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Compatibility: Cancer with other signs, character and elements

Compatibility: Cancer with other signs in love and family life

The moon sign Rakov is distinguished by its heightened sensitivity to everything that happens around him. Cancers are very easy to offend, and in communication they are careful and incredulous. It seems that these timid creatures are completely defenseless in the face of an aggressive and viciously-minded world.

Consider compatibility: Cancer with other signs of the zodiac. Who can become a life partner and friend for Cancer?

Compatibility: Cancer with other signs, character and elements

Moon Shadows and Cancer Character

The moon endowed Rakov with not only heightened sensitivity, but also excellent intuition: they feel what kind of person is next to them. The mysterious nature of Cancer determines not only the moon, but also the patronizing water element.

The result was a very interesting combination of refined and mysterious nature.

Changing the phases of the moon affects the emotional state of Cancer, and the ebb and flow of water makes his behavior incomprehensible and little predictable. In the full moon you will see a completely different Cancer than in the new moon.

Astrologers categorically do not recommend Cancers to drink alcohol, as this can end badly.

When meeting with the person you like, Cancer uses all his mystical charm, bestowed by the sorceress-moon. He is trying to immerse the interlocutor in the deep waters of his mysterious personality.

But if the interlocutor begins to behave aggressively or is critical, the communication will stop.

Cancers do not tolerate harsh statements, and criticism is perceived too biased.

For this reason, Rakov has very few friends, and there are even fewer real ones. To be considered a friend of Cancer, you need to undergo comprehensive safety testing: a person must be delicate, educated and kindhearted.

However, not everything is so simple with the Crawfish, because the mystery of the water keeps in itself both the pool and the deep dark currents. If you managed to bring Cancer to the highest boiling point, he will be able to use violence against the opponent.

These are the contradictory personalities of Raki. But if a person treats well the representative of the water element, in return he will receive loyalty and full support.

There is another quality in Rakov. If they need to achieve a goal, they can also move a recumbent stone — for example, lift a Taurus thoroughly entrenched from it.

Cancer will make it very unobtrusive and extremely polite.


What character flaws distinguish Rakov? These include:

  • constant nervousness;
  • indecision in everything;
  • eternal whining;
  • does not accept criticism;
  • never admits his mistakes;
  • loves for a long time «to go inside.»

Cancer man may never decide to invite a girl for a date. It is not at all because she is indifferent to him — he just has this nature.

Do not be surprised if you see the mask of a cruel or too serious person on the face of Cancer in society — this is just camouflage. And if Cancer «went into himself», then it is a long time — very few people manage to get him out of this state.

Compatibility: Cancer with other signs, character and elements

Element of water

How does Cancer feel in its environment? He is fascinated by the mystical pressure of Scorpio and the flexibility of Pisces, but with his mirror — another Cancer — the relationship does not add up.

Two Cancers can simply die, as the combination of infantilism with another infantilism is dangerous for both.

The mysterious Scorpion attracts Rakov with its impulsive kind. From the very first meetings, the order that suits everyone is established — Scorpio will become the leader.

Cancer will gladly give him the palm, as he does not know how to make decisions on his own. The difference in the characters of Cancer and Scorpio will smooth the general element of water.

Scorpios will be able to enjoy the devotion and loyalty of Rakov, and they will thank the fate of such a strong and fearless companion of life.

A harmonious union is formed between the man Cancer and the woman Scorpio and the woman Cancer and the man Pisces.

With Pisces — the perfect union. The family will be just perfect ideal.

Both partners feel each other so subtly that they do not even need to express their desires out loud. Pisces and Cancers warn each other’s desires with their immediate fulfillment.

Mysticism and more! Moreover, the union will be perfect in all spheres of life — friendship, love and sex.

The couple seems to be in the deep layers of the water element, which protects lovers from any troubles and aggression of others.

Element of earth

With Taurus, Cancer can form a strong alliance. Taurus is always generous and very patient, trying not to hurt the feelings of the interlocutor.

Cancers really like this approach, especially when you can safely share your inner experiences. Taurus will listen, sympathize and lend a helping hand.

Passion in this union will never be, but after all, Cancer and Taurus are not striving for it!

Relationships with Virgins may develop, but rather contradictory and complex. Pickiness Virgos are already known to all the signs of the zodiac — they are incorrigible nerds who understand everything best and constantly point others to their shortcomings. Would Rucku like this?

Most likely, the union will quickly fall apart at the very beginning of the acquaintance.

Favorable combination: woman Cancer and male Taurus or Capricorn, male Cancer and female Virgo.

With Capricorn at Rakov you get a union of trust and mutual assistance. Both are distinguished by modesty and shyness, however, Capricorn is able to bring the union to a high level of material well-being.

Family life will proceed measuredly and calmly, without bursts of conflict situations. If such a life of a couple of monotonous and boring seems to those around them, then why should Capricorn and Raku care about outsiders?

Compatibility: Cancer with other signs, character and elements

Element of air

The tandem of water and air does not have a basis for its existence, although air enters the structure of water. Too impulsive and mobile Twins, distinguished by unpredictability and chaotic thinking, are unlikely to be able to arrange a crayfish locked in its inner world.

The twins will not even notice how they will inflict a spiritual wound on sensitive Cancer, and he will long and painfully worry about this. However, romantic feelings arise between them, because opposites have properties to attract.

But with the creation of the marriage union is better not to hurry.

With Scales, Crayfish will be able to find points of contact. Scales are delicate and unobtrusive, sincere in communication. However, if Cancer wants to keep his partner in his arms, he must hurry with the decision to formalize the union officially — Libra does not know how to wait long.

In family life, differences and conflicts are possible, but partners are able to put up in time and go hand in hand through life into the future.

With Aquarius, Rakov also has an interesting relationship. Aquarius is always attracted to something unusual, and Cancers just represent a set of mystery and mystery.

The union will be based on mutual respect, which is a solid foundation for long-term relationships. Passion stars do not promise, but the Cancers do not need it.

Element of fire

With Aries, the Rakov may have romantic meetings and fervent hugs, but it is not necessary to create a marital union. Flirted and enough. Cancer will not be able to withstand the pressure of Aries for a long time, who is not used to choosing words when communicating.

If Aries does not like something, he will talk about it openly and directly — you don’t like Raku? The subtle sensitive nature of Cancer will not be able to endure such treatment for a long time.

The brilliant personality of Leo can easily subdue the impressionable Cancer. The union may be quite interesting, but it will be difficult for the partners to get along with each other. The lion burns water and turns it into steam.

If Cancer likes to constantly evaporate, then they can live for many years together. Before you decide on a marriage, you need to think carefully and weigh everything.

The bright temperament of Sagittarius cannot fail to subdue Cancer, however, this alliance carries the danger of being left with a broken heart for Cancer. The impulsive Sagittarius does not intend to adapt to Cancer and protect his sensitive psyche from fictional wounds — he always shoots at the target and does not care about anything.

Sagittarius is constantly looking for new experiences, so he will leave Cancer without regret at the most inopportune moment.

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