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Compatibility: Aries with other signs of the zodiac circle

Aries with other signs of the zodiac — character and elements

The stubbornness of Aries can only be compared with Taurus. The fiery temperament, flighty side and brightness of the image of Aries attracts others to it.

Mars gives his pet an unbridled temper and the will to win. You can never predict the actions of an impulsive Aries, as it acts under the influence of intentions that nobody can understand. Consider compatibility: Aries with other horoscope signs.

Can I get along with him, and how?

Compatibility: Aries with other signs of the zodiac circle

Warlike Mars and the character of Aries

Before you is a folk hero, commander and fearless leader of revolutions. Aries is always ahead of the rest and ready for any battles.

Mars feeds him with inexhaustible energy, which is enough for everything. You will not meet the knowledge of the fate of Aries — it is better to break the horns than to surrender to the mercy of circumstances.

Aries feature is the ability to make instant decisions in the most difficult and unpredictable situations.

This man is hard to catch by surprise, he is always ready to repel any attack. If there are obstacles in the way of Aries, this is a signal for immediate action. Sit and grieve about the disfavor of fate, he will never.

If Aries is inspired by any idea, then he simply sweeps away all the obstacles in his path. The same applies to relationships with partners.

However, the bad quality of Aries is the rapid loss of interest in what has been achieved — he now needs a new goal.

Aries’s charisma attracts people to him, but with his audacity and hot temper he can make a lot of enemies. Before traveling to the registry office, Aries, as a rule, manages to break a lot of hearts and leave a whole galaxy of female fans. Everything is explained simply: Aries needs a change of sensations, not stable, long-lasting relationships.

However, such stubborn people also fall into the nets of marriage, as life takes its toll. Having thoroughly walked up, Aries land on the family bed forever.

Be sure they will be wonderful spouses.


Some of the negative features of Aries, we have already figured out. Let’s see what else can be found in his character. Note:

  • Aries always seeks to occupy a leading position, despite the claims of others;
  • this sign assigns all merits only to itself, and to strangers too;
  • during obsession with another idea, Aries completely loses an adequate perception of life;
  • Aries always acts under the influence of impulses known only to him;
  • this sign is completely devoid of a hint of diplomacy in the relationship;
  • thirst for adventures is born with Aries and accompanies him all his life.

However, not everything is so sad, because next to you is a tireless and cheerful optimist, ready to always go to meet any adventure.

Compatibility: Aries with other signs of the zodiac circle

Element of fire

Astrologers believe that only fire can understand the essence of fire. Of course, he also needs the wind to make the fire burst with power. But only to a certain extent, otherwise it will strike a spark of flame.

But even in a company with a representative of the element of fire, Aries does not have to be sweet, because the struggle for leadership immediately begins between them. However, only fire signs can support the fire of love in Aries, nobody else.

The most favorable version of the union — a man Aries and a woman Lioness, as well as a woman Aries with a Sagittarius man.

How to achieve complete harmony in the relationship? It is necessary to realize the importance of mutual concessions and to muffle in oneself the desire to be the only one and in everything first.

Element of air

With representatives of the air group in Aries good interaction, because they can blow a flame out of a spark and do not claim to lead. However, Aries is prone to fall under the influence of air signs and quietly become led by them. While he revels in his imaginary leadership position, the signs of air lead him by the nose — he cannot resist the genius of their ideas.

It turns out that the commander is controlled by subordinates.

But for Aries, it is more important to keep your vanity intact than to endure direct leadership of your person. If the alignment of forces is organized in a similar context, the tandem of fire and air can survive for a long time.

With Gemini, alliance is possible, but Aries will be constantly irritated by the superficial perception of life by the air sign. Also, Gemini tend to even more adventures than Aries itself, and will experience his patience with love affairs.

Twins do not tend to sink into the feelings without a trace, like Aries — they slide on the surface.

With Libra — the most successful and harmonious union of all. Spouses complement each other in everything, they feel good together.

Sexual relations will only strengthen the union, as the signs fully satisfy each other’s erotic needs.

With Aquarius, there can be a wonderful union — these are almost soul mates. However, the desire of both to absolute freedom is not combined with family life.

If the signs overcome their love of freedom and create a family, they will be able to quench the craving for endless adventures by traveling together and having fun.

Element of earth

In this tandem, perfect opposites are soldered together: stability and mutability, hoarding and waste, interest in everything new and a desire to follow traditions.

With Taurus, Aries have mutual respect, because both possess qualities of dedication and perseverance. However, with close communication, conflicts are inevitable. Impulsiveness and rational thinking — what can be common between them?

However, an alliance is possible if Aries ceases its favorite attacks on the slow-moving Taurus and stops bullying. In bed between them, oddly enough, complete harmony.

Only Taurus is able to withstand the fiery pressure of Aries and not give up.

With Ava the Virgin has a very difficult relationship, because the demanding and picky nature of the Virgin is capable of ruining not only the sign of fire. This marriage is a real test for both, as they have a completely different approach to all issues.

The only advantage in this relationship is crystal honesty to each other — they do not know how to lie and pretend.

With Capricorn, union is hardly possible, because Capricorn does not have the flexibility of mind, it is also stubborn. If Aries can get on with Taurus, then with Capricorn — under no circumstances. Capricorn is often influenced by Saturn, which is expressed in a gloomy view of life.

This gloom can turn into some kind of protracted depression, which is not understandable to optimistic Aries, a lover of brilliant victories.

In addition, Capricorns are distinguished by exceptional tediousness and the requirement to live according to a schedule. This is absolutely contraindicated in the impulsive and freedom-loving pet of the fire element. Is it possible to drive the fire into the framework of conventions?

Astrologers believe that between these signs is possible only friendship or business cooperation.

Compatibility: Aries with other signs of the zodiac circle

Element of water

Theoretically, this tandem is hardly possible at all, although signs and friendship will get along well. However, practice shows that the fiery Aries with representatives of the water element is capable of passionate passion and is well compatible in bed.

Aries have complex relationships with Cancers. Cancers are touchy and easily hurt, and Aries are not used to delicate relationships. Together, they will be able to keep only the common cause of the universal scale.

Otherwise, the union is simply impossible.

With Scorpio, the connection will be vivid and memorable — either mad love or strong hatred. Scorpio does not leave anyone indifferent to his person.

This representative of the mysterious deep waters fascinates and frightens even the fearless warrior Aries. If they create a family union, full satisfaction in bed will help strengthen the relationship.

With Pisces, Aries has vivid novels, because in love compatibility there is a complete hit. These opposing signs in all things are so addicted to each other that they do not represent life separately. In practice, such alliances are rare.

But if the couple has created a family idyll, it will be durable. They have something to learn from each other, and this is a karmic task.

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