eyes of women, horizontally — the color of the eyes of men. Find your number and find out the nature of your union.

Eye Compatibility Compatibility Chart

1) Brown-eyed — Brown-eyed

Union of two leaders. It is easy for you to understand each other, but it is difficult to agree. You often compete with each other and try to show your superiority and success.

But everything changes when some of you need help — despite the conflicts and quarrels you support each other and help. In such a pair is very important overall goal, to which both will go in the same zeal.

2) Brown-eyed — green-eyed

Two opposites, in spite of this, you just need each other. The brown-eyed man pushes the green-eyed to activity and action, and the green-eyed guards the brown-eyed from reckless decisions and dangers. In such a union, the leader must be green-eyed, because otherwise the relationship will be short-lived or painful.

3) Brown-eyed — blue-eyed

Together you closely, and apart boring. You are interested in each other, but not always comfortable. Your communication consists of constant disputes, mutual claims, scandals. We can say that both of you like it.

In this pair, the leader is brown-eyed, and the blue-eyed one does not claim to be the main one in the relationship. This union will be long and happy if the brown-eyed is more compliant and soft.

4) Brown-eyed — gray-eyed

There is a distance between you. You will never open up to each other truly and become close friends. However, when you are engaged in joint work or joint work, you are very close to each other, quickly find understanding.

This is more a partnership than love.

5) Green-eyed — green-eyed

You understand each other perfectly and are ready to provide support. You are frank with each other — there are no taboo topics for you. Nevertheless, it is bad for you to spend a lot of time with each other. Relationships from this can go out.

Also jealousy is very dangerous for this relationship.

6) Green-eyed — blue-eyed

These relationships are more like mutually beneficial cooperation. You are too different, but nevertheless you are very helpful to each other. Blue-eyed inspires the green-eyed to act decisively, which ultimately leads to their overall success.

7) Green-eyed — gray-eyed

A successful alliance, if the leader in the pair is gray-eyed. A gray-eyed man in such a pair will constantly support the green-eyed, and he will achieve a lot in life. Instead, the green-eyed gives spiritual comfort and care and tenderness.

8) Blue-eyed — blue-eyed

Very favorable union. Both in this pair are easy with each other. They have common aspirations, worldview and dreams. Relationships will become even closer if they have some kind of common goal.

If one day such a couple decides to break up, then it will be painless for both.

9) Blue-eyed — gray-eyed

The union of two very different people who have very little in common. They are united only by mutual curiosity towards each other. In this relationship, the gray-eyed admires the blue-eyed, and the blue-eyed allows it.

The clear leader in such relationships is blue-eyed, the success of the union depends on him.

10) Gray-eyed — gray-eyed

In such a pair there is no romance, sensual confessions and tender words. It is based on profit and utility. And also on mutual respect.

Together, such partners are a force that can move mountains. The mutual manifestation of the initiative and the general desire to be together helps to maintain such a relationship.

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