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Children’s horoscope for the week from 3 to 9 July

Children’s horoscope for the week from July 3 to July 9

To help parents in raising children comes the children’s weekly horoscope. It reflects the main aspects of the influence of the planets on children’s energy. The recommendations of astrologers will help you choose the right tactics in education, which will bring good luck to you and your little fidget.

Children require close attention and care of their parents. Sometimes antagonist planets have a negative effect on energy, and children find it difficult to cope with feelings unfamiliar to them. This may be accompanied by nervous excitability, whims and disobedience.

Parents can reduce risk factors with the help of a horoscope.

The neutral energy of the planets promises little Aries luck in the manifestation of hidden abilities. It is important for parents to support their child and direct their energy in the right direction. Special attention should be paid to the development of talent at the beginning of the week.

Mid-week will be favorable for new knowledge. It is important for parents to understand the needs of the baby and not to discourage his desire to learn the world. The most active days for Aries are July 8 and 9, when the antagonist Moon takes a weak position.

During this period, active walks and light exercise will help Aries to throw out excess energy.

For little Taurus comes a difficult period. Their allied planets will be in neutral positions, making it difficult to assimilate new material. Support your child and encourage him for his efforts and successes, especially on July 3 and 4, when the ally Moon will be in a weak position.

The middle of the week will pass in a quiet mode, but on Thursday several aspects of the planets can cause a capricious state in Taurus.

On weekends, give your child more attention and remain calm if your little Taurus is naughty. All because of the weak position of the moon, which takes away the strength of your child.

Little Twins July 3 will be supported by Venus. On this day, the activity will increase, so parents should control their restless. Spend this time in active games.

Mid-week under the influence of the antagonist-Neptune can cause nervous excitement in Gemini, so astrologers are advised to take children with calm kinds of games and not scold them for their restlessness and whims.

On weekends, the weak energy of the moon will be a challenge for little twins. It is important for parents to remember that support and care is important for children. Spend this time together, taking a walk in the fresh air.

Cancer children may need solitude. This behavior is due to the weak support of the moon. At the beginning of the week, Venus will maintain their strength, but whims and a sluggish state are not excluded.

On Wednesday, aspects of Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune can cause a surge of emotion. It is important for parents to be sensitive and caring. Do not encourage the whims of Cancer, but do not press down with your authority so as not to lose the trust of your child.

On Saturday and Sunday, there may be new attacks of whims and a desire to cross the adults. Give little Raku the freedom to choose and encourage quiet games.

Leo expects a good week due to the lack of strong influence of the antagonist planets. On Monday, the aspect of the Sun with Uranus will help develop creativity. The child may like to engage in an artistic circle.

The middle of the week will be held in a neutral manner, but do not let the little Lions take their pride in their achievements, encouraging vanity.

On weekends, astrologers recommend traveling. New emotions and change of the usual situation will be successful for development, and the weak position of the Moon will add strength to the assimilation of new information.

For little Virgos, the beginning of the week will be quite difficult. Opponent Venus will be in a strong position on Monday, which will negatively affect emotions. At this time, the children support parents and their benevolent attitude.

July 5 for the Dev children will be an energetically difficult day due to the negative aspects of the planets. Astrologers recommend that parents show patience and exclude exercises that stimulate the nervous system.

The weak position of the moon at the weekend contributes to a peaceful pastime. These days, parents can take an exciting trip to nature and tell their children about the life of plants and animals.

This week, parents should listen to the opinion of their child. Your attention to his thoughts will support his endeavors and will provide an opportunity to discover new facets of talent.

On Monday, Libra will have the opportunity to make new friends, and the favorable influence of Venus will give a good mood.

From Wednesday to Friday, Mercury will generously share energy. Its aspects with other planets will help the young Libra to realize their potential.

On weekends, it is appropriate to spend time together with your parents and attend cultural events or children’s themed parties, where your child will be able to demonstrate their abilities and acumen.

Traction to knowledge should be encouraged by parents of small Scorpios. The beginning of the week is especially important when the Moon antagonist weakens its position and will not prevent your child from knowing the world.

The middle of the week is outside the negative influence of the planets, and this time is good for active activities, visiting sections and evening evening walks.

By the weekend, the Moon will once again take a weak position, and this period will be optimal for outdoor activities, traveling to the country and receiving new positive emotions.

At the beginning of the week, children-Sagittarius will need parental help to deal with the surging emotions. On Monday and Tuesday, the Moon antagonist will be in a weak position, which is good for learning new knowledge.

On Thursday, the aspect of the Sun with Jupiter will increase nervous tension, and parents need to be there to support the little Sagittarius. During this period, conflicts and flashes of negative emotions are possible.

Weekends are suitable for trekking to close relatives. Parents can send their babies to grandparents for positive emotions.

Patience and attention — what should be reserved for parents of fidget-Capricorns this week. On Monday, the positive influence of Venus will give your child enough energy to absorb new knowledge.

Take care of your baby in the middle of the week. The child should feel the support of adults and family warmth — in this case he will be attentive to your requests and wishes.

Aggression is possible on Friday. The aspect of Venus with Neptune will negatively affect emotions, and parents should calmly talk with their offspring about existing problems.

On weekends, positive energy will allow you to find a common language with Capricorn and defeat his perseverance in a playful way.

This week, the little Aquarius parents should explain what the boundaries of someone else’s space are and teach their tomboys to respect their elders. It is easy for children to accept and assimilate this information to the strong position of Venus.

On Tuesday, the aspect of the planets can lead Aquarius to unstable emotions. Show your children effective breathing exercises in a playful way so that they can control their own emotional background in the future.

On weekends, encourage little Aquarius for his efforts: go shopping with him and don’t reject his desire to help you buy on the list. So you can teach him to thrift and the correct calculation of finance.

Kids-Pisces will smile good luck this week. The positive influence of the planets will raise the mood, which is favorable for active exercises with the aim of increasing erudition.

On Monday, a strong Venus will contribute to the disclosure of feelings, so parents should not be surprised by the influx of tenderness from small Pisces.

From Friday to Sunday, children may need more attention due to the active support of allied planets. In order for them not to become hostages of their impulsiveness, arrange an active rest for the little fidgets. Older children can be offered a ticket to the camp.

The children of each sign of the zodiac differ in their different character and unique perception of the surrounding world. Parents should remember this and educate their child according to their needs. We wish you success and patience, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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