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Comic horoscope: evil on the sign of the zodiac

Comic horoscope: evil on the sign of the zodiac

In this comic horoscope Zodiac signs are compared with mythological heroes. This comparison is based on a comparison of the characters of the constellations with the characters of the myths, fairy tales and ancient legends.

The essence of each sign of the zodiac can be found in the characters of films, heroes of fairy tales and books. This time, the astrologers decided to draw an analogy of the zodiacal constellations with representatives of the Slavic evil spirits. Find out what you scum on the horoscope!

Aries is the Serpent Gorynych. This three-headed character of fairy tales is just as restless: he tries to burn down a village, then to win a warrior. The fire that he sprays around him is similar to the energy of Aries — if he does something, there is a light in his eyes. Tyrannical, always knows everything better than others.

He was not used to listening to other people’s advice — it’s already there, because he has three heads of his own!

Taurus is a Brownie. He also takes care of his home and doesn’t like it very much when someone invades his personal space without permission. He is prudent and practical, always completing his business to the end.

He likes to eat tasty food and at his leisure drive the inhabitants of the house. Good-natured Skoda, in a word!

Gemini — is Leshy. He is able to persuade, bewitch, subjugate and impose his opinion. Listening to him all the time is simply impossible.

Sometimes from his speeches you want to run away deeper into the forest and get lost there, not afraid to get caught by the formidable Serpent Gorynych.

Cancer is Kikimora. This is a good soul, but too sensitive and emotional. For any reason she runs to Leshem, so that he reassured and supported her.

According to the comic horoscope, Kikimora is a very subtle nature, living in exceptionally clean reservoirs with hundreds of leeches, which she likes to take care of very much.

The lion is Cote-Bayun. He feels very wise and stately, and therefore acquired an old oak tree and a golden chain. The cat loves to give advice, loves to help and show its generosity. And what tales about yourself tells — you will hear!

In order for Cote-Bayun to always be in shape, it is necessary not only to feed it with sour cream, but also to praise it, stroke it on the head and admire it.

Virgo is Baba Yaga. It seems she knows everything! Cynical, prudent and practical. He loves his hut on chicken legs and carefully ensures that the stove is constantly on fire, and the heroes are not translated for dinner.

He knows a lot and can help, he always asks for something in return. Remembers all debts.

Libra is Ivan the Fool. Simple, trusting, kind of ugly. Everything in his life develops until he comes to a fork with two pointers.

Indecision and his doubting nature leads to the fact that he meets with a frog, although he could choose a swan princess.

Scorpio is a mermaid. In the comic horoscope of evil, she appears as a mysterious, attractive, vulnerable and emotional person. Difficult nature, with it is not so easy to find a common language and please.

So if you’re a simple Leshy or Brownie, with it you are not on the way. Vengeful, sometimes ruthless. She should not cross the road — she will drag her to the bottom of the river and make you her own fun.

Sagittarius — Famously one-eyed. Positive — despite the fact that he has only one eye. Good — believes in a bright future, despite the fact that Likhom is called. Romantic — with Kikimora flirts, and with the Mermaid.

Insightful — he sees with his own eye much more than the rest.

Capricorn is Koschei the Deathless. The same impregnable, closed from the outside world and rested. He distributed all his needles in eggs to the poor a long time ago, but he continues to assert that all his goodness was hidden somewhere on the island of Buyan. Just loves to create intrigue and mystery around him.

Emotions do not show, but very afraid that someone will overthrow him from the throne.

Aquarius in the comic horoscope of evil — Nightingale the Robber. Whistler is still! He knows how and to whom to whistle for his own benefit.

Favorite, independent, talented and resourceful. He prefers to walk alone, but never forgets about his friends — Leshem and Kikimore.

Fish is Water. A philosopher, a thinker who constantly asks a sad question: “I want to fly, why can’t I?”, But unfortunately does not find the answer. Sometimes the Water One comes to regret even Kikimora, who nevertheless finds words of support and understands the Water One perfectly.

Waterman lives with illusions and cannot understand one more thing, why does nobody live with him except Kikimora, of course?

Show your best qualities given to you by your Zodiac sign! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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