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Compatibility horoscopes men and women: how true predictions

Compatibility horoscopes men and women: how true predictions

Many couples check their compatibility horoscope. However, is it always worth believing in predictions and not counting on the seriousness of the relationship if the horoscope says that happiness is not destined to achieve? It turns out that there are many reasons why predictions may be wrong.

According to astrology, each sign of the zodiac has a certain compatibility with other signs. The combination of certain zodiac constellations is conducive to building happy and long relationships, but there are also constellations that are absolutely not suitable for each other. Astrologers agree that representatives of incompatible Signs may well create alliances and give love to each other, but they will always be haunted by disagreements and problems that will eventually lead to separation.

Do I need to worry and get rid of hopes, if peace and harmony reign in a relationship, but there is no compatibility on a horoscope? Not always.

The reasons why predictions are wrong

The first reason: man is not always characterized by the typical features of his zodiac sign. For those who are born at the beginning or at the end of the zodiacal constellation, the characteristic features are manifested to a much lesser extent than those born in the middle. On some, the solar zodiac rather than the solar zodiac exerts a greater influence. Such people rarely see similarities between themselves and the description of their Sign.

Accordingly, the horoscopes give them the wrong information: in this case, real compatibility can only be determined with the help of the natal chart.

Reason Two: attraction of opposites. This is one of the strangest laws of the universe, which sometimes works in human relations. The horoscope can say that there is absolutely no compatibility between the Signs of lovers, the people around them constantly indicate to the lovers that they are different and do not understand such a union. And the couple itself, in spite of all the contradictions, will create a happy and strong family.

And there are many such examples.

The third reason: Different types of horoscopes show different compatibility. That is, lovers may be incompatible in the zodiac horoscope, and in the oriental horoscope they are a great fit for each other. Different horoscopes take into account different factors: Zodiac sign, year of birth, features of appearance, and it is unknown which horoscope will give the right answer to you.

If there is no compatibility with the Zodiac, it is quite possible that the results of another horoscope will reassure you.

Reason Four: painstaking work on relationships helps overcome any incompatibility. Yes, incompatible signs of the zodiac can experience problems and difficulties. But it is not necessary to believe the prediction that they do not have a joint future.

Self-control, the ability to adapt to each other’s interests and to solve a conflict situation will help build a harmonious union, even if all horoscopes insist on parting.

Whatever the compatibility of the horoscope, the main factor will always be love. If there is love, then there is the future. Believe your heart, always hope for the best and do not forget to press buttons and

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