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Characteristic love compatibility between Gemini and Cancer

Compatibility between Gemini and Cancer: a combination of incompatible

Compatibility between the signs of the zodiac is a very interesting and deep topic that should be given special attention. Often, people can not be together because of their zodiac incompatibility.

Compatibility between a female twin and a male cancer is what we are going to talk about in this material.

Characteristic love compatibility between Gemini and Cancer

Compatibility review between a twin girl and a male cancer

In a pair of Gemini-Cancer, the cornerstone and the main point of contact is sexual compatibility. Partners feel so good in bed that it may seem like they are really the perfect couple for each other.

But when the beloved ones get out from under the blanket and begin to face everyday reality, all problems that provoke too much difference in their characters immediately begin to be exposed.

For example, a Cancer man does not understand at all why his beloved woman is so drawn to society, wants to constantly communicate with people, travel, visit guests or various events. Cancers do not feel comfortable; if there are a lot of people near them, they hate any noisy gatherings.

It is difficult to drag such people into a public institution, after work they prefer to immediately go to their home in a “comfortable sink” and, in principle, spend as little time as possible among other personalities.

The twin girl is distinguished by ingenuity and openness to the world, she is very trusting and sincere. Male Cancers rarely have at least one friend in their arsenal, he feels so tired from people that he prefers to spend time alone and few people trust.

Because of all these nuances, the Twins girl and the Cancer man are very problematic. It is not surprising that the partners with great difficulty find a common language and understanding.

Differences between these constellations

The differences between the zodiac signs described are very significant. This is roughly equivalent to the differences between day and night, plus and minus, the North and South Poles.

In our example, this is the difference between Water and Air.

Gemini is a movable sign, which means that its representatives love to rush around the bush, at the same time to keep pace with different places and share their ideas and information with others.

Cancer — is the main or cardinal sign of the zodiac, so these individuals are absolutely not thrilled when they are forced to share something (especially if their own secrets and thoughts). They love to influence events — even if not directly, but indirectly.

Water Element, when it saturates the air with moisture, can provoke a rainstorm that clears the atmosphere of fog, dirt and mutual misunderstanding. This means that Cancer makes Gemini pour out his own desires, shed the necessary tears and stop a little to remember things that are really significant in life.

The positive moments of a pair of Gemini and Cancer

The main positive aspect is that despite their enormous differences in the characters, the partners understand that it is important for them to have some kind of common goal that will act as a binding link. Often this role goes to children.

In this case, the Twin lady will perform the function of communication with the outside world: to resolve any issues that need to communicate with other people: pay bills, attend parent meetings, communicate with teachers at school. A man-Raku gets the function of beautification of domestic life, where other people cannot penetrate his world.

In general, it should be noted that such a distribution of roles for both participants of the couple seems to be quite beneficial, so that they can live with each other, while experiencing relative comfort.

Characteristic love compatibility between Gemini and Cancer

In addition, partners can also be combined, for example, with a common business, in which again the young lady will be assigned the function of communication with the outside world, and the Cancer man will take care of the documentation in the office.

It can be summarized that the main positive points of such a union are the following:

  • sociability girls twins;
  • the scrupulousness of the Cancer man;
  • relations between partners are built on mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • between lovers there are many common goals.

Negative points of this pair

Despite the many positive aspects, in such a union there are a lot of obvious flaws. For example, the Cancer man was accustomed to be more guided in the life of the sensual sphere, while the Twins prefer their common sense and logic.

Therefore, they will perceive the same situations and incidents absolutely differently.

Gemini and Cancers have overly different life views and attitudes. It is so difficult for them to find compromise solutions in the matter of joint rest, that, as a rule, one of the partners suffers greatly while the second is enjoying.

Cancer and Gemini is unrealistically difficult to negotiate how their family spend their free time.

For example, the twin lady will strive to attend various events during her weekends — fashion shows, the premiere of a new film or at least see her friends.

The Cancer man, on the other hand, pulls only for one thing — to lie as long as possible in bed to the maximum by limiting his communication with people around him.

It is not surprising that the partners can not find a compromise in the issues of raising children, because they have different opinions about what their child should be doing.

The Cancer man will strive to impose on the Twin girl her own ideas about life and to limit her social circle with all her efforts. And since the latter is not accustomed to sit on anybody on a leash, then sooner or later she will wave a hermit Rak with a pen and set off in pursuit of new life experiences.

Therefore, the main negative aspects of such a union include the following:

  • the strong closeness of the Cancer partner;
  • the desire of a female twin to freedom;
  • unwillingness of either one or the second partner to find mutual compromises and adapt to each other.

Characteristic love compatibility between Gemini and Cancer

The characteristic of love between a twin girl and a male cancer

If a Gemini girl feels a real passion for a man-Raku, she will willingly sacrifice many things if only her beloved would feel as comfortable as possible.

But at the same time, due to such voluntary self-sacrifice of their interests and hobbies, the likelihood of depression on this basis is very high. In no case can a twin girl be closed in four walls — in such conditions she will die right away and die with her soul.

In the end, the current situation will start to annoy the Cancer man, who, not seeing the former cheerfulness of his partner, will become angry and worried.

It turns out that these two are extremely difficult to get along with each other, although they feel quite uncomfortable and alone, as the love between them is strong enough.

Friendship between the Twin and the Cancer

It should be noted that the friendly relationship between such people is extremely and extremely rare. And the reason for this — they simply can not meet anywhere, where they could make an acquaintance. After all, the Twin girl does not break into the dwellings — the “shells” of the habitat of the Cancer man.

And the Cancer man, in turn, does not go to those places where a large number of people gather — the chosen girl-twin.

Therefore, Gemini and Cancer have zero chances to establish friendly relations based on common interests, because they simply lack the latter. But friendship between them is still possible, as a rule, this happens when both were in the same class, sat at the same desk or were neighbors, since in adulthood they have almost no chance to meet.

In conclusion

This pair is very complex emotionally. But with all this, there is a very strong sexual attraction between the Twin girl and the Cancer man, in these two beds everything is always fine.

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