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Comic horoscope: how to quit the job on the sign of the zodiac

Comic horoscope: how to quit the job on the sign of the zodiac

Jokes jokes, but, probably, in the life of each of us was the experience of dismissal from work. Astrologers made a joke horoscope, which gave recommendations for each constellation on this issue. How to properly quit zodiakovski?

If Aries decided to quit, then he will not leave anything. Even if he is offered an increase in salary, he still will not doubt his decision. Astrologers recommend that he not part with his previous job on a good note so that the relationship with the team remains benevolent.

If Taurus decides to quit, then from his ideas to the very action can take months, and even years. In general, representatives of this Zodiac sign rarely change jobs, as they value stability very much. Astrologers recommend that they make a decision and act clearly according to a plan.

If you have already decided and are thinking about it, then go ahead!

The smell of freedom and independence, new impressions and emotions are beckoning Gemini to a new place of work. They are always on the lookout, always ready to drop everything and leave. That’s just many of them do not maintain contact with former commanders and colleagues, but it would be necessary, since everything in Gemini’s life rests on useful connections and acquaintances.

Cancer, according to the comic horoscope, it is necessary to think about everything properly before making a decision. You should not be guided by your own feelings and emotions. Trust your mind.

According to the comic horoscope, Cancer needs support and advice in this matter, as he himself is unlikely to decide to leave at will and start everything from scratch.

A lion, on the occasion of his departure, will of course throw a cool vestiber and will be happy to listen to praise in his address all evening. Do not exaggerate the degree of its importance, whatever it really was. Leave modestly, but memorable.

Virgo is dismissed in a strictly scheduled time, and as a rule, never regrets about it. She knows that she can be realized in another place, so that on the day of the dismissal, her self-esteem is already going off scale. Astrologers recommend that you behave in a simpler and if possible way, say goodbye separately to everyone you dealt with at work.

If Libra wants to change jobs, they think a lot about it. As a result, being in constant meditation, their efficiency decreases, the boss notices it and dismisses Libra. Dear Scales, do not be afraid to take the first step, act!

Scorpio will do everything quietly. Most likely, only the chief and the accountant will know about his dismissal. And the representative of this constellation will not tell anyone at all about his future plans. Down with this mystery, Scorpios!

Tell everyone that you have been taken as the director of an oil company, and now you will be rowing money with a shovel. Show your imagination and leave behind you as usual a lot of secrets and unpredictability.

Sagittarius fired wisely. They can suffer a lot, sometimes wait, but when it comes to some conditions that do not fit into their reality, they boldly leave, burning all the bridges.

Capricorn is difficult to make a decision about dismissal. But if he does not see prospects and financial development, he leaves without regret. Astrologers recommend thinking less about money and thinking more about human interaction and mutual assistance in work.

Aquarius love to change jobs. They may be in search of themselves all their lives. Such a character trait can play a cruel joke with them. Funny horoscope recommends that they leave thoughtfully from work.

You should not be guided by emotions and fears that all life will be lost.

If Pisces quits, it means that someone needs it! They themselves do not dare to change their place of work, even if it does not suit them. Pisces should not sacrifice themselves to their employer and think more about themselves and their needs.

We hope this comic horoscope on the Sign of the Zodiac has helped you to look at yourself from the side and draw certain conclusions. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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