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Compatibility horoscope: what signs of the zodiac are not destined to be together

Compatibility horoscope: what signs of the zodiac are not destined to be together

Predict the development of relationships and determine whether your union has prospects, horoscope will help compatibility. To be fully armed and not to waste your mental strength in vain, learn about with which Zodiac Signs to achieve personal happiness will be difficult.

Temperamental and bright Aries in relationships most of all appreciate the power of feelings, the willingness to surprise and perform non-standard acts. Representatives of this sign will not tolerate indifference and dullness from a partner, attempts to control their every step or impose their way of life on them. Therefore, Aries are contraindicated in alliances with Scorpios, which will wear them out with their jealousy and try to obey their rules, as well as with Libra, who, having achieved the goal, will forget that feelings and interest in each other must be heated from time to time.

Constant and loyal Taurus, whose main goal is to create a strong family union, will not suffer frivolity and selfishness. The achievement of harmony can be hindered by a completely positive quality of a partner — a developed volitional sphere. Taurus with their characteristic stubbornness will always bend their line, and the clash of two strong characters will not allow to reach an understanding, which is so necessary for representatives of this sign.

Taurus is incompatible with self-sufficient Aries and inconstant Gemini.

For windy and emotional Gemini, who are in constant search for thrills, the ability of a partner to express their feelings clearly is very important. Gemini can build a strong alliance with those who will be patient with their weaknesses and help to understand themselves. Coldness, passionlessness and emotional closeness repel Gemini, so it will be difficult for them to maintain relationships with Scorpios, who rarely forgive mistakes, and Cancers, who present a list of requirements to a partner.

Hot-tempered Cancers in a relationship tend to harmony and mutual understanding, but the thirst for the ideal and the painful reaction to the manifestation of the will of a partner often make it difficult to achieve the desired. Cancers are repelled by levity, constant thirst for novelty and stubbornness. Representatives of this Zodiac Sign are incompatible with changeable emotional Aries and Aquarius, for whom self-realization is the primary task.

For Leo is very important understanding and respect for his life principles. In this case, narcissism, characteristic of Leo, often leads representatives of this sign to the idea that their principles, opinions, opinions are the only true ones. With a quick-tempered and principled man, the Lions get along hard, so they are contraindicated in their relationship with Aries and Cancers.

Virgo, who values ​​stability and family hearth, appreciates reliability, the ability to easily solve a problem and adequately cope with life’s difficulties. They do not tolerate a frivolous attitude to anything, and they want to see in the partner a desire to create a family union. Virgo will repel inconsistency, excessive emotionality and easy attitude to these promises, therefore the alliance with changeable Gemini and amorous Sagittarius is unlikely to be successful for them.

Scales are drawn to stability in all spheres of life, including in the sphere of emotions. Allow yourself to show the power of feelings only at the first stage of a relationship, and then peace and comfort become the most valuable for them. Anyone who can create such an atmosphere will give Libra happiness.

But to find peace of mind in tandem with Scorpio and Sagittarius is unlikely to succeed.

Scorpio wants to see next to a man who needs to be solved, constantly discovering something new in him. At the same time, representatives of this sign appreciate the warmth of the soul and the ability to understand their difficult nature. Scorpions are repelled by an insufficiently vivid manifestation of feelings, “impenetrability” and obsession with one’s own desires.

Representatives of this sign are contraindicated unions with Cancers and Gemini.

For romantic Sagittarius, seeking to find true love, paramount value is a strong emotional return from a partner. Falling in love with a man, the Strelets Troops do their best to give him happiness. Representatives of this sign will not be happy with a pragmatic, incapable and impatient thirst for emotional stability.

Sagittarius incompatible with Virgo and Libra.

Capricorns who are not inclined to show off their feelings appreciate tenderness, calmness and understanding. Selfishness, inability to solve a problem and too light an attitude towards life causes rejection in representatives of this Zodiac. Capricorns will be happy with a man who will not surprise them every minute, but will be able to provide support and help.

The union with Aries and Cancers will be unsuccessful.

Initiative and original Aquarius can not stand the monotony and pressure from a loved one. The tendency to extraordinary actions and respect for the personal space of another person will be in the eyes of Aquarius a great plus, but attempts to subordinate the representative of this sign to their will end in parting. Aquarius is incompatible with Taurus and Lions.

For Pisces, spiritual closeness is paramount. Representatives of this sign are drawn to contemplative people, able to give wise advice and help in solving problems. The rapid expression of emotions is likely to push away Pisces, and rationality and inner strength of the stalls, on the contrary, will make them happy.

Pisces is better not to enter into relations with Aries and Sagittarius.

Compatibility horoscope will help you make the right choice. Of course, there are exceptions to any rule, and often representatives of incompatible signs of the zodiac get along well together. Listen to your feelings and take care of love. We wish you personal happiness, and do not forget to press buttons and

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