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Compatibility Cancers — over what to work in a relationship

Cancer Compatibility — Immature Relationships Without Harmony

Compatibility of Cancers in relationships and love is considered not the most favorable. Despite the same signs of the zodiac, they do not get along well together.

They, as a rule, have immature relations in which both partners do not develop, but degrade. We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

At first, it may seem to two Cancers that they are made for each other. And not unreasonably — they understand the partner from a half-word.

Even the emotional background is similar and changes in the same periods of time, because Cancers are very dependent on the lunar cycle.

Compatibility Cancers - over what to work in a relationship

This is the catch. When emotional differences in a pair coincide in both partners, they either miss, then bring each other to depression.

But at first, at the stage of falling in love, this problem is solved easily.

What else can be said about a pair of two Cancers:

  1. Their relationship can develop safely if one of the partners is much older than the other. Someone alone in a couple must be more mature, wise, and experienced to play the role of patron and mentor. A less mature partner should be protected and protected.
  2. That’s true in practice, such a union is unlikely, because Cancer in adulthood does not dream about someone to care for and care for a partner. He is in a relationship seeking equality. Only sometimes a young Cancer can inspire his more adult chosen one for feats and make him take the role of protector.
  3. At a young age, Raki, it happens, and converge. At the beginning of such a relationship will be a sea of ​​romance, walking under the moon, serenades and long nightly conversations. But when both are full, the real melodrama will begin. Stormy scenes in public and no less stormy reconciliation, a lot of both positive and negative emotions.
  4. This youthful maximalism and lack of ability to find compromises will force Rakov to quarrel again and again. Sooner or later, the eternal drama will bother both, and the pair will cease to exist.
  5. The maximum term of the union, which astrologers assign to a pair of two Cancers is three years. And if they manage to overcome this line, only then can we say that the relationship has a chance to become harmonious and happy.

Quarrels will not stop even after three years of marriage. This couple, due to the emotionality of both, will always find a reason for a quarrel.

There will be a lot of insults, mutual claims, misunderstandings. It is very important for them to learn to find a compromise and to hear a partner so that the union has a future.

What to work in a relationship

In the relationship of two Cancers will never succeed love itself. Because of the incompatibility of the signs, they will have to constantly work on relationships so that they become harmonious and happy.

The chance to save love is small, but you can try.

Compatibility Cancers - over what to work in a relationship

What you should pay special attention to:

  1. Cancer-man will never look beautiful, do things to win the attention of the chosen one. He prefers a passive role, so there will be no active actions.
  2. The girl is waiting for these actions, and is disappointed when she does not receive the necessary attention. Therefore, the relationship can begin only in the rare case when both get rid of natural indecision and begin to take the initiative to address each other. Only reciprocity will help in this case.
  3. Because of this indecision, they can remain for a long time and just be friends, not daring to show their true feelings. But if the rapprochement did happen, they need to seriously work on the relationship.
  4. What is this job? They will have to improve their strengths and get rid of negative character traits. Such as the desire to control the partner, to suppress it, vindictiveness, touchiness and non-perception of criticism.
  5. It is especially important to suppress in oneself the desire to criticize a partner, in which Raki is a great master. They should not forget that the chosen one is equally touchy, and it is easy to wound him with an unguarded word.
  6. You also need to get rid of the fear of defeat, which does not allow the Cancers to succeed in life. If they fail to get rid of him, the couple will eke out a miserable and poor existence. At least someone should learn to achieve goals, despite the negative external circumstances.
  7. And partners need to develop in themselves such qualities as tact, loyalty, adherence to traditional family values ​​and loyalty to the partner’s shortcomings.

If Cancers can control their obscure mood swings, do not take out the negative on a loved one and become calmer, they have every chance of happy love.

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Cancer Woman and Cancer Man

The girl in this pair is very economic, wise and quite tolerant of partner’s shortcomings. She is a born psychologist, she has a great intuition.

She is a sensual and passionate person.

The advantage is that it can give way in situations where a man rests against a horn and does not agree to compromise. This is a great advantage, because the Cancer man is simply not capable of giving in, he is still a dictator and tyrant in his soul, which sometimes resembles the fire signs of the zodiac.

Compatibility Cancers - over what to work in a relationship

In addition, the Cancer girl is also a great inspirer. She is able to give a man the necessary energy, gratitude and emotions that makes him perform real feats.

He will appreciate her economy and ability to establish an ideal lifestyle. In return, she will try to provide her wife and children with everything necessary for a comfortable and comfortable life.

Problems may arise regarding the education of common children. Both Cancers can strangle a child with their care, an obsessive care when it is not needed, and constant monitoring.

Therefore, their children often grow into immature and dependent individuals.

The family budget for this pair will most likely be split. Both love money and are not ready to support someone.

Despite all the positive things we wrote about above, the Cancers will constantly sort things out because of the emotional instability of both.

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