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Chrysoprase: the magical properties of a stone, which zodiac sign it fits

Chrysoprase stone: healing and magical properties, what zodiac sign is suitable, how to wear

Chrysoprase is a semi-precious stone belonging to the category of semi-precious gems. It is a rare type of chalcedony. Almost entirely composed of silicon dioxide.

Nickel inclusions give a noble shade to the stone. Its color varies, as a rule, from pale green to deep green.

Chrysoprase is usually translucent, but sometimes completely opaque minerals are also found.

Chrysoprase as a material for jewelry was used in the times of ancient Greece and Rome. From it were made seals, talismans, gems.

The name of the stone comes from the ancient Greek language. Literally, it can be translated as "golden green onions" ("chrysos" — gold, "Prazos" — green onions).

One of the most famous connoisseurs of chrysoprase was Alexander the Great. He preferred this stone to other ornaments and always wore it on his belt.

Healers of the past applied chrysoprase to sore spots to cure gout and skin diseases. For neurotic disorders, a stone was applied to the forehead.

It was believed that if you look at the mineral for a long time, you can become more balanced, get rid of heart disease and nervous breakdowns.

Once chrysoprase attributed mystical qualities: it was believed that the mineral is able to protect its owner from the effects of poison, helps to understand the language of animals and birds, cures from unrequited love.

Today, masters appreciate chrysoprase for its high strength. The stone is easily processed, maintaining the thinnest thread.

Gem resistant to damage.

Chrysoprase: the magical properties of a stone, which zodiac sign it fits

There are the following types of shades of chrysopase:

Emerald green

Chrysoprase: the magical properties of a stone, which zodiac sign it fits
The most expensive type of chrysoprase, referring to the first grade. It is classified as translucent, but in fact, a ray of sunlight barely penetrates through the 5 cm thick mineral.
Apple green

Chrysoprase: the magical properties of a stone, which zodiac sign it fits
The transparency of this gem can be a maximum of 2 cm. Refers to the second grade of mineral
SpottedThis type of stone contains a large number of inclusions, has a heterogeneous structure. Often used in the manufacture of jewelry. Spotted chrysoprase refers to the third grade

Chrysoprase: the magical properties of a stone, which zodiac sign it fits

Chrysopase is especially valued compared to other types of quartz. Chrysoprase differs from the rest of its species by its beautiful pattern and wide range of colors.

Chrysoprase: the magical properties of a stone, which zodiac sign it fits

This gem is a kind of chalcedony (which, in turn, belongs to the category of quartz). The mineral has a fairly high level of density: 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale.

In this regard, chrysoprase by 3 points is inferior to the most durable material on this scale — diamond, whose hardness is 10.

In terms of chemistry, chrysoprase is a silicon oxide (SiO2). The mineral is significantly different from other quartz by the absence of a pattern on the cut and a delicate green tint.

Since the mineral contains nickel impurities, chrysoprase may look different, taking on certain shades.

With long exposure to sunlight, chrysoprase becomes cloudy and pale. To restore its former qualities, it is recommended to wrap the mineral in a damp cloth and put it in a dark place for some time.

Mineral has the following healing properties:

  • Helps to get rid of vision problems.
  • It activates the metabolism.
  • Neutralizes the impact of adverse weather on meteozavisimyh.
  • Helps to cope with insomnia. Relieves nervous tension.
  • Stabilizes the cardiovascular system.
  • Promotes rapid recovery from infectious diseases (influenza or ARVI).

Previously, chrysoprase stone was considered a symbol of success. It is well suited as a talisman to bankers, businessmen, merchants.

Its green tint helps to improve the mood of people suffering from depression.

Also, the gem has the following magical qualities:

  • Helps in new beginnings. One of the main miraculous properties of chrysoprase is the desire for change and transformation. Therefore, the mineral will bring good luck to people striving for everything new. Before you go to business negotiations about a new project, it is useful to wear silver-framed chrysoprase.
  • Protects against negative energy. Chrysoprase protects against nightmares, the evil eye and damage, envy and slander. If the stone is carried by Aquarius, it can even return a negative message to the ill-wisher, increasing its effect three times.
  • Gives peace and discretion. The stone supports noble undertakings, helps the owner to find allies.
  • Warns of danger. If trouble approaches, the gem may suddenly become cloudy.
  • It attracts money, protects it from unnecessary waste, fraud and theft.

