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Comic horoscope: what animals do women of different Zodiac Signs look like?

Comic horoscope: what animals do women of different Zodiac Signs look like?

Women are hunters by nature. They are often compared with the treacherous predators. And astrologers did not stand aside.

It is impossible not to agree with the statement that in each lady lives a hunter. No wonder the fair sex is compared with a tender little cat, then with an angry lioness, who in any case will achieve her own: tenderness or rudeness. Talent for hunting, including men, is an innate property of lovely ladies.

The astrological horoscope will indicate what predator the representatives of the zodiacal circle look like.

With a faithful and faithful dog are beautiful representatives of Capricorns. These ladies, just like dogs, are helpers and protectors of loved ones. Among the predators, this is probably the only beast that is ready to sacrifice everything he has. The poured women Capricorns who were born to pay debt — to the spouse, to loved ones, to circumstances, and so on.

At first glance, such a person seems to be very independent and independent, but more often they conceal an acute need for love. Astrologers strongly advise to care and cherish the most caring woman of the astrological circle, otherwise you will get acquainted with her inner predator in the form of alabay chain.

Aquarius — cute and restless ladies, just like ferrets. Only a moment separates the peaceful sleep of this animal and the commotion in the apartment, provoked by him. Representatives of the Sign of Aquarius act in exactly the same way. It seems that nothing threatens your harmony, when suddenly a war breaks out from scratch.

The women of this Sign are swift and sudden. Do not try to deceive them — they already know everything in advance. Better be patient and caring.

Fox — grace, grace, cunning and deceit in one bottle. And this predator is none other than the woman Pisces. These ladies are impeccably beautiful and dangerous to the same extent. To tame such a woman has not been a single trainer.

The fact is that Pisces, like their inner hunter, is cunning and insidious. They are born manipulators and actresses. If the fox has settled in your home, then now your will is completely subordinated to the power and captivating beauty of this seductive predator.

Yes, raccoons are predators. In appearance, they are soft and fluffy, but in danger they are real killing machines, just like Aries. Women of this Sign are not afraid of anything.

It is simply impossible to drive them into fear, no matter how hard you try. In secret: they will never flinch a hand that stretches for personal happiness. They are ruthless, but this is only if they piss off.

Before that, cute fluffies calmly make a mess around themselves.

The most controversial and wise animal is the bear. They have everything: tenderness, and care, and rage, and strength. No wonder bears act as the patroness of the forest.

Ladies born under the auspices of the constellation Taurus are real queens and mistresses of life. They have all the qualities necessary for finding family well-being and a strong family. Such strong and powerful women are not afraid of loneliness and know how to build relationships.

True, then from the bear hugs will not get out: they will envelop you with love and affection, but will tear to pieces in case of disobedience.

Dune cat

The wild cat, walking on its own, resembles charming Gemini. You are unlikely to meet a dune cat within the city. Her abode — deserted and uninhabited places. The love for such a solitude was adopted by the representatives of Gemini.

No, in life they are always in the center of attention, intrigue and talk, but their inner world is an impassable thicket into which even the most desperate adventurers and treasures will not wander. While the Gemini women feel great, being in the world of dreams and castles in the air and hiding their mystery under a hundred castles.

No, dear ladies representing the constellation of Leo — this is not you. Among the beautiful representatives of the zodiacal circle in the face of the Queen of Beasts are women-Raki. All because they need a king and sovereign. In general, a real lion who in the animal world is a terribly lazy and not adapted to life being.

The lionesses make everything for them: they hunt, they watch the children, and they feed their chosen one. The most real female Raki. Such a lady needs a man in the role of protector, support and support, she will do the rest herself.

But do not neglect the love of this predator. To fall in her eyes is to be destroyed by a bunch of girlfriends and relatives with a ruthless lioness at the head.

Domestic cat

Despite all its grace, importance and significance, Lioness women resemble domestic, affectionate and cute cats. Cats love everything, as well as representatives of this Sign. The lioness is a goddess, she already got used to this role and got used to being constantly worshiped.

Like a cat, she is independent and bloodthirsty. It will be long and painful to mock your heart if you do not find a special approach to it. Just need to provide it with proper honors: love and care.

Virgo — a lone wolf. No, this does not mean that the representatives of this Sign are alone, they are just selective and incredibly wise. The wolf is known for its intelligence, cunning and caution. At the head of the pack of wolves is almost always a she-wolf — it is she who bears the heavy burden of responsibility for the general welfare.

Real Virgin! Around these women is always a huge number of people who claim their wise advice and help. Parting words they will undoubtedly give, but to their hearts they will allow only «close ones by blood.»

It will surprise you, but pandas are the real predators. Just for themselves, they chose humanity and vegetarianism. Slowness, calmness and gentleness are observed in every gesture of this cute bear. Even the black and white color resembles the symbol of two complementary principles — yin and yang.

These pacified animals are similar to the representatives of the Sign of Libra, who love harmony, strive for equality, unity and balance. Such women do not attack unnecessarily. Perhaps that is why they are so loved by literally everything around.

The formidable and mysterious tigress, representing the feline family, is a real hunter. And the tigress attacks in most cases on people. There are no explanations for this behavior, because the tigress is free to do what she wants. Scorpio women fully agree with her.

These women will not get a single appearance without sacrifices and trophies in the form of new hearts. According to the ladies representing the constellation of Scorpio, this comes out involuntarily. Most likely, their weapon is the deadly beauty and a veil of mysteriousness that beckons men, like moths, fire.

The «killer whale» sounds soft and gentle, but the «killer whale», who this animal is, is somehow intimidating. Amazingly beautiful mammal with all manner of behavior resembles female Sagittarius. They, like an intelligent and peaceful animal, drift freely in the world.

Do not attack and do not condemn. They do not care who you are and what you do, the main thing is not to restrict their freedom, otherwise you will pay dearly. It is an amazing fact, but the killer whales in their entire history have never attacked a person in their free habitats.

And all because they are noble and never hurt the weak.

Giving away tender looks and innocently slapping eyelashes, women take away all the best for themselves. It always has been. Well, if coquetry does not work, then threats, tantrums, and even fists can be used. In any case, lovely ladies know how to get what they want, and they never turn out of their way.

That is why they are the most real predators and hunters for a happy life. We wish you a great mood, success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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