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Chrysolite Stone — properties and who suits

Chrysolite: the magical and healing properties of stone

Chrysolite is an amazingly beautiful mineral with a high value in the jewelry market. Name «chrysolite« formed by the ancient Greek words “chrysos” — golden and “lithos” — stone.

You can meet the gem on sale also under the names «olivine» and «peridot».

Chrysolite Stone - properties and who suits

Characteristics of chrysolite

Chrysolite is a mineral compound, namely, it is iron-magnesium orthosilicate. For the gem is characterized by a spectacular green color, cast gold, pistachio, yellow or brown shades. As a rule, chrysolites are pale, although you can meet their bright variations.

Usually the shape of a diamond crystal.

Chrysolites are very fragile in nature, so they are almost never used in frames, as, for example, in rings. In principle, the mineral is not used in hand ornaments because of the high probability of damage.

But with them are made other types of products — earrings, pendants and pendants.

Historical information about the stone

The history of chrysolite is very long and equals more than 6000 years. Even in those times, gem was popular for the decoration of royal attire, used in the decoration of the chambers.

And they were encrusted with icons.

There is an opinion that in the territory of the European continent the mineral turned out to have been brought from the Crusades. And here there is a very funny story.

Allegedly, the knights brought chrysolites from hikes, as a gift to their spouses, and he had a strengthening effect on male potency. Therefore, the wives appeared at once two reasons for joy.

These days gem has not lost its popularity. The cost of the most elite copies comes to 300 dollars per 1 carat.

Interesting information. Olivine is the only gem found in meteorites.

Since ancient times it was believed that meteorites have a special power, as they were sent from above by deities. Therefore, chrysolite was also introduced into the category of sacred minerals: charms were created from it, used in various rituals.

Peridot Facts

  1. According to historical information, Queen Cleopatra was crazy about olivine. By the way, the very first stone found was found precisely in ancient Egypt. Moreover, the process of chrysolite mining occurred only at night, because they believed that it was unrealistic to do it during the day.
  2. Another legend tells of the Roman emperor Nero, who, through a chrysolite lens, observed a glutton in Rome and gladiatorial battles.
  3. Among the Slavs, peridots were used to decorate church objects, icons and clothing.
  4. The most popular mineral begins to use in the 60s of the 19th century in France. It was at this time that the story began to spread that chrysolite products make men tireless lovers, healing sexual impotence.
  5. It is interesting that even the Bible mentions chrysolite. The holy book tells about the stone decoration of the robes of the high priests.
  6. Incredibly beautiful olivine inserted into the Russian crown (storage — Diamond Fund).
  7. Approximately 1000 peridot was used to decorate the throne of the Ottoman ruler (stored in Istanbul).

Color versions of stones

Mostly found in nature are green chrysolites. Most of the gems are transparent, distinguished by a pale shade.

Discover bright olivine is incredibly difficult. Chrysolite has a uniform color, and you can find options with spots, stripes.

An interesting mineral — colors «cat’s eye.»

Traditional, green olivines have such shades:

Today in mineralogy there is no clear classification of peridot species. The degree of value of a stone is influenced by its rich color. But for the most part, the discovered chrysolites are light green, not very valuable.

Accordingly, the cost on them is within reasonable limits.

Chrysolite Stone - properties and who suits

The following options are much more valuable:

  • stellate (they are also said “with the effect of asterism”);
  • Chrysolite Mesa.

And in terms of quality there is the following division:

  • stones attributable to grade A. They are distinguished by a yellow-green tint without additions of brown color;
  • Mark B. It is presented by stones of a milky shade in which visible impregnations are traced.

Healing properties of chrysolite stone

Since the days of our forefathers, people have used the healing power of chrysolites. And although official science cannot scientifically confirm the effect of stone on the body, it is also actively used by lithotherapists to save their clients from many pathologies.

For example, using olivine really:

  • improve visual acuity, cure ophthalmic pathology. For this, it is recommended to contemplate the mineral for a long time;
  • eliminate stomach, kidney, liver pain, discomfort in the gallbladder, spine;
  • cure a cold, fever;
  • improve the state of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems;
  • reduce symptoms of neuralgia;
  • stop stuttering;
  • normalize hormones;
  • quickly come back to normal, suffering serious illnesses;
  • reduce pain during childbirth;
  • remove headache;
  • improve sleep, ensure a good night’s sleep.

