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Characteristic Year of the Dog for all signs of the zodiac

What will be the horoscope for the 2018th year of the Yellow Earth Dog

The Eastern calendar says that the year 2018 is patronized by the Yellow Earth Dog. This animal is characterized by such qualities of character: loyalty, hard work and perseverance.

Horoscope for the 2018th year of the Dog will tell you what to prepare for in the next twelve months of your life.

General characteristics of the year of the Dog

The previous year of the Rooster was distinguished by aggressive, destructive energy. Year of the Dog promises to be much more peaceful.

Astrology experts explain this as follows: the dog is naturally honest and fair. It is for this reason that they are confident that this year is the best way to establish justice and find out the truth.

In addition, the dog is also a very good-natured creature, prone to self-sacrifice. So, everyone who feels the need for support with help will definitely find it.

Characteristic Year of the Dog for all signs of the zodiac

What will bring the year in different areas of human life


In the Year of the Dog, it is important to pay increased attention to health issues — remember that any pathologies are easier warned than resolved.

It is necessary to take great care to protect yourself from serious injury and always remember about safety. First of all, this is relevant for people with an extreme profession (military, rescuers, and so on).

Another 2018th year will be very favorable at times for those who are ready for cardinal changes in their lives. Now, more than ever, it is recommended to engage in body shaping and pay special attention to your physical condition.

Refuse excesses — this applies to alcoholic beverages and increased physical overload. Do not forget about the fact that absolutely everything should be respected moderation.

In the midst of the winter cold, especially carefully control your state of health and begin to prepare in advance for possible epidemics of influenza or other infections.

And most importantly, astrologers say that in the Year of the Yellow Earth Dog you will be able to say goodbye to many chronic diseases!

Sphere of privacy

Wanting to create a pair in the coming year, you need to focus on loyalty, because this is one of the main positive features of the dog. Loyalty will help the beloved to eliminate any conflict situations in their couple and will contribute to strengthening relationships.

If you have been meeting with your loved one for quite a long time, then think about creating a family. This year is very successful for official marriage.

Those couples who marry themselves in 2018 can get ready for a long and happy family life.

And if you suffer a little from shyness or have not yet managed to create long-term relationships for some reason, then next year there is a very high probability that a loved one will appear in your life. All you have to do is to take advantage of the chances offered above and be very proactive.

Advice from astrologers. In the Year of the Dog, it is important to communicate a lot and search for “your people”.

You can also fearlessly take up any kind of business, the patroness of the year will be happy to help you.

Characteristic Year of the Dog for all zodiac signs

Career field

The main word of the year will be “movement”. Everything that relates to this year promises to be successful: changing housing conditions, traveling, business trips.

It is necessary to try not to stagnate in one place, but to constantly move with the flow.

In the year of the Dogs will be able to become successful, determined and persistent people. You need to express yourself in different life orientations and not be afraid to move towards success.

If in order to achieve the desired goal you need some kind of additional education in the form of courses, trainings, seminars — no need to doubt, and begin to act very actively.

The 2018th year will be a positive one in order to open your own business (2nd part of the year in particular).

Pay attention to the fact that in the coming year it is important with particular perseverance to engage in the protection of personal interests. It’s no wonder that in the Chinese horoscope the dog is assigned the role of a guard.

Therefore, observe the daily defense of all that is valuable and significant to you — career, personal life, finances and, of course, health.

In no case do not seek to take away someone else — the owner of the year will be very careful to follow the restoration of justice.

The 2018th year promises to be a time when people will be required to think carefully about the situation and only then take concrete actions. This is the period when you should actively, in time create a new one.


As for money issues, the Year of the Yellow Earth Dog is very successful and favorable for most of the signs of the zodiac. Most of all material favor will relate to the Water element (the constellations of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), as well as the Air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius).

All of the constellations listed above are distinguished by out-of-the-box thinking and a creative approach to any business.

