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Children’s horoscope for the week from June 26 to July 2

Children’s horoscope for the week from June 26 to July 2

Weekly children’s horoscope will help parents track the influence of the planets on the energy of the child. The main thing in the education of children is the absence of omissions, in which the recommendations of astrologers will support you.

The negative influence of antagonist planets can increase nervous irritability, disobedience and reduce concentration. Due to age, a child cannot repulse negative energy effects. This should help parents who can make the internal state of the child calm and favorable with the advice of astrologers.

Little Aries will find it difficult to get bright impressions because of the energy opponent — Venus. It is necessary to free children from double loading at the beginning of the week Monday and Tuesday should be dedicated to new trips and acquaintances.

Thursday and Friday are good for mental work. Positive aspects of Mercury with other planets will contribute to the assimilation of any material. However, support from an adult will be needed: lack of assistance risks creating a stressful situation on June 30th.

Likely capricious behavior at the weekend.

This week will work well the method of rewarding the child for the efforts. Due to the weakened position of the moon, any success will be given with difficulty.

Monday and Tuesday are energetically unfavorable days. Possible deterioration of health. On Wednesday, June 28, the defeat will be painful.

It will require educational conversation.

On Thursday and Friday, the interconnection of the planets may contribute to a reduction in attention, which will affect school performance. Do not indulge the desires of the child on Sunday, if you do not want to reduce their credibility in his eyes.

Patronage of Venus will increase the success of the little Gemini this week. On Monday and Wednesday, the location of the planets relative to each other will increase the activity and energy of the child. This is a good time to visit the sports sections and competitions.

There is a chance to win.

Thursday is not the best time to expand the horizons of the child. On Friday, you should pamper your offspring for success, otherwise your calculating might hurt him. On weekends, give up entertainment and spend time developing activities.

The beneficial effect of the patron of the Moon will be reduced, which will increase the child’s need for privacy.

On Monday and Tuesday, let the child do what he likes. By the learning process will be able to induce through the game. On Wednesday, the child will need more support and participation from parents.

On Friday, the aspect of the planets will increase impulsiveness, irritation and obstinacy. It is possible that a small Cancer will stand firm, ignoring your words. The relationship of Venus and Neptune on Saturday will increase the desire for knowledge of the world.

For children, Lviv, the upcoming week will be held in a positive way. The weak position of the enemy-the Moon will not interfere with the achievements and optimism.

At the beginning of the week, June 26 and 27, small Lions can please with their success. Thanks to the aspect of Uranus and the Moon, on Wednesday there will be an opportunity to interest young researchers in a new hobby.

On Thursday, it’s worth taking the main role in raising a child: you need a conversation on complex topics. Incorrect information can harm the formation of personality. On weekends, Lionahs can provoke a conflict that can affect their reputation among their peers.

This week, the young representatives of the Sign of the Virgin will be extremely vulnerable due to the lack of energy support from the Moon and Mercury.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Virgo children may be different and more visible among their peers, which can cause a hostile attitude. From June 28 to June 30, an abundance of compounds of the planet-patrons is expected. This is a good time for sports competitions and training.

On Friday and Sunday, the child will need the experience of parents to cope with unexpected incidents or bad relationships.

This week, for small Libra, care and understanding will be extremely important. The positive influence of Venus will help you make new friends and become positive.

On Monday, a friendly attitude will prevail: this is a good time to translate or visit new sections. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, aspects of Mercury will support a favorable background. You should not infringe the child’s pride, a tactful approach will help to achieve returns.

At the weekend there will be a favorable time for family holidays and creative activities.

Antagonist-Moon will not disturb the energy of Scorpion children this week. Especially on Monday and Tuesday, when the position of the night light will be critically weakened due to the constellation Leo. This will give a great mood and increase the craving for knowledge.

On Thursday, you should not leave the child unattended: the negative impact of the planets will attract troubles and dangerous situations. On Friday, June 30, there will be a penchant for deception and theft. Try to avoid breaking the rules.

On Saturday, you should not engage in a new hobby — most likely, the child will quickly cool down to it.

The upcoming week may be a test for the Streltsov kids, the blame for the negative impact of the antagonist Venus.

Monday and Tuesday will be held on a positive wave, increased perseverance is expected. On Wednesday, an aspect of the planets will increase nervousness. On Thursday, educational measures will help protect the child from learning difficulties.

On Friday, additional help may be required in the performance of household duties. Sunday is unfavorable for hobbies, creativity and mental stress.

The positive participation of the patron of Venus this week will help young Capricorns to realize themselves both at school and at home.

Obedience and the desire to be better than others will help distinguish among peers on June 26 and 27. Wednesday will be best given hobbies or extra lessons with a tutor.

On Thursday and Friday, children may increase sense of purpose. However, parents must point out realistic goals. On Sunday, you need to work on the mistakes made: help your child feel responsible.

Patronage of Venus will ease the complexity of the little representatives of the Sign of Aquarius. On Monday, children will need a personal example to stand out from the rest.

The period from June 28 to June 30 is expected to be favorable. This is the right time to familiarize the child with new sources of information. The enthusiasm of Aquarius will reach a peak, so you need to find new activities for your child.

On weekends, Aquarius children may be puzzled by their insight. It is worth talking to the child about the eternal: about growing up, life and death.

Babies born under the Sign of Pisces will need the support of loved ones. The weakened position of the moon will increase distraction and inattention.

On Monday and Tuesday, you should do your homework with your child. This is not the best time for harsh punishments. On Wednesday, the stars will help young Pisces to be creative and contemplate the beautiful.

On Thursday, children can be demanding in their desires.

The end of the week runs the risk of passing in conflicts, moods and tantrums. It is necessary to treat this more gently and easily to explain to kids that this behavior is unacceptable.

Features of parenting are different for each Zodiac. You should listen to the advice of the horoscope, which will indicate effective methods for the overall development of your child. Be happy, success in education, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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