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Compatibility: Aquarius with other characters in the family and partnerships

Compatibility of Aquarius with other signs — marriage and character

The character of Aquarius forms the ruling planet Uranus and the air element. These people are distinguished by their principles and originality, they are capable of noble deeds in the name of justice.

Aquarius is sociable and sociable, like all air signs, however, this is not enough for a family union. Consider compatibility: Aquarius with other signs of the zodiac.

What is the secret of a successful relationship?

Compatibility: Aquarius with other characters in the family and partnerships

Character of Aquarius

To create a stable harmonious union with Aquarius, you need to know the peculiarities of his character, because he is perceived by different signs of the zodiac in his own way. The thoughts of Aquarius extend to the whole universe — it is not limited to a narrow circle of family relationships or a team of colleagues.

The original approach to everything and the manifestation of genius is another characteristic of this unusual person.

Aquarius always strives for unexplored dalam, it is difficult for him to sit still — beyond the horizons so much new and interesting!

However, as a partner, Aquarius will choose just such a person who shares his point of view with him and will not try to limit it with any framework. But this is not enough — Aquarius will never get close to those who can compete with it.

This applies to all personalities of the original warehouse of thinking — their Aquarius avoids.

Aquarius starts a family for reasons of adherence to traditions and always behaves authoritarian. He believes that family life is not the best gift of fate, so you just need to follow the rules.

Aquarius demands the same approach from its partner.

  • does not like monotony;
  • requires constant attention to his person;
  • feels a sense of compassion for all but you;
  • constantly searching for your vocation;
  • cannot express her feelings with words;
  • a combination of crazy ideas with indescribable conceit;
  • lack of practicality;
  • requires the division of their point of view on the path to higher ideals.

The complex nature of Aquarius, however, is supported by many zodiac signs. Consider compatibility in love, marriage, and friendship.

Compatibility: Aquarius with other characters in the family and partnerships


Air signs

With the Twins, the Aquarius has a pretty high degree of compatibility. Particularly successful is the union of a man Gemini with a woman Aquarius. If the spouse of Gemini does not let go in all serious and does not begin to change the spouse, the marriage will be very harmonious.

Another reason for the tiff could be Gemini’s tendency to lie and the desire to embellish reality. Aquarius does not tolerate any lies; it goes against its nature as an idealist and a fighter for justice.

The most successful marriages are the man Aquarius with the woman Gemini, the woman Aquarius with the man Libra.

With Libra, the Aquarius can form a harmonious union, and the marriage will last indefinitely. This pair can be the perfect envy of others. The Libra woman feels perfectly her husband’s need for social development and helps him gain self-reliance.

In gratitude, the husband of Aquarius will do everything possible for the happiness of his wife. As a rule, Libra takes responsibility for solving family issues.

Can two Aquarius get along? They understand each other perfectly, as they are a mirror image.

However, the irresponsibility of both will lead them to a dead end, out of which there is no. Long-term relationships are possible only in civilian cohabitation, when there is no responsibility.

In this status, a couple can last for a long time.

Fire signs

With Aries, the union develops quite well. Both partners make concessions to each other for the sake of mutual love.

Scandals can occur on the basis of memories of past love affairs partners. Aries woman is able to inspire a spouse with her energetic cheerfulness and strong-willed character.

However, if Aries’s wife begins to command Aquarius, a pair of conflict will be brewing. Also, Aquarius does not tolerate the imposition of solutions to small household problems — he thinks the scale of the universe.

Domestic issues should take the spouse (spouse) Aries.

The most harmonious union is a woman Aquarius with a man Sagittarius, a man Aquarius with a woman Aries. The Aquarius-Leo pair is harmonious in any combination.

Relations with Leo are complicated. Aquarius is not accustomed to taking any responsibility, as this limits his freedom. Leo is used to feeling confident in the future; he cannot tolerate uncertainty.

