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Comic horoscope: what musical instrument do you resemble the Sign of the Zodiac?

Comic horoscope: what musical instrument do you resemble the Sign of the Zodiac?

Astrologers often compare the signs of the zodiac in character with various objects and unusual characters. For example, with home appliances or heroes of fairy tales. Such comic horoscopes so accurately convey the character of a particular constellation!

We invite you to find out your musical instrument, which you resemble a horoscope.

Aries is a pipe. Representatives of this constellation like this tool are always ahead. They are heard and visible.

They shine and awake everything around.

Taurus — this is a frustrated guitar. It’s not that they are constantly upset about something, they are just hard to tune for themselves. And if it succeeds, then soon they again begin to play their game.

This instrument is hard to play! He is capricious, but pleasant and melodious.

Twins are a balalaika. They are always positive! Sad songs they do not know at all!

Their ringing melody reaches the hearts of people, penetrate the ears and minds. Sometimes you want to leave the balalaika and take up the instrument more seriously, but it is not so easy to get rid of her spell.

Raki is a violin. They are also melodic, romantic and soulful like this instrument. According to the comic horoscope, the life of Rakov is very similar to the melody of a violin: either compassionate motifs, or exciting notes, or romantic tunes.

Lions is a saxophone. This tool is always in the center of attention. He copes well with the team of other instruments, and with the solo part.

He has no equal. If he plays, then all attention is paid only to him.

Virgin is an organ. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac in the comic horoscope are also strict and proud, like this tool. But sometimes the Maidens turn into a piano, becoming softer and more open.

With Virgos the main thing is to play the notes, then everything will be fine.

Libra is a button accordion. Representatives of this constellation as this tool: it opens the soul, then closes, then stretches to the left, then to the right. You will never understand how the accordion will play: fun, sad, fast or slow.

He is always unpredictable.

Scorpios are a flute. They are the same mysterious and mysterious, able to fascinate anyone.

Sagittarius — is a harmonica. Lovely, sonorous, funny and always near when necessary. Sagittarius, like this tool, will always cheer up and amuse.

Capricorns is a harp. They can play long and melodically. There are no other tools needed!

Melody, though melodic, but sometimes annoying, like a Capricorn, which rests its horns on the ground.

Aquarius is a drum. All the events of their lives occur under a special rhythm, and when something interesting is planned ahead, the drum roll sounds in their ears.

Fish is a harp. They are just as sensual and soulful, open and merciful. They will tell you about everything in the world, the main thing is to set them up correctly and gently touch their soul strings.

Let the music come from your heart, regardless of what musical instrument you resemble in a comic horoscope.

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