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Compatibility in love by date of birth, zodiac sign and name

Compatibility in love by date of birth, zodiac sign and name

No one wants to waste time on doomed relationships, and in a short time it’s hard to understand what to expect from a person. I found a way out: some time ago I became fascinated with astrology and numerology, and now I know what to expect from a potential partner.

Now I’ll tell you about compatibility testing by zodiac signs, date of birth and name.

Are you compatible with the signs of the zodiac

On my own experience, I became convinced that the characterization of a person by the sign of the zodiac deserves attention. Capricorns — deceptively sullen, taciturn, inclined to think, Lions — love themselves and attention to their person, Libra think for a long time, always tormented by the agony of choice.

A slightly superficial characteristic: similar qualities are peculiar to everyone, but some signs have pronounced tendencies towards certain patterns of behavior. The detailed description of each sign of the zodiac gives an understanding about the person of interest.

The basis of compatibility of the pair on the signs of the zodiac is the Sun, so it is accurate to predict whether success will accompany the pair, whether they will reach the wedding altar and whether they will not run off in a couple of years. But we can conclude how harmonious, conflict will be the union.

I propose to refer to the plate.

Compatibility in love by date of birth, zodiac sign and name

Red color means closeness of partners in spirit, presence of similar interests and views on life, and blue — a high probability of conflicts and misunderstandings, quarrels over trifles due to the lack of unity in main things.

Check compatibility by date of birth

With the help of isoteric practice, a possible way of developing a relationship with a person is revealed: from fleeting flirtation to marriage, to understand what unites you and to find the causes of possible differences. Analyzing two numerological maps, harmonious combinations of numbers in various areas are revealed: Life Path Numbers, Expressions, Maturity and Soul.

The more favorable combinations, the greater the chance of success in love and marriage.

There are many online services that can quickly make calculations, but each of them has their own opinion about your pair, so I suggest that you consider yourself.

Compatibility of the pair by names and dates of birth have different bases, but, according to the isoteric, the influence is equivalent. Such calculations are best carried out in a complex and in-depth, but let’s start with the simplest.

To determine compatibility, it is necessary to make simple calculations by successively adding the digits of the date of your birth and the birthday of the partner (for example, I took a random date).

Compatibility in love by date of birth, zodiac sign and name

So, we received number 1. We repeat procedure for the second date, we receive one more number. It’s time to look at the table.

Compatibility in love by date of birth, zodiac sign and name

  • A means 100%
  • B equal to 75%
  • C — 50% success rate,
  • D — fairly low odds (25%).

I agree, rather sharp indicators, so I propose to perform a more complex version of the calculations: we successively add both dates, obtaining the main number, which determines the nature of the relationship in the pair.

Deciphering the main numbers from 1 to 9

  1. Harmonious relationships are possible if there is one leader in a pair.
  2. The basis of the union are material reasons, not feelings.
  3. Symbolizes the relationship of freedom-loving partners, prone to impermanence.
  4. Balanced harmonious union with the ability to create a strong family.
  5. A storm of emotions, a whirlwind of feelings, a raging passion is about you. Try to curb selfish impulses, and everything will work out.
  6. A strong alliance based on friendship and mutual respect.
  7. Relations can become harmonious, subject to mutual understanding, tact and support.
  8. Drop the unjustified jealousy and mistrust, because your union has a great chance to develop into a prosperous married life.
  9. Intellectuals, idealists — perhaps it would be better not to say. Stability is guaranteed with a financial base.

As she said, it is better to calculate not only the compatibility by date of birth, but also the Pythagorean square. The technique is a numerical characteristic of personal qualities, sufficient to determine the compatibility of characters.

The calculations relate to dedication, self-esteem, temperament, spirituality, energy, character, stability, talent, family, efficiency, I will tell you more about it in the next article.

Name Compatibility

In my opinion, the most inaccurate way to find out the compatibility of the pair. The name of a person gives him a certain energy and a certain set of qualities to which he is predisposed, but there are names, the meaning of which is unknown: it remains only to guess.

