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Characteristics of the love compatibility of dogs and rats

Love Compatibility Dogs and Rats: the perfect combination

The eastern horoscope consists of twelve signs of different animals, each of which is the ruler of each of the next year, and then everything repeats in a circle. Compatibility between different animals can vary greatly, so it is often so difficult for lovers to create relationships with each other when, it would seem, nothing should disturb them.

In this article we will talk in detail about the love compatibility between the Dog and the Rat.

Characteristics of the love compatibility of dogs and rats

How rat and dog fit each other

Indicators of compatibility of a pair of guy-dogs and girls-rats are quite good. For these partners, a very real perspective is a long and happy life together, but only if they have common goals, plans and mutual spiritual interest in each other.

A husband and wife in such a family will provide each other with sufficient free space in order to self-realize, make a career and achieve financial success.

The Man-Dog is distinguished by high sensitivity and tact, thanks to which the Rat girl will feel close to him under reliable protection, but at the same time she will be able to retain sufficient freedom. In such a pair, the Rat girl receives loyalty and devotion from the Guy Dogs, and in return gives him excellent communication and gives reasonable recommendations.

In this alliance there is always a full understanding, because the partners are able to talk with each other and not only discuss the problems, but also solve them.

Lovers just do not get bored together, so they tend to as much time as possible to be next to each other. They teach each other to enjoy the real taste of life.

And if a problem suddenly appears, the partners will sit down at the “negotiating table”, which are always held only in a peaceful context, because neither he nor she likes to sort things out rapidly.

Characteristics of a pair of male dogs and female rats

In such a union, you can safely talk about exciting compatibility, interesting for both parties. Between lovers there is a perfect understanding, for which even the words are superfluous, which in general is not surprising, because they have a lot in common.

But with all this, for each of the partners, his personal freedom is important and he does not seek to completely dissolve in these relations.

Both the boy-dog and the girl-rat have a lively mind and are interested in many things in life. They try to unobtrusively demonstrate to a loved one what they live by.

At the same time, the Man-Dog learns from his faithful to compare reality with desires and ceases to idealize other people and the world as a whole.

The Rat Woman is distinguished by incredible practicality and rationality, which is what the Man-Dog really lacks — after all, he is a modest person and does not allow himself to overstep certain boundaries.

Although the Rat girl is very businesslike, she will demonstrate to her partner that a free life in which you can not look at others and not worry about their opinion is quite real. Such a representative of the fair sex is open, has a flexible thinking and with ease and joyfully accepts life changes.

In this union, both of its members most of the time are engaged in social activities, social activities and work (often in their own business). And permanent employment simply does not leave time to clarify the relationship and mutual claims to each other.

Overview of the Union girls-dogs and men-rats

As for the love compatibility in a pair of male rats and female dogs, it will be very exciting and of interest to both lovers. Between them there is a tremendous understanding at the level of instincts, so their love can last a lifetime.

In addition, the partners have much in common in their characters and do not lose their identity in the relationship.

Both partners have a lively mind and well-developed intellect. If they strive to convey their worldview to their beloved, then they do it in an unobtrusive manner.

Due to this, the Rat man allows the Girl-Dog to measure her desires with reality and helps her to see life as it is, without idealization. This representative of the stronger sex is different rationality and practicality, which so badly needs a dog, although it is delicate by nature and is not inclined to transmit too much in its behavior.

Even despite the efficiency of such a man, he teaches his beloved thinking outside the box with the destruction of rigid internal installations. Being close to such a man, the girl-dog can fully experience the taste of life.

This is its obvious advantage: such a person is distinguished by natural flexibility, openness, and he is used to accepting everything that happens to him with ease, without panicking.

Of course, the girl-dog also has its effect on this relationship. With her behavior and responsibility, she will teach her faithful not to be afraid of obligations, and will also help expand her world view and become stronger morally.

Characteristics of the love compatibility of dogs and rats

Next, we will look at how harmoniously the partners Rat and Dog are combined in different areas of their lives.

Friendly relations

These signs are easily transformed into best friends. The basis of such friendly compatibility is a deep mutual trust and similar temperaments.

Also, often such a pair of friends are united by the same interests and hobbies.

The friendship between the Rat and the Dog promises to be very exciting and long-term.

Business compatibility

With regard to business and other unifying classes, here the Rat and Dog also perfectly understand each other. For both partners, the first place in the list of life values ​​is not personal life, but professional life.

They are used to surrender to any business and have mutual trust.

Due to energy and dedication to work, as well as focusing on achieving success, such a tandem is simply obliged to be at the very top of the business.

Family relationships

A family in such a pair will be strong, even if the first fervent feelings cool down. The partners have an ideal understanding, they simply can not be separated by any family problems.

They also give each other their support. So the Dog demonstrates to his beloved such qualities as stability and reliability, and also — the absence of restrictions.

In a love relationship, she was accustomed to adapt to the shortcomings of her faithful.

For its part, the Rat partner is revealed emotionally and fills the life of the Dog with order and balance.

Both signs love children. They will be able to bring up worthy successors of the clan, plus they like to maintain close relationships with their relatives, as well as a cozy pastime in the family circle.

Characteristics of the love compatibility of dogs and rats

Sexual compatibility

Rat and Dog are great for each other and in an intimate way. The rat is very sensual and passionate, but at the same time closed and cold emotionally.

For Dogs, the intimate sphere of life is very important, it has great experience and talents in matters of carnal love. It is also distinguished by openness, sensitivity and cheerfulness.

Her sincerity and spontaneity will warm her loved one.

Intimating in such a pair is a harmonious combination of physical and emotional pleasure.

What difficulties may be encountered

Partners may have problems in such cases:

  • The rat will be brought out of balance with the idealism and naivety of its partner;
  • The dog will cease to be tactful and will begin to put pressure on his beloved;
  • Partners will be bored, since there will be no conflicts between them;
  • Lovers will begin to compete in their careers;
  • Both are too bogged down in work and external affairs.

How to fix the situation

It should be noted that in a marriage between these signs, any difficulties are solved very easily. Both lovers are trying by all means to preserve relationships, since they sincerely love each other.

It is very unlikely that they will disperse, even with a serious quarrel or physical betrayal. They will look for a way out of a difficult situation: they will postpone their business and hobbies for a while, and instead they will take up family and strengthening relationships, plus they will be better adapted to the peculiarities of each other’s character.

As a result, they will make their relationship more dynamic.

Recommendations for improving relationships

Eastern horoscope says that the rat should teach the Dog a better understanding of people and not try to impose its opinion on everyone around.

The dog on its part should make the Rat more responsible and learn to abide by the rules. An ideal mutual understanding in intimate life also has a very favorable effect on the compatibility between the representatives of these signs.

In conclusion

Compatibility Dogs and Rats in love occurs on an instinctive level. Such people remarkably understand each other without words or from half words.

In this case, most likely, they will not be limited solely to family relationships. Each of the partners strives for social self-realization, as well as for demonstrating to the society that he represents something as an individual.

Because of this, they can often simply not have free time to look for flaws in each other. In a family union, such people are satisfied with everything, precisely because of all this, for a business-like Rat and a dedicated Dog, it’s quite possible to build very strong and long-term relationships.

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