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Compatibility and character: Virgo with other characters

Compatibility: Virgo with other signs in love and friendship

The sign of the earth element Virgo is distinguished by common sense and deep sincerity. Dreaminess and romance, combined with pragmatism, creates a special character. Some detachment and appearance of «unearthly creature» is deceptive — Virgo stands firmly with both feet on the ground and has prudence and intelligence.

Consider compatibility: Virgo with other zodiac signs. Under what conditions can a union be prosperous?

Compatibility and character: Virgo with other characters

Mysterious Mercury and the character of the Virgin

Oddly enough, but Mercury could not endow the Virgo with the impetuousness and dexterity of a circus actor like Gemini. But generously awarded the analytical qualities of the thinker.

Among all the signs of the earth, it is Virgo who is distinguished by his readiness to take a new life, initiatives and a creative approach to everything come from her.

Among Virgos you can meet a lot of bachelors, because creating a family is not the main priority in their life. If the Virgin did enter into marriage, then she devoted herself entirely to caring for the welfare in the house. By the choice of a partner with the utmost thoroughness and never make rash decisions.

A virgin can take care of her chosen one for a long time, and a Virgo girl will think for a long time before making a decision to marry.

However, Virgo girls can be insidious and imitate passion, if marriage promises them material prospects. The same may apply to men. However, it is impossible to consider the act of Dev as hypocrisy, since they are quite sincerely interested in the person and his financial situation.

So, marriages among the Virgins are not uncommon.

Virgos can listen to the voice of reason and at the same time act at the behest of the heart.


What other flaws can be found in the cold and at the same time caring Dev? These include:

  • excessive frugality in relation to cash expenditures;
  • the inability to adequately cope with the hardships of life — fall into a stupor;
  • fear of becoming dependent on someone;
  • constant criticism of others;
  • the inability to see the perspective — only small details;
  • constant pickiness to everything;
  • pathological desire for cleanliness and order.

Dev Devil has become the hallmark of this zodiac sign. At the same time, the Virgins point blank do not see their flaws and do not want to hear about them. The ability to turn the love of purity into pathological dependence is a feature of this sign.

A virgin can see a speck of dust in the far corner of the room, even without a microscope.

Element of earth

Best of all can get along with Virgo representatives of the earth and water elements. However, marriages between the two Virgins will not lead to good: the struggle for the right to vote and mutual cavils will begin. Therefore, it is desirable for Virgos not to meet with each other.

Also, the union will lack the emotional warmth that both of them need — but they cannot bestow warmth on each other’s hearts. Friendship between Virgins is hardly possible: they will die of boredom.

But this tandem will benefit in business cooperation.

But with Taurus or Capricorn get quite a good alliance. Taurus, too, is a pragmatist to the bone marrow, loves comfort and is prone to home-keeping. They will be good together if the Virgin does not begin to find fault with trifles.

Although, artistic Taurus will find in the face of the Dev a grateful spectator and listener — they only give the opportunity to criticize someone’s behavior. In general, the union is very prosperous.

Virgo sees in Taurus a reliable partner, Taurus is completely satisfied with the manifestation of the Virgin of caring for him. The rest can be negotiated.

Capricorn is suitable for Virgo like no other sign. This is a union of pragmatic and serious people: both do not know how to enjoy life. However, in this marriage there will be such a lack of emotion that partners will have to look for them on the side.

Therefore, among the spouses of the earth element of treason — a common thing. Friendship and partnership in business will bring tangible results — there is complete harmony and mutual understanding.

Compatibility and character: Virgo with other characters

Element of water

Harmonious union can be a Virgin with Cancers. Both have the same values ​​and views on family life.

If it were not for Dev’s tendency to make constant remarks, this tandem could be wonderful. Also Cancers do not have enough emotions in relationships, because the Virgin simply does not know how to give them.

But the friendship and business cooperation between them will benefit both.

Virgo has a very unusual relationship with Scorpios. The latter take the devils’ emotional coldness as a challenge and rush into the attack. This alliance can be strong and successful if Scorpio doesn’t go too far.

But the astute Scorpio perfectly feels that an independent Maiden can leave him at any time without regret, therefore she values ​​and protects the relationship. Scorpios hate obsessive partners.

Also this tandem is successful in friendship and business cooperation.

Pisces harmoniously coexist with the Virgins. They are so merciful and caring that they constantly seek to fill an unsmiling Virgo with positive emotions.

For Pisces, the image of the Virgin becomes a symbol of purity and decency — they will worship this ideal. Although Virgos may inflict wounds on Pisces with their pickyness, the alliance will develop in the right direction.

The friendship between them is not long, and in partnership the tandem will bring fruitful results.

Element of fire

An interesting alliance can be achieved if the Virgin converges with Aries: both love to speak the whole truth head on. Virgo is used to expressing her dissatisfaction on every occasion, especially she will find fault with Aries’ desire to often be in society.

Astrologers believe that love relationships between signs are possible, but friendship and cooperation are not. Both signs do not know how to compromise, always remain unconvinced.

With Leo, there can also be a harmonious union, if the Virgin voluntarily gives up the reins of the royal fire. Leo always wants to feel his superiority, so the leadership must remain with him.

However, the nature of the Virgin and then everything can spoil — they can not be weaned to find fault with people. Since Leo loves to show off in public, the scandals on the basis of jealousy can not be avoided: Virgo and then saddles her favorite skate and begin his tediousness.

Friendship between the signs is possible with a common goal or some benefit.

Virgo is unlikely to get along with Sagittarius: their approach to everything is too different. The combination of generosity and love of freedom characteristic of Sagittarius is too opposite to the life position of the Virgin.

Sagittarius will not tolerate teachings and cavils — it suppresses him as a freedom-loving and independent person. The friendship between the signs is also not desirable, and cooperation is simply contraindicated.

Virgo is able to bring people to the white-hot by their endless tediousness and nagging.

Compatibility and character: Virgo with other characters

Element of air

Virgo is absolutely contraindicated to meet with Twins: this union will bring great trials and disappointments. The lightheadedness of Gemini is unbearable for Virgo, and constant betrayal can break the heart.

Twins cannot be trusted — they are attracted by everything new, including acquaintance with a new girlfriend / boyfriend. The dual nature of Gemini does not consider a lie as something unworthy — it is a way to communicate with people.

Friendship between these signs is also impossible.

The sign of Aquarius is contraindicated for Virgos, although both have a highly developed intellect. Aquarius will not tolerate criticism and quibbles, and Virgo does not like Aquarian’s frank egoism. Virgo will not make efforts to ensure a comfortable life for such an ungrateful person like Aquarius.

The tandem is also unfavorable in cooperation: The Virgin begins to cut Aquarius for every mistake, which causes his anger. These signs can only become familiar, provided infrequent meetings.

But with Libra, Virgos can form a completely harmonious union: they will get the emotions they need, and Libra knows how to ignore quibbles. However, a compromise is also needed in this tandem: a Virgo woman should let Libra feel their superiority. A small tribute, and the union will be strong and durable.

Also in the business sphere, this couple will achieve good practical results.

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