In lithotherapy use a special powder from this mineral. It is used both internally and in the form of ointments (for the treatment of dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin pathologies).

The magical properties of the stone chrysolite

The ancients believed that the Sun gave chrysolite a special power that could protect it from the harmful effects from the outside and any evil spirits. For this reason, magicians were supposed to wear amulets with olivines.

And to increase their abilities stone framed with gold. Peridot is indeed a very strong energy mineral.

It has such mystical properties:

  • contributes to the establishment of relations, their strengthening, in particular, friendly relations;
  • eliminates envy and nervous tension;
  • Increases self-respect from its owner;
  • able to regain the lost joy of life, eliminating depression, melancholy and melancholy;
  • improves the intellect and the sixth sense;
  • will allow to resolve difficult life situations;
  • facilitates litigation;
  • helps to think and act sensibly;
  • protects against fire;
  • bestows insight upon its owner;
  • protects against detractors;
  • makes men more attractive in the eyes of women, increasing the potency.

Chrysolite Stone - properties and who suits

Astrological compatibility

The stone chrysolite, or rather, jewelry with it, is generally acceptable for almost all zodiac constellations. But astrologers identify several signs of the zodiac, which the gem will bring the greatest benefit: Pisces, Lions and Virgo.

But the wearing of olivine ornaments will have to be abandoned by Aquarius, Cancer and Scorpio.

What effect does a stone have on different constellations? Let’s find out.

It will contribute to making thoughtful, faster and better decisions, protects against conflicts. In addition, this gem will make Rybk confident in their own capabilities, increasing their self-esteem.

But it is precisely from this people-Pisces suffer the most.

Fiery Lions olivine helps to do right. Such individuals are crazy about public attention and victories, but sometimes they lack internal strength and self-confidence.

In addition, the product with chrysolite will make Leo even more charming, will contribute to the manifestation of his most positive qualities. And what does Leo need most for complete happiness?

Of course, public recognition!

Virgo is a practical person, but also incredibly demanding, to herself, to others. Often they need to learn to loosen a little control and demand less.

In this, peridot will come to their aid.

Plus, it will improve the already developed intelligence, attention and memory of the Virgin. And, without a doubt, wearing jewelry with a gem will add to the representatives of the constellation more personal attractiveness, inner charm.

The dual sign of the zodiac must choose for itself chrysolite in order to build personal relationships, harmonization of family life. In addition, the gem will reduce anxiety, suspiciousness, fears and melancholy that will disturb Libra.

On Taurus

Venus’s favorites are another people who can use the magic of the mineral. Such individuals by nature are incredibly stubborn and selfish.

It is very difficult for them to make concessions in conflict situations.

Olivine promises to make Taurus more generous to other people and teach him to make reasonable compromises.

Chrysolite Stone - properties and who suits

On Twins

Gemini are people who are always not completely sure what they really want. This constellation is perhaps the most controversial in the whole Zodiac.

Getting along with such a character is difficult, first of all, to the Twin, not to mention others.

Chrysolite will make for the children of Mercury a real soothing pill: it will add inner balance, teach you not to change your mood as often as it usually happens.

Aries — representatives of the hot fire element. It is therefore not surprising that they are too hot-tempered. From this often spoil relations Aries with others.

Olivine will help relieve nervous irritability, stress. In addition, Aries will add prudence, make it more plodding.

Original or fake?

Peridot, although it is a precious mineral, is distinguished by its low cost. At the same time in the jewelry stores there are still fakes. You should know the rules for distinguishing the original from the copy:

  1. Swipe over the surface of the mineral with something sharp. In the case of a fake — chips will be peeled off. The natural mineral has a high degree of hardness, so you will not see any flaws on it.
  2. Imitation heats much faster than the natural gem, it also stays warm longer. A distinctive feature of this chrysolite — a pleasant coolness.
  3. Pay attention to the parameters of olivine. Natural stones are not very large.
  4. Characteristic for peridot properties: green tint, high hardness, specific tint, yellow blotches and pronounced oily shine.

Now you know all the properties of the stone chrysolite, who is suitable and who does not.

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