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Citrine stone — magical properties, who suits

Citrine stone: characteristic, healing and magical abilities

Citrine stone differs from other minerals due to its golden-sunny color and bright luster. Mineral has a difficult fate, as well as fond of the attention of magicians and esoteric at the expense of its healing properties.

In this article, I offer you a detailed review of the gem.

Citrine stone - magical properties, who suits

Historical information

Citrine is a golden variety of quartz. From similar minerals stand out: transparent, pink and smoky quartz, crystals of rock crystal, amethysts and morion.

The name of the gem is formed by the Latin word «citrus» — that is, «lemon, lemon hue.» For the first time it was officially established by the scientist chemist and mineralogist Valerius in 1747.

Until this date, the stone lacked a clear scientific definition, which is why it was always confused with topazes.

To this day, unofficially, citrine is called «Spanish topaz» or «Bohemian topaz.» Another of the names used is «golden topaz».

However, there is a difference between the two minerals. Thus, natural topaz is more solid, dense, and pleochroism is more pronounced on it — the property of changing shades when viewed from different positions.

In the period of the 19th and 20th centuries, the mineral was very popular with merchants, nobles and dignitaries. He was framed in gold and created from it a seal, which was subsequently sealed with personal and official papers.

Interesting information. At the time of antiquity in ancient Greece and Rome, it was widely believed that citrine gives its owner eloquence.

This skill was very significant then, as it was mainly used by politicians and speakers.

Mining sites

Golden topaz are quite rare minerals.

Of the main mineral deposits are called:

  • USA;
  • Brazil;
  • France;
  • Spain;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Madagascar Islands;
  • Poland — there is a small amount of stone deposits here;
  • The Russian Federation is the main supplier of citrines to the world jewelry market. They are mined in the Perm region. In this region there are several deposits of semi-precious stones, the most famous of which is the region near the Olkhovka river.

Citrine stone - magical properties, who suits

Color variations of stones

Such an amazing solar shade in the crystal is ensured by the presence of impurities of iron in it.

There is a certain classification of citrines for color features:

  • pale yellow stones — the most common. In Russia, the Urals region is rich in them, and in the world these minerals are found on the island of Madagascar, in Spain, Brazil and France;
  • golden yellow citrines — mined in Ukraine (Volodarsk-Volynskoye field). This shade is achieved when smoky crystals are heat treated;
  • honey and bright orange gems — are of particular value. They are called “Madera” in the same way as the same sort of wine drink. Bright and juicy color provides heat treatment of quartz;
  • greenish yellow stones — not very complainant in the jewelry industry, as they tend to lose their color when exposed to sunlight or temperature changes;
  • ametrins — such crystals are mined in areas where golden topaz are adjacent to amethysts (Brazil and Bolivia). Although they are quite expensive, they quickly began to be popular with jewelers. Such a high demand for ametrines causes the frequency of their fakes. Although in fact it is easy to distinguish the original from an artificial stone: in the second case there is a clear border between the colors. But real stones do not differ in this feature;
  • another kind of citrine — yellow translucent crystals with additions of impregnations. They are called mossy citrines and cost a lot of money.

The healing properties of citrine

The healing abilities of the mineral are primarily associated with Svadhisthana (sexual chakra) and Manipura (solar plexus chakra). Crystal affects all organs that are in the body at the level of the listed energy centers. In particular, these are:

  • kidneys (and the entire urogenital system as a whole);
  • the area of ​​the large and small intestine;
  • liver;
  • spleen;
  • stomach with pancreas.

In addition, the mineral will help eliminate certain problems with the spine, however, in the early stages. For example, it will reduce pain in the presence of an intervertebral hernia, as well as increase the effect of medicines.

Citrine provokes increased personal energy of its owner. Due to this, it improves mental activity, accelerates the reaction, provides a clear and healthy thinking.

Wearing jewelry with “Spanish topazes” a person will begin to think faster, plus clear his mind of all that is superfluous.

Citrine stone - magical properties, who suits

Noteworthy are the healing abilities of citrines:

  • the crystal accelerates the healing process of patients and the wounded (this includes those who have experienced psychological shock);
  • in lithotherapy, it is believed that golden topaz is devoid of its own energy, however, it helps its owner to quickly accumulate vitality;
  • relieves constant fatigue;
  • The main action of gem energy involves the second and third energy centers. Based on this, if female individuals start wearing citrine products, they will increase the likelihood of pregnancy. Plus will contribute to its favorable course and facilitate the process of childbirth;
  • “Bohemian Topazes” bring great benefits to those children who speak poorly. They relieve from stuttering and other speech defects, but only under the condition of light form. Gem will affect the baby’s speech functions up to the age of ten or eleven.

What are the magical properties of citrine?

The basic ability that a stone can give a person is to make it more sociable. In addition, the power of the magic crystal will add charisma, faith in your own strength, give personal charm to all its owners.

Gem establishes personal connections, will help bring your opponent to the point, and also win a dispute or dispute. Due to such characteristics, it is in demand among business people, sales managers, brokers and all those who constantly communicate with people.

However, citrine is not too legible mineral. Therefore, products with it will help both honest people and scammers to get into the zone of trust in naive individuals.

The nugget has feminine yin energy. Accordingly, it affects the carrier itself, and not its environment.

Change the character in such a way as to neutralize the negative side, focusing on the positive qualities.

With regards to professional activities, the Spanish topaz is most suitable for professionals practicing applied work, when it is important to have good eyesight, a strong hand and to do work with jewelery. Due to this, jewelers, engravers, watchmakers and surgeons can safely wear jewelry with him.

Interesting information. Among the original populations of Africa and the states of South America, it was believed that the citrine talisman was the best defense against reptile poison.

Citrine stone - magical properties, who suits

Astrological compatibility

Consider how citrine affects different signs of the zodiac.

  • Twins — will bring the maximum benefit. Representatives of this constellation will be able to become more relaxed and self-confident due to the wearing of a solar pebble, and they often suffer from a lack of these qualities in life.

The female half of the constellation will improve their intuitive abilities, learn to better understand others, and the male will ensure their career growth and advancement.

  • Aquarius — one of the favorites of citrine. Mineral also gives them confidence in themselves and the gift of eloquence. Especially shown to Aquarius, who are merchants or public figures.
  • a lion — also discovers the power of gem. Lions deservedly can be considered his personal talisman.
  • Virgin — when using citrine accessories, they perceive life more easily, they learn to create the reality of their dreams and extract only the useful things from everything that happens.
  • Crayfish — especially those who practice social activities should also buy products with citrines. Thanks to the stone, they perfect their sixth sense. But those representatives of the constellation, who lead a closed life, should stop at more restrained minerals.

For the other constellations, the nugget will act as an excellent talisman supporting all their affairs and undertakings. Plus citrines have a very positive effect on a person’s character.

  • Taurus — with their help, they reveal in themselves creative energy and get rid of the psychological stress when communicating with others.
  • But here Scorpions «Solar quartz» will be dangerous. This constellation is not recommended to use products with a stone and even just keep the gem in its home.

Citrines are perfectly combined with other minerals, because they are very light and unpretentious.

These were the main properties of citrine to whom it suits. Get more information about the mineral from the following video:

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