If the couple finds a hobby for themselves, it can save the union. To reduce the degree of dissatisfaction with each other, you just need to switch attention to the outside world.

This will help maintain respect for each other and warm feelings.

An ideal union is possible with Sagittarius, partners feel well each other. Sagittarius likes the ease of perception of the life of Aquarius, especially his position of non-interference in personal space. Aquarius likes the honesty and openness of the Sagittarius, who never darkens.

Some tension may appear due to the boredom of everyday life, but partners are able to diversify their lives and find food for new experiences. These two optimists will be able to live a long happy life to the envy of others.

Earth signs

With Taurus in Aquarius will be constant clashes for the right leader in the family. Both were not used to giving up positions and looking for compromises, and in order to preserve the union, they would have to do it.

The discrepancy between the tastes and habits of both signs begins immediately after the wedding: Taurus prefers to rest at home, Aquarius needs a society. Aquarius does not understand why devote so much time to the household and is eager for new impressions. This annoying homebody Taurus.

With age, Aquarius and Taurus will learn to appreciate each other if they live to these times and do not scatter.

Aquarius perceives earth signs as a stone around his neck — they do not allow his thoughts to fly across the expanses of the universe.

The union with the Virgin is impossible, especially if the Virgin is a man. This pedant will not tolerate his wife’s violent sociability with other people, he needs a hostess in the house.

Aquarius is not accustomed to limit his world of domestic troubles. As a result, a conflict of interest is inevitable.

Only a pairing idea or a common goal can save a union.

With Capricorn, conflict is inevitable. Conservative by nature, Capricorn annoys the freedom-loving Aquarius, who considers him a terrible bore. In turn, Capricorn does not understand the desire of Aquarius for a constant change of impressions and priorities.

According to Capricorn, the spouse must conform to the classical understanding of the word — stay at home, take care of the family and forget about the rest of the world. But Aquarius is simply not capable of such exploits.

Family scandals are inevitable.

Compatibility: Aquarius with other characters in the family and partnerships

Water signs

Aquarius has nothing in common with Cancer. If, by the will of fate, they unite into a married couple, then their life becomes an arena of struggle for leadership. Aquarius does not understand the precarious life position of Cancer, constantly trying to get him out of the quiet pool, in which he hides from the vicissitudes of fate.

As a result, Cancer sets in motion his manipulative abilities, begins to put pressure on the psyche. Aquarius is also not averse to showing their ability to manipulate people. Cancer lacks the attention of Aquarius, who used to spray it on everyone around him.

A couple can part, then reunite and run in different directions again.

Aquarius perceives water signs by a swamp into which they draw it.

There is no compatibility with Scorpio. All astrologers are deeply convinced of this. Too different temperament, worldview and life values.

If suddenly a love relationship arises between them, then they will not be able to endure each other. Scorpio always strives for leadership, and the man Aquarius will not allow anyone to control himself. A Scorpio man will harass his wife with jealousy, because she is used to communicating with a large circle of friends.

If they get married, there will be constant jealous scandals in the house.

With Pisces from Aquarius, a romantic relationship is possible, but not a marriage. Both partners are not accustomed to taking responsibility and try to shove it on each other’s shoulders. Together, they will not be able to establish a common life, as they simply do not know how to do it.

Pisces need a strong rear, and Aquarius — free spaces of the universe.

Friendship and partnership

This is one of the few signs of the zodiac that can be friends. Sociable Aquarius attracts people to him, because his original ideas do not leave anyone indifferent. This sign is so generous that it may even sacrifice itself for the idea of ​​improving the world.

For Aquarius there is no obstacle in the form of the age of the interlocutor or his social status. This person can maintain friendships even with former lovers.

Aquarius is quite peaceful, but does not allow anyone to impose their point of view. Any pressure from outside is perceived by him with bayonets.

This freedom-loving sign of the zodiac is able to live in lack, just to satisfy its need for learning new things and move in the direction of development. A boring monotonous life in conditions of well-being is abhorrent to him.

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