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Compatibility description paired between Aquarius and Leo

How successful is the love union of Leo and Aquarius

Aquarius and Leo are 70% compatible in love. Their union promises to be bright and creative, despite the fact that the signs occupy opposite positions in the zodiac. Leo and Aquarius pulls each other like a magnet, and their compatibility confirms the expression “opposites attract”.

Let’s try to figure out what can happen as a result of such a union.

Compatibility description paired between Aquarius and Leo

Compatibility signs in love

The love compatibility of Leo and Aquarius can be both positive and negative. Located opposite each other on the zodiacal disk, they are in complete opposition in life.

But it is precisely this that gives them a strong desire to be together.

Being far from each other in the zodiac system, Aquarius and Leo have more differences than they do in common. Each of them has those traits that are lacking in a partner.

Whether their union will be successful and happy depends on how well they learn to balance and complement each other.

The relationship between Leo and Aquarius will definitely not be simple, despite the strong physical attraction between the signs. Frequent conflicts and disagreements, mutual claims and arrogant statements are possible between them.

This is due to the fact that Leo and Aquarius see the world differently. Each of them makes his plans for the future, regardless of the opinion of the other.

Aquarius is most interested in his inner world, he does not pursue the thirst for power and material wealth. Leo, by all means, seeks to demonstrate his superiority over others, dreams of fame and recognition.

If the representatives of these signs succeed in combining their opposites, an interesting and harmonious pair will emerge between them. If the partners follow the path of rivalry and pressure on each other, the gap between them is inevitable.

Character of Aquarius

Representatives of this sign are extravagant and extraordinary people, unusual and original. They always have their own opinions and do not recognize the authorities.

Prefer equal relations, not trying to lead. But not for that they will not be allowed to command themselves.

Sometimes they are irresponsible and impermanent. Appreciate their independence and fear a long relationship.

Aquarius is very hard going through their own losses and failures. Have a tendency to depression.

Lion character

Under the sign of Leo, truly royal personalities are born. They do their best to draw attention to their person, to become the head of any process.

They do not perceive critics and do not heed advice, they are extremely selfish and self-confident.

But at the same time they have a kind heart, easily appeased and unforgiving, noble and magnanimous.

Often suffer megalomania, prone to gambling and bad habits.

Compatibility description paired between Aquarius and Leo

Compatibility women Aquarius and men Leo

The relationship of this beautiful and vibrant couple is like an exciting adventure. The man Leo cannot fail to attract the Aquarius girl with his charm, masculinity, strength and generosity.

Leo also would never pass by an interesting and sophisticated girl-Aquarius.

Their compatibility is determined by the elements of these signs. Fire and Air is not easy to get along with.

Between them there will often be quarrels and disagreements, both signs will tend to take a leadership position.

But at the same time Leo and Aquarius can give a lot to one another and prove that love between them is still possible. They are able to overcome all contradictions and achieve complete mutual understanding.

The marriage of Aquarius and Leo may well become happy and prosperous. Aquarius woman will be happy to put all the responsibility on her husband.

And the Leo man readily takes it upon himself.

He is able to provide and protect his family well, demanding in return recognition of his merits, respect and praise. My wife will be happy to deal with the house and their interests.

Partners will spend a lot of time together.

Possible problems in a pair of male-Leo and female Aquarius

Due to imperfect compatibility, the couple may face such problems in the relationship.

  • Sometimes Leo can manifest its bestial essence. His quick temper and incontinence in anger can push away Aquarius, and even frighten. Leo can not reconcile with the irresponsibility of the partner. All this leads to protracted conflicts. To avoid disagreements, partners need to spend more time together. Aquarius should give her husband more attention and care. And Lev — to give his wife personal freedom, which she appreciates.
  • Between Leo and Aquarius there may be a struggle for leadership. The problem will be solved if both partners learn to appreciate and take into account each other’s opinions.
  • Often in this alliance, partners feel lonely and lack of emotional support. Each of them lives in his own rhythm, independently moving toward the goal, while not noticing the partner. To avoid this, it is necessary to interact with each other as much as possible. This will help them get closer and feel necessary to each other.

Compatibility of the woman of Leo and the man of Aquarius

From the first minutes of dating between a woman-Leo and a man-Aquarius, a flame of passion will flare up. And the relationship between them will develop rapidly and brightly.

These two feel as if they are two separated halves of a single whole.

They will be fascinated by interesting communication with each other, joint ideas and interests. There will be a strong sexual attraction between them.

But soon this idyll will stop, and stormy passion will subside a bit.

The thing is, the couple are too different in character. A woman-Leo strives to be in the limelight, she is sociable and does not tend to spend much time at home at the stove.

The Aquarius man is not a fan of society and does not like to attract attention to himself. At the same time, he also has friends and interests outside the home, which make the Lion woman jealous.

For this reason, their compatibility is often problematic.

Aquarius and Leo are fixed signs that are focused on stable and long-lasting relationships. Therefore, despite the differences, their union may well be happy and long-term.

Husband and wife will spend a lot of time together, traveling, often going out. If signs can find mutual understanding and support each other in business, they will be able to get rich.

Compatibility description paired between Aquarius and Leo

Problems lurking a couple of male Aquarius and female Leo

Unfortunately, this beautiful couple is constantly in danger. Differences often arise between them.

  • The fiery Leo is irritated by the impermanence and irresponsibility of the air Aquarius. She is outraged by his coldness and indifference to the opinions of others. As a result, she begins to put pressure on him.
  • Aquarius, who does not tolerate encroachment on his independence, openly expresses discontent. Saving peace in the family is possible only if both partners accept each other as they are.

This pair should pay each other as much attention as possible, to acquire common hobbies or business. Nothing will strengthen their union, as the birth of a child.

After all, they make wonderful parents.

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