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Comic horoscope: who are you from the fairy tale «Alice in Wonderland» & raquo;

Comic horoscope: who are you from the fairy tale «Alice in Wonderland»

Astrologers drew an analogy between the signs of the zodiac and the heroes of the fairy tale «Alice in Wonderland.» Many characters are very similar to the characters of the signs of the zodiac.

What happened — read in our comic horoscope!

Aries — Red Queen

Like the Red Queen, Aries is a very passionate and domineering person. In the fight for leadership you have no equal! It’s dangerous to argue with you, you are stubborn and capricious.

However, because of your impulsiveness and impatience, you may lose control of your courtiers. You either love or hate — there is no third!

Taurus — Sony mouse

Like the little Sony mouse, Taurus loves to have fun, be lazy, good to eat. You are not lazy at all, as it may seem at first glance, just save up strength. But when the moment comes when you need to get up from a soft sofa and fight for happiness and peace, you invest every drop of accumulated power and rush like a tank.

You have no equal in the perseverance with which you seek your own!

Twins — Tweedly and Tweeddum

In you, as in the funny twins Tweedly and Tweeddume, two natures live. And they constantly argue with each other and cannot come to a compromise, which is why they get into trouble. On the one hand, you are smart, witty and friendly.

On the other — cynical, rude and irritable. But without any of these aspects, you can not do — this is your essence. Like Tweedly and Tweeddum, you are drawn to adventure and everything unidentified. But you do not like to go into anything, studying everything superficially.

Life is too short to spend on one thing!

Cancer — dog Bayard

Your main qualities are loyalty, loyalty and honesty. You value family, friends and those around them feeling really happy. Like the dog Bayard, your intuition is very well developed.

In addition, you have a very rare quality — you give a lot more than you take.

Lion — Jack of Hearts

Bright, vain, proud, artistic Leo, like the Jack of Hearts. Your life is an eternal game in which you are a screenwriter, and the rest are actors, for the most part, mediocre, as you think. One of your traits is generosity and generosity.

So even behind the vanity of Valet Hearts, royal magnanimity and kindness are hidden.

Virgo — Alice

Virgo has the same qualities as Alice — erudition, artistry, high intelligence, flexible mind, pragmatism. You certainly need to analyze everything and bring it under a logical explanation. Like Alice, you are a supporter of truth, justice, and humanity.

Here you only happen to be too picky and critical both to those around you and to yourself.

Scales — White Queen

Like the White Queen, you are a fighter for justice. You are very harmonious, wise and reasonable. Sociable and hospitable, able to convince and influence the people around them.

Despite all these positive qualities, you, like this beautiful heroine, are often fickle in your mood.

Scorpio — Absol

Like the caterpillar by the Absloy, you would only philosophize about being and life. You love to argue and win in discussions. You do not care about the surrounding opinion. Usually, you immediately call yourself love and hate.

Able to manipulate people and hurt them with just one word.

Sagittarius — Cheshire Cat

You, like the Cheshire Cat, look at the world with a wide smile. You love life and strive to take from it as much as possible, so you are here, then you are no longer here. You are a born optimist, a pleasant conversationalist and soul of the company.

It is always pleasant to be with you, because, like this hero, you are a very interesting and unusual person.

Capricorn — White Rabbit

Like the White Rabbit, you are very practical, pragmatic and punctual. You are respected and reckoned with. You are a reliable and responsible person, but you are often accused of coldness and lack of emotion. Worried about your reputation and very worried when something goes wrong.

Despite this, you are an ambitious and determined person.

Aquarius — Mad Hatter

Like the Mad Hatter, you are very eccentric, resourceful and witty. Many people think you are strange, not like everyone else. In your head, like this hero, there is always a mass of crazy ideas.

You do not like conflicts and try to live in a world where equality, love and harmony prevail in everything. Because of his stubbornness and unwillingness to follow the advice, often get into unpleasant situations.

Fish — March Hare

Like this hero, you are very emotional, impressionable, in some ways defenseless and dreamy. You have a rich imagination, creativity and talent for theatrical art. Simple is a coincidence or not, but most Pisces, like the March Hare, love to sit for a cup of tea, or something stronger.

At the same time, you are very impractical and it is difficult for you to make decisions, so you try to stick to those who can always support and understand you.

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