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Compatibility horoscope: what awaits your pair

Compatibility horoscope: what awaits your pair

there will be many problems, ups and downs. The energy of the new year will even affect the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac. Fortunately, this can be found in advance.

The horoscope will help you prevent trouble and maintain harmony in relationships.

Love compatibility is an important topic for most people. All couples have some points of contact, but everyone has problems in some aspects of love or living together. Without this in any way, because we are all human, and none of us is perfect.

The best option is when people complement each other, when the strengths of one compensate for the weakness of another. The stars and planets will line up in such a way that they shuffle the cards a bit, preventing the happiness of some unions.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru have compiled a compatibility table for you. Astrologers assessed how favorable will be the relationship between the different Zodiac signs on a ten-point scale. It will be very easy to assess your chances of success in love — men are marked with a dark color horizontally, and ladies — light vertically.

Look for the intersection of your Signs and look at the number.

It is important to understand that relationships can be at different stages. Someone only recently found their love, and someone has been married for several years. Let’s understand in order.

If you only start a love relationship, This high score means you have a big chance of success. At the same time, you can quickly transfer these relations to a new level. You need romance, more dates.

You can behave as relaxed as possible and not restrain emotions. If your score is less than 8, but more than 5, then you will have to work hard to establish mutual understanding and build strong relationships. Less than five — this is not the best option for a love affair.

There may be serious problems, lack of trust and common interests. You have to make as much effort as possible to become a happy couple. One or two — this is really bad.

In such cases, you have the least chance of getting closer.

Those who is married or in a long relationship, You should also be careful if the compatibility of your Characters is less than 5. A low score indicates that the dissonance will be obvious. Each will pursue their goals and use the special resources needed by both spouses. We will have to make concessions, we will have to be as diplomatic as possible in everything. Also, you will need to stop demanding something from a loved one.

You will need to take it for what it is. Points from 5 to 8 indicate that hard work on relationships will be rewarded. You will be able to get a good experience and change your life together for the better.

The best compatibility is points from 8 to 10. In this case, you will find complete harmony. Of course, you are not insured against problems, but the probability of meeting them is minimal.

in astrology, numerology, eastern calendar: what awaits us in love

— Year of the Yellow Earth Dog. In the eastern calendar, this year is designated as the year of stability and tranquility. This means that in love, too, there will come a period of calm and pleasant. From the point of view of Eastern culture, the best it will be for people who have long been together.

For those who are in search, this year will not bring much luck, but there is a chance that you will find the person who suits you. This happiness will come unexpectedly when you will not expect it. This is the year that is perfect for the birth of a child, for weddings, for the purchase of housing.

If you add up all the digits of the year, you get 11. 1 + 1 = 2. Two — the main number of this year, which in numerology means the triumph of egoism. Two — this is not the number of joy and happiness of living together, as it may seem at first glance.

The deuce provokes people to look for easy ways to succeed, and this does not always happen in the interests of the family. If you force yourself to always remember the people who love you, then in the love sphere you will be overtaken by special luck.

Astrological forecasts for the year vary, but also indicate problems with the search for love. Astrologers advise to show less negativity to people, because it will accumulate until it overflows the cup. Watch for words and emotions, because they will be decisive.

Your intentions will be absolutely not important, as long as peace reigns in the world. The stars will be as calm as the planets. Violators of the order will pay for their audacity. From April 22 to September 30, Pluto will be retrograde, so you shouldn’t get to know each other, look for love.

This planet will affect your attitude and communication skills. They will be very weak in this period of time.

Remember that life principles are different for all people. Each person needs their own approach. it is better to be yourself, but not to fuel your minuses, strengthening them.

Just try to be more patient with those you love. High level love compatibility can be broken by your irresponsibility, and poor compatibility will not be a problem if you try your best to avoid showing your shortcomings. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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