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Comic horoscope: what do drunk signs of the zodiac do

Comic horoscope: what do drunk signs of the zodiac do

How do Zodiac signs behave while intoxicated? It turns out that they reveal completely different entities and character traits. How alcohol affects representatives of different constellations, learn in our comic horoscope.

Aries is able to perform incredible acts while intoxicated. Drinking with him is dangerous, as you can always expect some kind of trick or unexpected turn of the party.

Taurus throughout the party will assure everyone that they are completely sober, despite the large amount of alcohol consumed. Persuade him in the opposite is not worth it, let him have fun! When Taurus is drunk, he is ready to take everything from life, so that in a state of intoxication you can expect anything and everything from him.

When the twins drink, one of their dual essence comes out. Here, how lucky: the representatives of this Zodiac sign can be nice and kind all evening, but they can, on the contrary, arrange an evening of revelations and express to all those present in person what they think about everyone.

According to the comic horoscope, Cancer under the influence of alcohol is liberated and shows its true essence. So if you have known Cancer for ten years, but have not seen him drunk, you really never know him.

Drunk Leo is almost no different from a sober, except that his voice becomes louder, and the habits are even more royal. The peculiarity of Leo in a state of intoxication is that in the tenth circle he can tell without stopping about his victories, achievements and goals in life.

Virgo goes through three stages of intoxication. Stage 1 — “I’m so drunk”, Stage 2 — “I love you all”, Stage 3 — “Where is aspirin”. Earth sign, with earth problems, thoughts and feelings, which after the first glass find release.

According to the comic horoscope, Libra in a state of intoxication become more resolute and clearly know what they want. They finally find harmony and peace of mind, to which they constantly strive soberly.

Scorpio can drink, and even better he can drink. The representative of this constellation often becomes the soul of the company and directs the entire process of drinking, while drinking on a par with everyone. That’s just the end of the party, it turns out that he was the most sober and sane.

Sagittarius in degrees — the creature is not entirely clear. First, he tells how cool his life was and how happy he is, but after the third glass he begins to cry in his waistcoat and call himself a loser.

Capricorns in a state of intoxication become more open and frank. In sober you rarely see him, as he gives out all the compliments, confesses his love and laughs at silly jokes.

Drunk Aquarius — the engine of progress. At such moments scientific discoveries take place in the world, brilliant works are written and stupid acts are committed. And all because under a degree a muse comes to Aquarius.

Intoxicated fish are a danger. These creatures are able to do in the evening all that all Zodiac signs can do together. Their emotion just rolls over.

We hope that our comic horoscope on the Sign of the Zodiac revealed the peculiarities of the character of each constellation under the influence of alcohol. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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