Mystics believe that the brighter the color of the stone, the more pronounced its magical qualities.

Among all the signs of the zodiac Chrysoprase most "loves" Aquarius. The mineral will bestow the representatives of this constellation with all its benefits: it will help protect itself from evil forces, black magic and slander, bring good luck in money matters and help to make useful contacts.

Due to the wearing of this mineral, Aquarius will always enjoy the attention of the opposite sex.

Also, the stone is suitable for the horoscope following signs:

  • Taurus. The representatives of this constellation mineral will help improve financial well-being, achieve their goals. Taurus with this gem can overcome sluggishness and increase self-confidence.
  • Capricorn. The stone helps them to gain a positive attitude, relieves from painful thoughts, gives a strong energy protection. When Capricorn has exhausted its strength or financial resources, chrysoprase will help it get out of a difficult situation.
  • Leo. Mineral allows them to cool their ardor, to become more balanced. Wearing chrysoprase by lions helps them avoid making unfortunate mistakes.
  • Pisces. The influence of this gem on representatives of this constellation is the same as on Capricorns.
  • Twins. Gem helps Gemini become more balanced and reasonable. The stone facilitates the decision-making process for them, which is often painful for representatives of this constellation.

The only sign of the zodiac that Chrysoprase is contraindicated is Aries. Impetuous and impulsive representatives of this constellation of the mineral is able to finally discompose.

It is not recommended to wear chrysoprase products to shy, indecisive individuals. Gem makes the faint of spirit even more weak.

For this reason, wearing a stone is not advised to children and adolescents. Their psyche has not yet formed, and the mineral will have a negative impact on them.

Depending on the magical purpose of using chrysoprase, it can be worn as follows:

  • As a talisman, a round or oval-shaped stone is suitable — for example, beads, bracelets. This will help enhance the positive impact of the stone. Such amulets are considered the most powerful.
  • As a talisman for a new project or undertaking, it is recommended to wear a ring with chrysoprase. The impact of the mineral will increase if it is in a silver frame.
  • As an amulet that attracts material well-being and improves the situation in personal relationships, chrysoprase is worn in combination with gold.

It also matters on which hand to wear the stone. With the right energy is associated with the right hand in men, and the left — in women. All decorations that are worn on the appropriate hand, help enhance the positive qualities of the mineral.

Therefore, on an unfortunate hand, chrysoprase may also wear those signs of the zodiac to which it is contraindicated.

You can not put the mineral without rim in the center of the palm. Lithotherapists warn: the energy emanating from the middle of the palm is destructive for the energy structure of the stone.

Therefore, it should be taken only with your fingers.

The stone is not recommended to be worn with red pomegranate, agate, jasper due to the poor compatibility of their magical properties.

Chrysoprase is an expensive stone, so scammers can issue a fake as a natural mineral by staining other gems with nickel salts. Sometimes they give ketsite for chrysoprase — material obtained in China by synthetic means. Natural gem can be confused with other similar stones — jade, jade.

To distinguish the original natural gem from the fake, it is useful to have the following information.

  • A product made from chrysoprase is much more expensive than from synthetic substitutes — at least 2-3 thousand rubles. If the seller is trying to sell the jewelry at a lower price — it is a fake.
  • Natural gem in nature is not large. Its optimal value is only 2 cubic centimeters.
  • Gems in natural conditions always grow, which leaves traces in the mineral in the form of small blister or feather-like inclusions. Through a magnifying glass in a natural chrysoprase, unevenness of color, heterogeneity of structure is observed.

Unlike a natural mineral, ketsite always has a smooth and deep color. Painted under chrysoprase ketsayt or another stone can be identified with a magnifying glass.

In the forgery under magnification, even traces of dyes are visible. But recognizing falsification from a ketsite is not easy.

Therefore, it is recommended to purchase jewelry from chrysoprase only in specialized stores.

Chrysoprase should be kept away from sunlight. Otherwise, it will lose saturation, fade.

The rest of the care for the mineral can be the same as for other stones: wash in a weak soap solution, to prevent interaction with active chemicals, use a soft cloth when cleaning.

To clean the energy of the nugget, after purchase it must be immediately washed under a stream of water. For this well suited water from the holy source, or ordinary stream.

It is necessary to wash the stone regularly. This will permanently preserve its magical and healing properties.

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