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Compatibility by year of birth — find your love!

Compatibility by year of birth — find the perfect partner for yourself!

All people dream of finding a soul mate — a person ideally suited to you in all areas of life. Not everyone knows, but this dream may well become a reality if you carefully examine the compatibility by year of birth. The Chinese calendar offers a description of the twelve signs of the zodiac, replacing each other annually.

Some animals from the horoscope have very good compatibility, others — by nature can not tolerate each other. From this article you can find out what compatibility you personally and your partner have.

Compatibility by year of birth - find your love!

Compatible for Rat

The rat gets along well with other Rats, Bulls, Dragons and Monkeys. The mating ties of the Rats are also successful with the Rats.

But in them it is important that the partners do not compete with each other.

Rats with Bulls will find a common language in the presence of common interests. Rats and Dragons are a perfect combination based on feelings and sexual attraction.

Not superfluous will be the flattery on the part of the Rat regarding the Dragon.

Monkeys and Rats will understand each other well and forgive various flaws.

It is difficult enough for the Rat to find a common language with the Tiger because of its contradictory nature. Tigers seek to take power over the Rats, and the latter do not want to obey them.

A pair of Rat-Snake risks falling apart quickly due to the secret of 2 partners.

Rat with Rooster are closely related souls. They can be happy in marriage if the Rat shows patience.

Communication with the Dog will be either very interesting or boring — it is important to keep the balance here. The dog tends to be lonely, and the Rat often puts his own interests higher.

It is not recommended to create relationships with rats with rabbits, horses and goats. due to lack of interoperability.

Compatible for Bull

Not bad combines Bulls with Rats, Roosters, Rabbits, Snakes and Monkeys. They have a sufficiently large similarity in their characters, common goals and aspirations.

It is possible to develop relationships with the Bulls, Tigers, Dogs and Pigs. It is difficult for the bulls to get along with representatives of their mark, because they always try to be in the first position, they do not recognize submission.

Badly fit each other Bulls with Dragons, Horses and Goats. In the first alliance, the partners are stubborn, the Dragon is dreamy, which the Bull does not tolerate.

In the second case, the Bull will not appreciate the communicability of the Horse.

For the representative of the sign of Kozy, the Bull is too rough, prone to despotism, which the tender and romantic Goat will not tolerate.

Compatible for Tiger

Best of all, Tigers get along with other Tigers, as well as Dragons, Dogs and Horses.

A pair of Tiger-Dragon is just perfect! Thanks to Dragon, the secret wishes of the Tigger easily become a reality, there is romance and dreams.

The dog tends to communicate, which is not always understood by the Tiger, and the Tiger is prone to depression.

Horses and Tigers get along well, but Tiger tends to be jealous of its partner

Difficult are given links Tiger with Rats, Goats, Roosters, Pigs and Bulls. Here there are different characters, life principles, demeanor and much more.

Astrologers are strongly advised not to enter into a relationship with the Tigers Rabbits, Snakes and Monkeys.

In the first case, there is no support. In the second, the increased vulnerability of the Snake, to which the Tiger is cold enough, interferes.

And the connection of Tigers and Monkeys is fraught with constant conflict situations.

Compatible for Rabbit

Ideal for Rabbits: Goats, Pigs and Dogs.

In relations with the goat, it is important that Rabbit takes responsibility and devotes enough time to the partner.

Together with the Dog, the rabbit gives it its vitality, and the Dog will always come to the rescue in difficult times.

Rabbits and Pigs are easy to find mutual understanding due to the similarity of characters.

Rabbits’ connections with Dragons, other Rabbits, Snakes, Bulls, Horses and Monkeys are not so lucky.

Combinations of two Rabbits can be destroyed by idealization and lack of money.

In the second case, it is important that Rabbit submit to the Dragon.

Rabbits and Snakes should not throw out all their problems at each other.

It is necessary to work in the Rabbit unions with the Horse due to the energetic disposition of the Horse and the Rabbit’s desire for constant rest.

Rabbits and Monkeys are too freedom-loving for joint relations.

It is very difficult to find a common language for Rabbits with Rats, Tigers and Roosters..

Compatible for Dragon

Remarkably fit each other Dragons with Rats, Roosters, Monkeys and Tigers.

The Dragon-Monkey couple is based on complete mutual harmony. The main thing that the Monkey did not prohibit the Dragon to soar in the clouds because of its natural pragmatism.

The relationship between the Dragons and the Roosters will last long if they have sound rationalism in them.

Events are not so good for Dragons and Rabbits, other Dragons, Snakes, Horses and Goats.

Dragons are inborn leaders, so they constantly strive to win the palm of the ball over themselves. It is important to learn humility and the ability to give in.

Snake Dragons strive to be financially independent of each other. It is important for them to pay more attention to creativity, not to life and not to forget about spirituality.

The relations of Dragons and Horses are based on romance, but the partners can greatly harm the difficult nature of the stubborn Horse. It is important that the Dragon pacify her, but quite delicately.

Goats need to close their eyes to the desire of the Dragon «to soar in the clouds», then everything will be fine.

Find out also how different zodiac signs complement each other by year of birth in the next video.

Combinations of Dragons with Bulls, Pigs and Dogs are contraindicated.

The Dragon Dog couple is based on greed, not feelings. It is important that the Dragon makes concessions to the Dog, and she takes care of him and praises.

Pigs do not tolerate the pomp and dreaminess of the Dragons, therefore this alliance is doomed in advance.

Compatible for Snake

Perfect connection with Snakes with Bulls, Monkeys and Roosters.