It is not possible to paint the compatibility of all names, so I advise you to use the Internet service, and preferably several, to check the result.

  • The value in this process is everything: literally every letter. If a letter is repeated several times in a name, its value is enhanced.
  • The more pairs of identical letters in the names, the stronger the union will be. If you follow this path, Eugene and Eugene are doomed to success.

But I propose to calculate the individual numerical code for both. It’s simple: add the numeric values ​​of the letters of the full name of each partner to obtain a number from 1 to 9 (as with birth dates).

Look at the value.

Compatibility in love by date of birth, zodiac sign and name

  • 1 + 1 — Two leaders should more often seek compromises, otherwise the relationship will not last long.
  • 1 + 2 — A harmonious couple with a good understanding of each other.
  • 1 + 3 — Spark, storm, madness. Not tired of living like on a volcano?
  • 1 + 4 — Everything is fine, but it is worth finding a common cause or hobby.
  • 1 + 5 — you are absolutely not bored with each other.
  • 1 + 6 — Partners understand and always support each other.
  • 1 + 7 — In time, you will become soul mates.
  • 1 + 8 — Your relationship needs equality.
  • 1 + 9 — Perfect compatibility of people who love, understand and support each other.
  • 2 + 2 — Stop figuring out who’s in charge!
  • 2 + 3 — harmonious relationship, a potential strong family.
  • 2 + 4 — The initiative should be mutual. Do not be afraid to open a partner.
  • 2 + 5 — Personal ambitions can absorb partners.
  • 2 + 6 — Harmonious couple.
  • 2 + 7 — Couples that have become lovers and friends have the best relations.
  • 2 + 8 — Keep getting the most out of life together.
  • 2 + 9 — A pair that combines opposites.
  • 3 + 3 — Everyone has the right to personal space.
  • 3 + 4 — Sincerity and love — the main condition for the continuation of the relationship.
  • 3 + 5 — Do something together.
  • 3 + 6 — The perfect match.
  • 3 + 7 — Despite the differences, you can be happy.
  • 3 + 8 — A huge number of conflicts and quarrels.
  • 3 + 9 — Common plans and love — a great tandem.
  • 4 + 4 — landed pragmatic rational relations.
  • 4 + 5 — Support and understanding are needed for everyone.
  • 4 + 6 — You are one team.
  • 4 + 7 — Try to dilute calm with passion and a whirlwind of emotions.
  • 4 + 8 — There are chances, but there will always be quarrels about who is on top.
  • 4 + 9 — Wonderful strong pair.
  • 5 + 5 — Union with good compatibility.
  • 5 + 6 — Positive emotions, pleasant surprises accompany this pair.
  • 5 + 7 — Yes, they are different, yes, they are different, but love each other.
  • 5 + 8 — Loosen ambitions and principles.
  • 5 + 9 — Get to know each other better, especially in everyday situations.
  • 6 + 6 — Do not keep thoughts and feelings in yourself.
  • 6 + 7 — You are one.
  • 6 + 8 — Idealist + realist = good partnership.
  • 6 + 9 — Both will want to express feelings from a partner.
  • 7 + 7 — You are a couple, so everyone should be interested in a partner, and not focus solely on himself.
  • 7 + 8 — Unsuccessful union.
  • 7 + 9 — At least one of you must be a realist, then everything will turn out.
  • 8 + 8 — With good compatibility, the two leaders must divide the spheres of influence.
  • 8 + 9 — You should be linked by a common cause.
  • 9 + 9 — Patience is the key to a happy relationship.

Do not worry if compatibility is not perfect. Ideal relationships, like people, do not exist — you need to work on them, together with the desire of both parties. Do not dwell on the results of compatibility: they are designed to help partners understand each other, and not to scare and make them quarrel because Libra and Capricorns are incompatible, and after adding the dates of birth, you got a two.

All this becomes unimportant if people love each other and are sincerely ready to find compromises and solve existing problems.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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