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Comic horoscope: Zodiac sign and mobile phone

Comic horoscope: Zodiac sign and mobile phone

Mobile phone has become an integral part of our lives. For some, it is a means of communication, but for someone something more. How do the signs of the zodiac relate to your mobile phone, find out in our comic horoscope!

For Aries, a mobile phone is Internet access, entertainment and a means of communication. Representatives of this Zodiac Sign use all the functions of their mobile phone and do not represent life without calls, SMS and other features of this device. The most important thing is that using the phone makes life easier for Aries.

Taurus — not lovers of sophisticated options and functions in the phone. They, as a rule, take the phone out of their pocket only when absolutely necessary. For them, it is, first of all, a means of communication.

The twins, according to the comic horoscope, do not think of themselves without a telephone. They are ready to talk for hours on a mobile phone, and during the day dozens of SMS are dropped from their phone. Gemini — lovers of everything new, so they often change their devices to more advanced ones.

Cancers love to talk live, not by phone. Live communication is important for them. Well, when there is no one who needs to tell something, they have nothing left to do, how to dial a number on the mobile.

Rakov doesn’t have such a large list of contacts in the address book, however, those who have been recorded with them are the closest relatives.

Lions love expensive and stylish phones. This underlines their status. Live communication is not alien to them, but they are not averse to chat on mobile communications.

The most important thing for them in the phone is the ability to solve many issues and problems remotely.

According to the comic horoscope, Virgos are not dependent on the phone, as it seems to them. But as soon as they forget their cell phone at home or lose, they begin to worry a lot about it. After all, in it — their whole life — photos, contacts, music, and more.

Scales love all the catchy and beautiful. A telephone for them is a luxury, not a means of communication. And so they are not so attached to him.

Call Libra themselves is not very fond of, and often use their phone for games, access to the Internet and the use of various applications.

Scorpion phone is a secret object. Important information is often stored there. Scorpion mobile phone is usually password-protected so that no one can find out what is stored on it.

Scorpio goes everywhere with a mobile phone, even to the toilet.

Archers spend the whole day with the phone. For them, he is a faithful comrade who will help in time to photograph something, send it off, and contact. Strelets Troops safely use all the features of their mobile phone and do not hide attachment to it.

No one saw Capricorn’s mobile phone. This myth. It is either very expensive, or Capricorns just rarely use it.

Whether Capricorn has a phone or not — it will remain a mystery to many.

Aquarius — seekers of innovations. They understand all modern phone models. They are usually the best, functional and advanced mobile phone that they use to the fullest.

The phone for Pisces is the whole world. They can store something personal in it, they can sit on the Internet for hours, plunging more and more into the virtual world. Without a mobile connection, they do not represent themselves.

But the live communication is still more to their liking.

These are the relationships of Zodiac signs with mobile phones.Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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