The hostess of 2018 is very impressed by courageous and determined personalities, so fiery Aries, Lions and Sagittarius can also be successful. In addition, lucky and those who decide to change the scope of their activities or start their own business.

Best of all, financial issues will be resolved by people belonging to the elements of the Earth (Taurus, Dev and Capricorn) in the middle of the year. Exactly by this time plan all the important issues (for example, the acquisition of real estate or substantial investments).

Horoscope for the year for all signs of the zodiac

Aries during the 2018 year will bathe in love and affection of others, and his family life will improve significantly. Representatives of this constellation can count on gaining financial stability, achieving success in society, as well as on creative highs.

In addition, it will be necessary to solve all unfinished business. Otherwise, the old problems will again be felt.

Aries need not be afraid to get rid of the old and build a new one!

For Taurus

The dog wants Taurus to show speed and perseverance this year. First of all, Taurus people should put their own ambitions in the background, focusing on moderation.

Try to spend more time with your family and as quickly as possible respond to new proposals relating to work and personal life.

For Twins

Astrology experts say that the Twins in the year of the Yellow Earthen Dog should not run away from the problems that arise, but begin to actively solve them, and then you will be able to get favor over. The beautiful half of the constellation foresees various interesting acquaintances and successes in many areas of life.

A strong half of Gemini can prepare for the conclusion of lucrative deals that will provoke career growth.

Cancers in 2018 will feel stability and most of all it will relate to health and family life. Many Cancers are aware that they should not now burden themselves with relationships and it will be more correct to rely on their studies or careers.

Dogs, as you know, do not like cats, but this year the King of Animals awaits success with luck. It is important for him to start building his relationships with others. Lioness girls anticipated career growth.

And men will be able to find a new hobby, which will later become a source of income.

Characteristic Year of the Dog for all signs of the zodiac

Virgos should take care of their own health and make every effort not to give the disease a chance for development. Astrologers believe that in all other respects, 2018 will be a fairly stable year, no major changes are foreseen. There comes a great opportunity to enjoy the result of previous efforts.

Get ready to receive a well-deserved reward for all your labors.

For Libra

These people should now, unlike Dev, to work on the fulfillment of their desires. And then everything desired will very soon become real.

But for this you need not to lie on the couch, but constantly make efforts and change your life in the right direction. The 2018th promises to be an unusually bright and saturated at times, which you will remember for a long time.

For Scorpios

The personal sphere of life of the representatives of the constellation remains unchanged. But instead, there will be different acquaintances and a sea of ​​new emotional impressions.

The beautiful half should take a course on creativity with self-development, and men should go to work and careers, as well as to make new acquaintances and travel abroad.

For Sagittarius

In 2018, Sagittarius people can prepare for major changes in different areas of their lives. First of all, they need to maintain their responsibility in the matters of their working obligations.

If possible, it is worthwhile to wait a bit with solving serious issues, since you will be torn to pieces during this period of time with internal contradictions. Pay more attention to your own well-being — engage in strengthening the immune system.

For Capricorns

Capricorns in the coming year will be forced to show maximum diligence and perseverance. The emergence of monetary difficulties is not excluded, but astrologers say that you need not panic and then everything will be resolved easily and simply.

Health throughout the entire 2018 year promises to be quite good.

For Aquarius

Year of the Dog will be very productive at times for Aquarius, when they will have to be active and achieve their goals. According to the recommendations of the stars, Aquarius should listen well to their intuition and be sufficiently proactive.

The owner of the year also promises to receive rather big financial profit and new hobbies.

Do not forget that the Dog does not like lazy at all, but it gives a well-deserved reward to real workmen. In 2018, Pisces should maximally defend their opinions and improve their career in life.

In addition, enough attention should be paid to gaining family prestige. Make an effort and you will be satisfied with the result.

This promises to be the year of the Dog for all signs of the zodiac. Finally, watch an interesting video clip:

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