Snakes and Roosters will easily understand each other if Snakes devote more time to their partner than to those around them.

Snakes with Monkeys are connected by joint hobbies, but it is important that partners do not seek to get into each other’s private space.

Snakes can create relationships with Rats, Rabbits, Dragons, Horses and Dogs.

A pair of Snake-Horse is imbued with mutual love and care.

The dog should be given more support to tender Snakes, because they often suffer from depressive states. Also a big role in this pair is played by social life.

Relationships of Snakes with Tigers, Snakes, Pigs and Goats will not be very harmonious.

Snakes are able to find an approach to each other, as they have a similar mindset, but their relationship is more dramatic. For them it is extremely important to have common interests.

Snakes tend to control the Pigs, which is bad for the latter.

Efforts are also needed to preserve the marriage union with the Goats. Goats are too whimsical and tend to bring Snakes to stressful situations.

Compatible for Horse

Shows the creation of the relationship of horses with tigers, goats and dogs.

The horse is excessively communicative, which may not be to the liking of the obstinate Kose. Partners need to share their experiences.

Excellent complementarity is observed in Horses and Dogs. They understand each other perfectly.

Medium unions make up Horses with Rabbits, Dragons, Pigs and Roosters.

Compatibility by year of birth - find your love!

A pair of Horse-Rooster may be formed, but partners need to look for points of contact and do not seek to dominate each other.

There may be a long-term relationship of horses with pigs, if the latter will work more on themselves.

It is very difficult to get on with Horses with other Horses, as well as with Rats, Bulls and Monkeys.

The bond between two Horses is often destroyed by mutual stubbornness, excessive emotionality, and a desire for independence.

Horses and Monkeys should strictly separate responsibilities for maintaining relationships.

Compatible for Goat

Most successful goat unions with Rabbits, Horses and Pigs.

Marriage of the Goats and the Pigs is very successful, if the Goat does not dominate its partner, and the Pig shows a more emotional attitude to the Goat.

The average relationship expects Goats with Tigers, Dragons, Snakes, other Goats, Monkeys and Roosters.

Two Goats get along well with each other, if they provide mutual support, show sincerity and naturalness, and do not hover in illusions.

Goats are difficult with Monkeys, because the first partner seeks order and accuracy, while the second one loves diversity and often makes Goats jealous.

There are a lot of good things in Roosters and Goats couples, but often conflicts arise.

Unstable are the goat unions with rats, bulls and dogs.

Goats and Dogs cannot find a common language, as they are stubborn and capricious. It is important to be tolerant.

Compatibility for Monkeys

Perfectly complement each other monkeys with rats and dragons.

Medium ties include Monkeys with representatives of the Bull, Rabbit, Snake, Goat, Monkey, Rooster and Dogs.

Monkeys often cannot get along together, as they strive for praise and exaltation. They are not inclined to constancy and often change their partners.

Also greatly hindered by their increased independence.

Monkeys and Roosters get along well, but it is important to learn to help each other in matters of life.

A pair of Monkey-Dogs will be harmonious if the latter gives the Monkey a leading role. Also, partners should not strive to change each other, but rather seek mutual understanding.

It’s risky to make connections with Monkeys with Tigers, Horses and Pigs..

Both Monkeys and Pigs tend to “withdraw into themselves,” while the Pigs are quite stubborn and cold towards their loved ones. Tip: communicate more, tell each other your doubts and joys.

Compatible for Rooster

Difficulty is observed in the relations of Roosters with Rats, Tigers, Horses, Goats, Monkeys and Pigs..

The rooster and the Pig are especially selfish individuals, plus the Rooster is very active, which is not always included in the plans of the tranquil Pig. If you want to keep the union — look for common goals and give in to each other.

The most unfavorable are the links of the Roosters with the Rabbits, other Roosters and Dogs..

Roosters fight with other Roosters for striving to be the first in everything, they are also inclined to be jealous of their partner and often are in a negative mood. To maintain relationships, one should learn mutual trust and take control of one’s emotions.

Roosters with Dogs are not inclined to get along due to the fact that the Rooster is too sociable and has inflated self-conceit. Dogs tend to have doubts in him and sacrifice their interests in order to preserve the relationship.

Because of this, she often begins to depressive state and the relationship will be destroyed.

Compatible for Dogs

Not very successful combinations of Dogs with Rats, Bulls, Snakes, Monkeys, Pigs and other Dogs.

Dogs with dogs are problematic to get on, because they tend to simultaneously undergo depressive conditions. This also adds to the problems of the material plan, because Dogs tend to waste money without thought.

Compatibility by year of birth - find your love!

Dogs and Pigs generally complement each other well. The dog must forgive its partner a little coldness and devote more time to itself, not concentrating only on the relationship.

Favorable dog relations with tigers, rabbits and horses. Communication with Dragons, Goats and Roosters is difficult for Dogs..

Compatible for Pigs

Perfectly combined Pigs with Rabbit and Goat.

Pigs are characterized by heightened sensuality of nature, emotionality and romance. Communication with each other is based on warmth, physical attraction and the presence of complete understanding.

It is important that partners pay more attention to life and avoid conflict situations.

Good relations are possible in Pigs with Rats, Bulls, Tigers, Dragons, Dogs and Roosters.

The greatest difficulty is inherent in the connections of the Serpent with the Monkeys.

Compatibility by year of birth - find your love!

Knowing your compatibility by year of birth, you can easily choose for yourself such a partner, relations with which will bring you exclusively pleasure and fill you with happiness, joy and other positive emotions!

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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