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Compatibility Aries Aries — causes of conflict

Aries Compatibility — Mirror Relations

Aries compatibility is considered unfavorable. The union of two fire elements risks becoming a real fire of emotions. And if at the beginning of a relationship it is passion and crazy love, then gradually feelings are replaced by hatred and disgust.

Is everything so sad? Let’s try to figure it out.

Compatibility in love

At first it may seem that the union of two identical signs is doomed to become harmonious and happy. After all, who, if not the representatives of the two fire elements, will understand each other well?

But all is not as rosy as it seems at first glance.

Compatibility Aries Aries - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of a pair of two Aries:

  1. Both personalities are rather impulsive, quick-tempered. Therefore, their pair is really dangerous for both. Although at the very beginning it seems that they are made for each other.
  2. Astrologers characterize the type of union as “me and my mirror”. This means that similar people are attracted, looking for a congenial partner. They often agree on the grounds of “need to be friends against someone.” But it usually happens in very young Aries.
  3. In adulthood, the situation is different. Relations can be long only if both partners learn to give in to each other and recognize that everyone has the right to have their own opinion. But it is usually very difficult, because partners have grown, gained experience and formed as a person.
  4. Tension and even aggression will always be in their pair. And they do not want and will not seek compromises, such is the irreconcilable and fiery «fiend» character.
  5. They can harmoniously interact only in those cases where they do not have to compete with each other and fight for leadership. Ideally, they would just be friends and cooperate in some business that they would start from scratch and begin to successfully promote together.
  6. Aries love money very much. And especially money that can go easily and quickly. Therefore, they often go on adventures, easily fit into risky, but promising projects. They have no equal when they decide to quickly do some good business.
  7. If they become involved in this common cause, giving it all the power of their two fiery energies, then the relationship can be quite well. All the fervor will go into the business, and the relationship will only positive feelings.
  8. Unfortunately, this outcome is unlikely. These hard-nosed people will sooner or later begin to compete, find out who is in charge and argue, who has invested more and put forces on the development of a common cause.
  9. Endless attempts to assert themselves, the desire to show their strength on a daily basis and measure their capabilities will necessarily lead to violent scandals in a couple. They will loudly sort out the relationship, not at all sparing the feelings of a partner.
  10. Both respect people in the first place strength. But, feeling this power in the chosen one, they will try to bring down the arrogance and begin to fight for leadership. For the time being, this struggle will enthrall them, but it will tire them sooner or later, then Aries will part.

A small chance to save the relationship is still there. But this will have to try.

They need to constantly set unattainable global goals and go towards them in order to spend their fiery potential, not allowing violent temper to affect relationships.

Causes of conflict

Relationships in this couple usually begin violently, passionately, quickly. Between them there is a huge attraction, so they tend to constantly spend time together.

But only at the initial stage.

Gradually, when the first love will pass, they will be filled with each other. And at this moment, having played enough in stormy passions, they can part.

Their relationship most often is an easy, non-binding affair, a “holiday romance”, from which everyone takes the maximum of emotions.

Compatibility Aries Aries - causes of conflict

If they decide to continue the relationship, their union turns into a kind of game. This is an endless fight, the struggle for leadership and attempts to show who is in charge.

Such competition is good for business, but to create a harmonious and happy relationship, you must learn to cooperate, not argue.

Each will defend his point of view to the last, stubbornly proving the rightness and not taking into account the arguments of the interlocutor. Neutral situations in this pair does not happen.

They constantly rush from one extreme to another.

None will not make an effort in order to establish a comfortable life and get used to each other. Aries are maximalists.

All or nothing — their life motto. From this position it is difficult to build a stable and calm relationship.

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Astrological forecast

Briefly, astrologers promise a union of two Aries:

  1. A man will be extremely resolute and principled. He greatly appreciates his personal freedom and will never allow violations of his borders. He does not care about the opinions of others, he lives as he wants.
  2. The woman is no less principled. She is initiative, has a strong character. Stubborn, so do not want to give his chosen one, even in small things. Strange, but this feature only strengthens his respect for her.
  3. But relations will be full of disagreements, contradictions, conflicts, because the hard-nosed partners hear only themselves and do not know how to negotiate.
  4. A man wants to be the head of the family so that he makes decisions, and they have not been discussed. He will be proud of his companion — he likes her energy, ambition and purposeful character.
  5. But if she wants to obey? After all, she herself nature initiative. This is a natural leader who is hard to be soft, gentle and compliant in relationships.

Compatibility Aries Aries - causes of conflict

They will constantly argue, compete, sort things out. Their union is a constant struggle for power and leadership.

Although in the sensual sphere they understand each other without words, in the spiritual sense it is unlikely that they can become truly close friends.

It will be especially hard for children of this difficult pair. They will constantly rush between two fires, not understanding which side to take.

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