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Comic horoscope: policies on the sign of the zodiac

Comic horoscope: policies on the sign of the zodiac

It turns out that the ability to manage state structures is prescribed in the horoscope. Find out how you would be a politician by the Sign of the Zodiac, if you had the opportunity. And even though the horoscope is comic, it still has a big share of truth!

Aries are politicians who go ahead. Most often, they first do, and then their other followers rake for them the consequences of their decisions, reforms and transformations. Aries politicians are very categorical and firmly convinced that they are right, which prevents them from looking at the situation from a different angle.

Known politicians of this Zodiac Sign were N. S. Khrushchev, V. Chernomyrdin, Bismarck, Charlemagne.

Despite the fact that Taurus itself is a peace-loving and calm sign, under these constellations such famous dictators as Adolf Hitler, V.I. Lenin and Robespierre were born. Politicians of this Sign of the Zodiac are obsessed with transformations, but their revolution and reforms have to be raked for decades.

Twins in politics are reformers and engines of progress. They are always inspired by changes and try to make their state freer and more democratic. In addition, the representatives of this constellation very sensitively feel their opponents, they are perfectly able to speak to the public and lead the people.

Under this sign were born Ernesto Che Guevara, Peter the Great, Alexander Nevsky.

Crayfish, according to the comic horoscope, these are cautious politicians who do their job without any pump and tinsel. They calculate all the moves, weigh the pros and cons, do not make hasty decisions. In such tactics and laid their success.

Garibaldi, Nazarbayev and Nakhimov were born by Cancer.

People born under the constellation of Lviv, kings by nature. They know how to properly present themselves, the people, as a rule, worships them. In secret, the Lions dream of undivided power and monarchy.

They like to feel themselves rulers, they are very generous, but often subjective. Representatives of this zodiac sign in politics: Napoleon, Mussolini, Bill Clinton, Alexander the Great.

According to the comic horoscope, Virgos are best shown in politics as gray cardinals. They are not very eager for power, they are often satisfied with a second-tier political post. Despite the fact that Virgo politicians prefer to remain in the shadows, they are committed to their work and are scrupulous to every political situation.

Under this sign were born: Ivan the Terrible, Richelieu, Kutuzov, Dzerzhinsky.

Scales are uncertain policies. Very often, they ponder this or that decision for a long time, trying to find a way out so that everyone is happy. However, the decision is often delayed, and as a result the train leaves.

Under the Sign of the Zodiac Libra were born: Paul the First, Margaret Thatcher, Nikolai Ryzhkov, Arcacheev.

Politicians of this constellation are lone wolves. They are used to working without a team, although outwardly it seems that everything is all right with interpersonal skills. The politicians of this Zodiac sign are divided into two types: those who chop off the shoulder and those who blame themselves for all the misfortunes of their state.

Under this sign were born: Indira Gandhi, Leon Trotsky, Kolchak, Menshikov.

Very fond of power. Sagittarius -politicians are fighters for justice. They love to fight and win.

If they are passionate about some idea, they turn into despots. Representatives of this constellation in politics: Zhukov, Stalin, Brezhnev, Suvorov.

Capricorn politicians love to stay in the background. As excellent strategists, they often don’t want to be seen. The representatives of this Zodiac sign are wise and careful.

Their thinking is often non-standard and global. Under this constellation were born Alexander I, Lloyd George, Nixon, Mao Tse Dun.

Aquarius in politics — the figures are rather ambiguous. They can be both ideological reformers and clowns in the political arena. Often behind them is someone stronger and more intelligent.

Born under the sign of Aquarius: Yeltsin, Chapaev, Schmidt.

As a rule, Pisces come to power during periods of turmoil, in revolution and heavy transformations. They imperceptibly occupy an important post, having stuck before this in the confidence of the people. But, according to astrologers, the representatives of this Zodiac sign do not have the ability to govern the state, therefore, being in power, they only “confuse the cards”.

Famous-policies of this Zodiac: Gorbachev, Washington, Molotov and Krupskaya.

This is how astrology is connected with the policy of one or another ruler. We hope that this comic horoscope turned out to be useful and entertaining for you. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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